After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Testing Start
Translated By: Naervon
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Right after Lunaria burst out with her words, it became Darmiala’s turn to feel the burn of embarrassment.
“A ah, so that’s how it is. Eh! ! ! Wait wait wait, LLL Lunaria, are you really not a virgin?”
“Of course not!” Lunaria answered without hesitation.
“Whuu~I didn’t know that you are so mature Lunaria. To think that you have experienced what ‘that’ feels like already. You MUST tell me how it feels, we shall talk about this all night. I heard that it’s very painful for girls the first time around, is that true?!”
Lunaria finally felt something wasn’t right after hearing Darmiala’s words. She thought back on what she actually said. . . . . . *Crap! I just dug my own grave…*
*Did I really just say that I’ve already been……. Damn it, Ahhhh I messed up. I have to clear this up, or I’ll be so screwed if word of this lie gets out.*

“Umm, actually, I…I was just lying to you, I, I . . . . . ” A flood of embarrassment hit Lunaria, feeling like the after affects of drinking too much alcohol, but she gritted her teeth and said the words, even though it made her want to dive into a crack and hide forever.

“I am a Virgin!”
“Really now~” Darmiala looked very sceptical as she looked at Lunaria, looking as if she wanted to penetrate Lunaria with her gaze and see the truth. Lunaria endured the scrutiny with her face bright red and her eyes watering, with tears about to fall.
“That’s right, I … I am a virgin! Please believe me.”
“Oh~ Little sister Lunaria, I find it really hard to believe you right now. You must know, words that are spoken are sometimes like the water you spill out, and both are very hard to take back. No matter how you explain and argue your case right now, it’s still no use~” Darmiala seemed to enjoy teasing Lunaria, and kept tormenting her with words. Seeing this sadistic side of Darmiala, Lunaria felt the onset of hardships for the days to come, but she endured it mentally and said with her face bright red.
“I, I just didn’t want to be looked down upon for being a virgin, that’s why I said that I wasn’t one. But now that I thought about it, it seemed too filthy to make that lie… That’s the entire reason why I bursted out! You have to believe me!”
“Oh~” Darmiala’s response made Lunaria feel even more panicked, for the pretty girl with clear blue hair moved her mouth right next to Lunaria’s ear and whispered
“I heard that a pure and innocent girl will still have a layer of ‘unbroken proof’ in their valley. If you let me feel that proof, then I’ll believe you.”

Poor Lunaria, who has always self claimed to be the most pure and innocent person in the world, felt her face fill with red and her eyes started to spin with stars, even her head seemed to erupt in a torrent of vapors as if it was steaming.
“I, I I I I I I I I I I I.”
“I what?~~”
“I’m leaving! Ssso Sorry, please excuse me!” Lunaria leaped out of the pool with her intermediate qi harmony dou qi empowering her legs, grabbed the towel and dashed out of the washroom. Darmiala covered her mouth as she giggled, watching Lunaria’s cute reactions while leaning comfortably on the rims of the pool.
*How cute. Looks like the life here won’t be so boring after all, especially with them here with me.*


Finally after an entire night of being tormented by the wicked Darmiala, Lunaria was finally able to let out a breath of relieve, for her other body, Tyre, had arrived with LongTu and the others.

As Tyre, LongTu, and the rest of the guys got off of the train, Tyre spoke up
“So this should be the self ruled state of Michael. I heard that the Academy will officially hold an opening ceremony for the new students in two days, so we should go and take the entrance exam today.”
Tyre looked at the reactions of everyone and waited for their opinions. The little elf and his followers naturally didn’t have any objections, and LongTu just shrugged her shoulders, looking exactly like how she behaved when they were setting out for the first time on that bounty mission.
“Let’s go then. If we make good time, then we should be able to make it to the Academy by noon today.” Tyre spared a glance in the direction of Yexi as she walked away from them, but he didn’t speak up to ask her to go with them. LongTu and Sandsword didn’t speak either, so Tyre didn’t feel the need to bother himself with asking.

When they arrived, the scene was just as crowded as they had expected. The days right before the opening of the new semester of the Academy, the huge spectacle that is the avalanche of people rolling in from all over the world dwarfed the small gathering that formed for the magical girl competition. There was people and more people for as far as the eye can see, and even if one looked up at the sky wondering why it was overcast, they would see countless people flying or hovering in the air like a swarm of human sized locusts. With people jostling past each other left and right, everyone seemed busy as they bustled around, leaving Tyre and his group with literally no place to put their foot and no path to speak of, blocking their way entirely.

“Mr. Tyre, what should we do now?” Roselle Butterfly looked at Tyre with worry in her eyes. Avalon was not very close to the public train station in the first place, and adding this horde of people to the mix, there was no way that they can make it to Avalon by noon, or even the next day if things stays this way.
With so many people, that means the test itself will have as much participants if not more, and that means more lines and more waiting before they are even able to register for the exam. Tyre worried that by the time they get to register, the test will have already been done, because by the looks of things, it will be at least two days of standing in line to even be able to register at this rate.
Tyre didn’t expect to run into such a big problem the moment he got off of the train. Just as Tyre was feeling helpless, a small girl beside him took a big breath of air, then the small looking girl suddenly burst out with her voice and yelled
“Get out of my way!!!!!!”
The small girl was no one other than LongTu herself.
The huge booming shockwave of the yell knocked an entire swath of people on their butts in a cone originating from where LongTu stood, and there was no signs of anyone getting up, because they all looked shocked and stunned as they fumbled about on the ground, having lost motor control for the near future.
LongTu winked at Tyre and giggled darkly,
“What’s there to be afraid of, just ‘yell’ at them to get out of the way. See, look at how nice they are, making way for us.”

A bead of sweat slowly rolled down Tyre’s forehead as he looked at LongTu and her evil grin.
Finishing her proud statement, LongTu stepped over the people wriggling on the ground and walked forward without a pause. Tyre just stood there with the rest of the group with black lines crawling all over his face, for LongTu didn’t change one bit. Her habit of kill first ask questions later was as barbaric as Tyre remembered, but sadly, Tyre knew he had to speaking rights with his measly cultivation, so he had no choice but to accept LongTu’s tyranny.

Naturally, LongTu’s terrifying yell didn’t stop at just knocking down an entire swath of people, for her voice, as powerful as it may be, was not enough to clear out everyone. But the people that wasn’t affect by her voice due to distance could still see the aftermath, and when they saw LongTu lead Tyre and the rest of the group over, they naturally made way for them in fears of ending up on the ground and looking like a worm for who knows how long themselves! The effect was so deadly, that they were able to make their way straight to Avalon without a single hitch in the road as people left an empty path for their group straight to their destination!

Tyre and the others were all shocked speechless by how brutally effective LongTu’s strategy went, and after paying some homage to the almighty LongTu in their minds, they thanked the heavens that the emperor stage and higher cultivation people in the sky didn’t bother to seek trouble with them, because LongTu’s tactics were so barbaric that if she had hit an Emperor stage person with that shout of hers, there was bound to be a fight for the sake of maintaining appearances.

The group stopped by a restaurant and had a big meal before heading over to the gates of Avalon.

When they arrived, Tyre couldn’t help himself but just stand there and stare at the looming gates. Because Lunaria had used the private train to get to Avalon, she was already inside the Academy when the train stopped, so she didn’t see this, but from the outside, those massive gates were a sight to behold.
Tall and looming over the entrance, the gates gave one the feeling of awe and terror at the same time.

Two humongous statue of a creature from myths guarded the two sides of the gate. The creature was like a snake, but many times more magnificent in both appearance and power, the Ancient Dragon! Different from giant dragons with wings, these ancient dragons were more of a myth, for they didn’t exist in the real world. As a mythical creature from the stories of Vermilion Empire, these massive creatures resembled an array of different animal characteristics.

But even as a creature from imagination, the two statues of Ancient Dragons loomed over the gate itself, with each Dragon coiling on itself and standing over 200 meters tall, its head glaring down upon the trespassers that dare defile the gates of Avalon.

Tyre suddenly felt just how small he was in front of such massive creatures, thinking if these things were real or if they suddenly came to life, then he will probably be annihilated by a single swipe for those huge claws….

LongTu looked completely unfazed, looking nonchalant and completely at ease, unlike Tyre and the others of the group. She walked forward and ignored all the bumpkins who just stood there like idiots.

As Tyre and the others recovered, they hurried to follow LongTu as they all climbed the first set of the flight of stairs leading up to the gate, and when they all reached the huge platform before the gates themselves, they saw the entire area filled with other people who signed up for the entrance exam. Tyre looked around and saw mostly people here for the test, but sadly, he didn’t see anyone he knew, and even if he did, now didn’t seem like a good time to go up to them and catch up.
At this time, a young man wearing academy uniform holding a booklet in his hand walked to the over-stage and sweeped his eyes over the people below him. The man waited for a bit longer as more people filled the space on the platform and then slightly nodded his head when he thought that the platform was close to being filled.
“STOP! Raise the Barriers!”
As soon as the young man spoke, a reddish looking barrier instantly covered the platform, and the people caught outside of the barrier still standing on the flights of stairs could only stand there and look, for they couldn’t get past the barrier.
“Now then, gathering is finished for the test segment of 10:00 am to 11:59 am, let the exams begin!”


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