After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Dormitory and Elevator
Translated By: Naervon

When Lunaria and the other girls arrived at the girls district in sector seventeen and found the building with T-5 on it, they were stupefied. Magnificence aside, just the sheer size of the dormitory building was enough to throw them for a loop. They collectively took out their dorm cards and looked at that dreadful numbering. . . 17th Floor, rooms 5 and 6. That dreadful height of the dorm gave the girls a sense of despair, for they didn’t know if they can even get there on foot with their bodies. The answer was of course not, because even if they used magic to make their bodies lighter, they would still not get that far up, because long duration magic costs a lot more, adding to the fact they would still have to climb all the way up there, their bodies would probably quit on them before they even reached the halfway point!

Lunaria was just as stumped as the rest of them. *Who was the sadistic bastard who designed these monstrous buildings! Do they have to build it this tall?* As these thoughts raced through her mind, Lunaria didn’t even notice that someone was looking at them.
Just as they girls were all standing there staring dumbly at the extremely tall building, a head popped out from the gate guard’s building and yelled at them
“What are you girls doing just standing there!”
Niluka jumped up in the air at the sudden outburst, but when she took a clear look at the voice’s owner, she saw a supervisor with the same black hair as Lunaria, but her eyes were black in color, marking her as an Vermilion person. As for her facial features, they kept to their delicate qualities despite being marked by the passing of years, giving her an overall mature allure.
“Um, we are new students who just arrived at Avalon. We want to go to our rooms, but the building is way too tall, so we don’t know what to do.” Niluka was the first to speak, and she did so without even thinking. Darmiala had to swallow all her prepared fancy dialogues, feeling very stifled.

The dorm supervisor didn’t seem surprised, because she didn’t say anything and opened the gates and walked towards them, saying
“We get new students like you guys every year. Come, follow me.”
She beckoned to Lunaria and the girls before turning and leading them inside the huge dormitory. As soon as they entered the building, they entered a vast polished marble hallway, lit with night stones, making the entire place look very beautiful. Lunaria and the other girls felt carefree and relaxed just by being in the hallway.
“So, where are you guys from?” The supervisor asked them as she led them.
*Chance!!!* Darmiala immediately took the opening and unleashed her arsenal of words.
Darmiala wore a light smile on her face as she said
“We are all students from Xigely Empire.” Darmiala said, then pointed to each of the girls in succession, “Her name is Lunaria. Her name is Niluka. And her name is Angel. We heard that Avalon Academy was not only the best Academy in the world, but is also building between Vermilion and Xigely Empires. We really like to tighten our bonds with students from Vermilion Empire, and that is why we took this long trek to come here to Avalon.”
The intent to sucker up to the supervisor was so obvious in her words, that even Niluka was able to tell that from Darmiala’s words. The supervisor heard Darmiala’s response and shook her head with a smile, saying
“What good is there to bond with those rascals. They are both lazy and stubborn, and the kids are all brats to the extreme. I would advise you to not copy their bad habits.”
“How could that be. Vermilion Empire is known as the place of manners, and there is no way that we students from Xigely can learn such a profound custom so easily.”

. . . . .
Three minutes later, the supervisor could no longer keep her smile from showing widely on her face. Having experienced three minutes of non stop attack of sweet words from Darmiala, the supervisor lost.
With a huge grin on her face, the supervisor led Lunaria and the other girls in front of a door, and said to them
“My name is Shu Yueti, and I am the top supervisor for this dorm. If you have any problems, come and find me, and this includes matters that needs to be solved with force!” Shu Yueti said as she patted her bicep to emphasize the point, making it very obvious that she would not hesitate to punch a male perverts in the face should they harrass the baby chicks under her wing!
Naturally, Darmiala responded by spouting out even more sweet words of thanks, buttering up the supervisor so much that they were even able to swindle her personal spector stone frequency from her. With that life line in their hands, they have a patron to support them in face of any trouble, whether the trouble is matters of authority or matters of strength, Shu Yueti was an obvious force to be reckoned with.
Finishing exchanging the numbers for their respective spector stones, Shu Yueti opened the door to the room, but much to the girls surprise, there was only a small room behind the door, making it a huge contrast to the massive hall. The room was very small, because it was only capable of holding a few dozen people.
Shu Yueti ignored the girls, who were all just standing there looking confused, and stepped inside the room, then beckoned the girls to hurry up and step inside as well.
Lunaria and the other girls didn’t dare tarry as they walked inside the room. When they were all inside, Shu Yueti shut the door, then pressed a corner of the wall with her index finger.
Lunaria could clearly see that Shu Yueti pressed a circle that had a number 17 written inside of it.
Suddenly, with a muffled whining noise, the floor underneath their feet disappeared. Just as they thought they would fall, they found that there was nothing changed about where they were standing, just as if the floor suddenly went transparent.
When they were all even more confused about what was going on, a ‘Ding’ sounded inside the room.
Hearing that noise, Shu Yueti opened the door and said

“Alright, everyone out now.”
This time, Lunaria and the other girls were truly confused, because they stood in the room for all of 2 seconds, and didn’t the supervisor say that she was taking them to floor 17?
Shu Yueti saw the confusion on the faces of the girls, shook her head, and pointed at a window, saying
“You all can go and take a look for yourselves.”
Darmiala thought of something, and immediately walked over, then she froze in front of the window, shocked by what she saw! Darmiala’s reaction make the other girls very curious, but when they saw the view for themselves, they were shocked too, because just the sight of seeing people the size of ants was enough to make them dizzy.
“Could this be the seventeenth floor?” Lunaria bursted out. As she was saying that, she was already estimating just how high up they were. Darmiala muttered to herself
“I’ve heard of places that had the technology to move people up and down very fast, but I didn’t think it was possible, or this fast!”
Shu Yueti hugged her arms to her chest with a grin on her face as she observed the shocked looks on the girls’ faces. After a few moments, she couldn’t resist speaking up with pride in her voice

“This is a creation by one of the ten earthen sage kings, the Machine Deity himself. His lordship possesses a mind that no ordinary Deity can hope to match, not even the Sage King of Holy Cleansing, or the Sage King of Life and Death, for even they are full of praises when it comes to the ideas of the Machine Deity. In fact, they even went so far as to predict that the Machine Deity would one day lead the entire world of Noah to a new height from his inventions.
The Heavenly Machine Deity is one of the core members who rule the Vermilion Empire, in fact, you can even say that he holds the supreme power, because as long as any citizen of Vermilion holds the slightest patriotic notion, they will hold similar respect for the Heavenly Machine Deity.”
“As for this tool that we just used, it is called the Motive Force Stairs, or commonly called the elevator. All you need to do is to stand in the room with the door shut properly, then press the button with your floor number on it, and you will arrive at that floor almost instantly. So don’t put your minds in a pit like Niluka, her thoughts are unique.”

“Wah~That sounds great!” Niluka was so happy at being ‘praised’ that she was practically dancing. The other girls of the group chose to ignore Niluka and her inelegant behavior. Niluka didn’t realize that and kept going, saying
“Big sis Yueti, we live in rooms 5 and 6, if you need anything, you can come and find us at any time!”
“Haha, okay okay, just have fun while your at the Academy.”
“Umu, cya later big sis Yueti.”

After Yueti left, Lunaria and the other two girls immediately turned to look at Darmiala with eyes full of respect and awe. Darmiala truly lives up to her bloodline of the 【Inquisitor】clan. As the sole scion of the main house, her eloquence with words really isn’t something to joke about. Just look at how she bombarded the supervisor with candied words, and how much that supervisor was grinning the entire time. Looks like they will enjoy a preferential treatment while they stayed in the dorm with Shu Yueti in charge, and they had Darmiala and her mouth to thank!
“‘Tis but a mere trifle~” Darmiala said with a naughty tone as she puffed her chest out and made a pose that looked just like the statue of the principle they saw earlier, causing the girls to burst out in laughter. Angel remained stone faced, but they could tell from her glistening eyes that she was laughing on the inside too.
“Alright, let’s go to our rooms for now. If you two have anything you need, just come over, both Lunaria and I will be there.”
“Okay!” Niluka said with a smile, then dragged Angel towards room 6.
“Ho ho ho, little Angel~ Today I will definitely get you back for the things you did to me this morning! Laugh at me would you, ha! Time to pay back!”
Angel immediately turned to look at Lunaria and Darmiala with her blank expression. Even though her face was expressionless, but they knew Angel was pleading them for help.
Sadly, Darmiala and Lunaria only smiled back and waved at Angel, completely ignoring her plead for help and not moving to stop Niluka from exacting her revenge on Angel with her tomboyish hands that were already roaming all over Angel’s body.


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