After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Performance
Translated By: Naervon
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“The 10:00am to 11:59am testing batch . . . .” Tyre muttered to himself in a soft voice. So this means that Avalon has been doing a test every two hours for the past few days, if that’s the case then . . . . . . Tyre looked around him and took in the tens of thousands of other exam takers.
Just what method are they going to use to eliminate so many people in this short period amount of time.

As Tyre was guessing and making his mental preparations, the man wearing student uniform and black framed glasses spoke up again in a voice that can be heard by everyone on the massive platform.
“The numbers are in. The total amount of people taking the exam in this round comes to 17,624 people. Hello everyone. I will be the senior brother to a very small amount of people amongst you in the near future, and my name is Jahe. As for the rest of you, you will most likely be eliminated in this round. Let me clarify the rules. Avalon will not accept students who already have a cultivation of Emperor or higher, and I think most of you know this already. If you are one of said people and you are hiding your cultivation, then I can only say this to you. If we catch you, the consequences will not be pretty.” Jahe’s neutral voice rang through the platform and cause many people to stop talking as they turned to look at him, but this weak looking man wasn’t moved by the pressure of the crowd as he continued

“I must warn you all, the Exam given by Avalon is not your average exam. This isn’t a place that you can come and go as you wish, so you must make full mental preparations to do your best or die trying, quite literally in the case of Avalon exams. Of course, you can regret all you want, but since the barriers are up already, all I can say is, good luck, try your best to survive cause you’re either leaving as a student or leaving as a eliminated person, in which case you are either very lucky and survived till the end or are not so lucky and died.”
Jahe sounded very impatient in his last few words. He paused to wave his hands and said
“Now then, let the exams begin!”
Start? How does this work? Are they going to take the exam on this huge platform?
Who’s the exam proctor? What’s the exam topic?
As everyone was guessing about what the exam was going to be and scratching their heads in confusion, four humongous shadows darkened the skies.
The next moment, the dark shadows rapidly descended and four ginormous cages were revealed, dropping from the sky and slamming into the platform, crushing the unlucky exam takers to pulp.
Accompanied by a huge boom and a wave of dust and other bits, came terrifying roars that answered people’s questions!

As everyone looked into the cages with, some faint of heart quite literally peed themselves in terror, because inside those four cages were these huge magic beasts with a magic aura so thick that one could see the aura with naked eyes.
Tyre narrowed his eyes as he analyzed these four magic beasts. From what he can gather, each of these four are on a way higher level of power than the troll king he killed as a mercenary, for these beasts in front of him must have already reached or surpassed level 6, and with his own strength at the moment, to face up against a level 6 magic beast was a bad joke.
With this being the case for Tyre, it was even worse to the others. A level 5 magic beast is the equivalent of a peak army breaker, and a level 6 can be compared directly to an emperor stage cultivator. As the beasts roared their might inside the cages, their magic aura spread out and enveloped the platform, causing Tyre’s heart to beat rapidly.

Tyre glanced behind him at his followers and furrowed his brows. He turned to look at LongTu and said
“LongTu, pick two, I’ll also take two. Let’s split up in two teams so we have more mobility and a better chance at surviving!”
LongTu didn’t hesitate in this crucial moment and quickly replied
“You take the two pretty ladies and I’ll take the two potatoes.”

What potatoes?!!!! Both Ghostslayer and Sandsword drooped their shoulders, looking like two drained potatoes. LongTu’s words were so wacky sometimes that they didn’t even know that she was referring to them at first, and even Tyre took a few seconds to understand what LongTu was saying. His mouth twitched a bit but he didn’t argue the terminology with LongTu. Tyre turned to face Elena and Roselle and said
“Follow me, but be sure to stay very close and don’t get lost in the crowd!”
“Yes!” Roselle instantly replied, and Elena was slower by half a clap to respond. Sadly, before she was able to say yes, Tyre was already moving with Roselle tight on his heels. The poor little elf could only hastily throw an agility art on herself before following them.

As for LongTu and her little entourage of potatoes, the situation was a lot calmer. LongTu just stood there as solid as a tiny mountain, making the two potatoes standing behind her sweat profusely with worry, for they were both thinking *Ma’am, please don’t be thinking of challenging one of these monsters to a one on one….*
*Rumbling sounds*
Suddenly, the black cages unlocked at the seams and fell outwards with a boom, releasing the monstrosities inside and killing a few unlucky people in the process.

The monsters were all drooling, and when they saw the people in front of them, their hunger fueled rage instantly burst out! It could have been because the Academy starved them on purpose, these monsters were very hungry and violent.
“Oh, and one last advice to you all!” Jahe said calmly from his place on the over-stage as he looked down on the panicking exam takers below
“Even though our barriers stops people from entering from the outside, it doesn’t stop people from leaving from the inside! Of course, once you leave the barrier, then you will be disqualified immediately and be marked as a failure.”
Before Jahe had even finished speaking, the people who had already discovered that they could exit the barrier were already running for their lives, screaming “We came to learn, not to suicide.” as they ran.
“Are there anyone else who wishes to join them?” Jahe ignored those people who ran and asked with a casual attitude. Looking around at the remaining exam takers, they all looked eager to try their hands at these monsters, and despite a few thousand fleeing the scene, most of the remaining people seemed very confident in their abilities.
Jahe remained neutral as he pushed the black framed glasses back further on this nose before saying casually
“Then let the slaughter begin.”

The monstrosities were released from the controlling device planted in them by Jahe’s command, and without a single moment going to waste, these beasts charged into the crowd with their eyes blood red as they fumed with hunger and anger.

From afar, the scene looked just like four giant wolves charging into a miniature swarm of harmless sheep. Everyone was afraid of being in contact with the magic aura spewing and raging around the monsters, so they fled away from the monsters’ path in a panic, all their confidence gone in the face of true danger. Gone was their haughty attitude that they loved to shove in the face of ordinary people, for at this moment, they were not even half as brave as the ordinary man. As a matter of fact, these people were showing so much fear that it seemed unnatural.

Tyre led the two girls behind him in a wild sprint for their lives. With his devious thinking, Tyre even purposefully kicked the weaker people around him back towards the approaching monsters, that viciousness showing on his face as he did these cruel acts cause Roselle to fear for herself, fearing that if she slowed him down, Tyre would also throw her to the monster. As for Elena, she pretty much ignored the possibility of Tyre throwing her away and just copied Tyre, also using her air magic to throw qi harmony stage people back towards the monster in a casual manner, probably thinking that this was some game. Looking very scary as she binded the weak people with magic before throwing them into the monster’s face with a happy smile on her cute face.

Jahe took all this into his eyes from his proctor position on the over-stage. Even though their methods were cruel and not praise worthy, they were able to lower the risks of their party being targeted by the monsters, and to be able to think of this tactic in the face of danger and no panicking, it looks like this little group had a much faster reaction than most of the others here. In fact, one could even say that their leader was a genius for doing so. With that in mind, Jahe decided to void the rest of the exam for the boy leading the two girls, as he predicted that the boy would just make the exams that much easier for the rest and not be worth the trouble. As for the two girls following the boy, Jahe decided to throw a bit of care to those to to make sure they didn’t die from stupid accidents not related to the exam.

Jahe told a worker dressed in white what he decided in a calm tone, and the white worker replied in a stiff voice, looking emotionless as if he was a robot.

Back in the mayhem, LongTu was as excited as a fangirl meeting her idol as she tracked the fast approaching small mountain that was the monster. She let loose a brilliant smile on her face as she made a fist. In the next moment, the platform in a circle around her sunk down by 1 centimeter and cracked, forcing the two potatoes to jump backwards with cold sweat running down their backs, fearing that LongTu might accidentally end their lives by accident.
“Fist technique, One Soul!”
A blueish dou qi spiraled around her body as if it was a solid streamer, then all of a sudden, the blueish dou qi stopped flowing and suddenly rushed towards her fist.
Boom Boom BOOM!!

The dou qi compressing around her fists caused the air around LongTu to also compress, and in the next moment, LongTu punched the air, much to the surprise of everyone around her. As she punched, the terrifying pressure was unleashed, shattering the very air itself, making such a huge boom, that even the approaching monster was shocked!
Roar! !

Despite the monster’s speed, LongTu’s punch was way faster. When that blueish dou qi slammed into the monster’s body, the beast let out a painful roar!

The outcome was so unexpected that almost all the people around LongTu stopped running as their jaws dropped the ground, dumbfounded by what they witnessed. A small blond loli was having her way with a monstrocity the size of a mountain while looking happy and humming…..


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