After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Nope
Translated By: Naervon, MetaAthena
Edited By: Naervon
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Lunaria entered her room, with Darmiala following close behind, and slowly came discover the luxurious lifestyle of an aristocratic. An exquisite chandelier hung from the ceiling, overcasting its warm lights on a large fluffy bed and a large soft carpet covering the floors. Upon closer inspection, the carpet seemed to be out out of that of a large red animal. Lunaria admired the room. After all, it was simply the highest level of residence and each part of it was configured so perfectly that not even the highest accommodations from the Duchy can compare!
A "squeaking" sound from behind Darmiala caught her attention. She whirled around, puzzled, realizing the source of it had been from Lunaria.
"What happened?"
"Ah, nothing. It just feels a little hot in here, and I feel a bit sweaty."
"It is a little hot, so how about we take a shower? We can see how the bathroom is decorated too."
"......" No response came from Lunaria. Instead, her face turned bright red.
"Are you alright? Your face is bright red. You might have a heat stroke at this rate."

"N-no! Of course not! Lets go and see the bathroom! Have I ever backed down from anyone?" Lunaria announced with vigor as she patted her ample chest, then she took off, dashing towards the bathroom.
Darmiala smiled and followed her inside.
It could be said that Lunaria had seen many bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, but she had never experienced the intensity of the Avalon Residence bathrooms. It was just pure luxury. Because the bath was made up of countless magic crystals, it immediately became a precious area for cultivation and relaxation. The moment Lunaria entered the bathroom, she felt her magic power loosen as if being massaged.
The magic level of the magic crystals had to be two or more levels higher than herself, otherwise a third-grade magician such has herself would not of felt such a boost to the point of almost breaking through to the next level. If it weren't for the fact that she wasn't used to the academy's rules and standard, she wouldn't of hesitated to scoop out some crystals from the floor for herself…with a shovel if need be…no a spade is better…should she just take the whole floor with her?

Darmiala also entered the bath and looked around for a way to turn on the hot water. Without delay, the bathroom was soon filled with steamy vapors as hot water flowed into the pool. To Lunaria’s complete surprise, her little heart seemed to betray her once again as it started beating rapidly without her consent. The heat kept rising, and soon, Lunaria's throat became dry and started to feel a bit constricted from the air, but she didn’t find it uncomfortable, finding it rather exciting instead.
"Then, let us undress."

"Okay, sure, why not." Lunaria heard Darmiala's words and nodded her head quickly in agreement as her eyes were unconsciously drawn towards Damiala. Unfortunately, the heat created steam that made it quite difficult to see clearly, but Lunaria could still make out the graceful curves of Darmiala's body as Darmiala slowly undressed. For a brief moment, Lunaria's mind was blank.
On the other side…
"Tyre," LongTu started, “why are you breathing like a bull and look like you just ran a ten mile marathon? You were just sitting there. Could it be that you are thinking of something lewd?” LongTu shook a fist in front of Tyre’s eyes as she stared him down with the eyes of an judge who was about to judge guilty, giving the impression that if Tyre didn’t come up with a good excuse, he’ll be receiving a health dose of LongTu’s punch of love.
“No no, of course not. This is a natural reaction.” Even though Tyre said this, his appearances were so perverted that even Yexi scooted farther away from him.
“Oh ho? If that’s so then why don’t you stop looking like a lecherous old pervert and look proper.”
“What?” Tyre looked at LongTu as he breathed heavily through his nose, only to see a small fist rapidly increase in size as it covered the distance to his eyes. With a *Bonk*, Tyre’s head bobbed backwards from LongTu’s tiny little fist.
“Don’t look at me! Don’t you know that you look like a pervert with a bounty on his head for being perverted?”
Tyre rubbed his face, which was close to swelling from the punch and said with some trepidation in his voice.
“I’ve had this problem ever since I was a kid, so you must understand my situation here. Also, I’ll probably suffer this condition in the future, hopefully.”
“You know, I really feel like beating your face in right now? The instinct to do it is so big that I might just not be able to resist, what should I do?”
“. . . . . . ”

When Lunaria and Darmiala both slided into the warm waters of the pool, Lunaria couldn’t resist letting out a moan that would’ve made guys go crazy and *** in their pants. Lunaria felt all the bones in her body pop and crackle in a soothing manner, then she looked at her hands in disbelief.
In that small moment of entering the pool, she had broken through to intermediate Qi Harmony! Even though her body as Tyre was still stuck at lower qi harmony with no signs of budging, her body as Lunaria was already close to breaking through to upper qi harmony! Lunaria felt worried about the balance between the two bodies, but she felt better when she remembered the special ability to ignore all formations she has as Tyre. When she thought of things like that, the differences didn’t seem that big, and if she looked at the two bodies from a pure power perspective, then Tyre still came out on top just from the sheer power of the techniques.
“Lunaria, what are you thinking about?” Darmiala suddenly scooted over, and her pair of icebergs floating and sinking in the waters of the pool made Lunaria feel her own chest thump and her entire body started to heat up, not from the water, but from other reasons. Lunaria felt like she was having a fever, and if it wasn’t for the fact that they were both in the warm waters of the pool, Darmiala would have seen something off with Lunaria at the first instant.
“It’s nothing. Don’t you feel that this dorm building is really huge?”

“Haha, isn’t it normal? Since the academy is fairly small when it comes to the overall area it has to accommodate students from all over the continent, they had to build everything big and tall just to make use of the space more efficiently. If you take our dormitory building, cut it apart on each floor and spread it out, I am guessing that just this dorm building alone is the size of a small city.”
*Small area?!. . . . . How many academies with the area on par with a small county are there in this world?! How can you call something this big, small?!*
“The person who came up with this idea of building up to save space is really a genius.” Lunaria muttered, and Darmiala nodded her head in agreement, then said
“Naturally, afterall, this is also an invention from the Heavenly Machine Deity himself.”
“Him again?! Isn’t he too smart?” Lunaria said with some awe in her voice. Just thinking about all the stuff that this Deity made, like the spector stones for watching news, talking to each other, making magic projection video calls, flying vessels, rails trains, elevators, just all these inventions alone were enough to make this Deity a legend, because any one of the inventions would be enough to revolutionize an entire world. Only a Deity like him can help the entire world of Noah take a grand step towards a better era!
If she gets the chance, Lunaria definitely wanted to meet with this Deity.
“Say, Lunaria, want to exchange a few secrets or gossip about some interesting rumours?”

“Chit chat about secrets? What secrets?” Seeing Darmiala’s approaching body, Lunaria answered without thinking. Darmiala let out a enticing smile and said
“Of course secrets about love.”
“Hahaha, Lunaria, could you be shy when it comes to talking about this?”
“No no no, I really didn’t understand what you meant.” Lunaria was completely confused as to Darmiala’s purpose and attitude. Darmiala suddenly changed her enticing smile to a completely serious face as she continued
“It’s nothing, I only wanted to scare you a bit and see if you really are interested in young master Claude.”
“Interested? Why should I be? Even though young master Claude is a honest and reliable person, he is not the type of person that I like.” Lunaria explained in a rush, thinking inside *Big sis Darmiala, can you please not have such weird thoughts sometimes? How can you put a guy like her with another guy like Claude together? That’s just not right! She and Claude can be brothers, but lovers? No way!. . . .*
Lunaria had completely forgot the fact that she was a girl again……..
Suddenly, Darmiala took Lunaria’s explanation and started to twist it towards her goal of teasing Lunaria

“Ah, so you mean you don’t like guys in general?”
“Eh. . . . . .” Lunaria felt something off and smelled a plot in the making. Lunaria didn’t answer straight away, but Darmiala inched even closer to Lunaria, so close that she could feel Darmiala’s body heat
Darmiala said in a sultry tone
“Then do you like girls?”
“Waa, wa wa what, how can that be true!” Lunaria stammered and backed away rapidly in a panic, causing Darmiala to cover her mouth in an attempt to stifle a giggle.
“Ahahaha, what a innocent little girl you are Lunaria. You must be a virgin girl.”
Even though Lunaria knew that she was being pranked, but she still couldn’t take the provoking words. She was a pure guy, and even though his crab master also called him a virgin, he was a virgin guy and not a virgin girl, even though Lunaria was a virgin, but there was no way that she will admit that fact, so she answered without thinking to defend his honor
“I am definitely not a virgin!”


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