After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Camping out
Translated By: Naervon Edited By: MetaAthena
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“District 17, District 17. . .” Niluka puzzled over the map she bought from the streets with several other people, all feeling perplexed by the map.
Even though Avalon was an Academy, it was way too big. The total area of Avalon Academy was comparable to that of a small country, and if it wasn’t for the existence of the flying train, pegasus, and the rail train, then the students might have had to spend most of their time traveling instead of learning.
“Say, don’t you think these structures are way too high? I mean most of them are as big as mountains, to the point that you can’t even see the top of the buildings without tilting your head up. Will we get neck cramps from living here?”
Lunaria had to admit, Niluka is a very chatty person and her brain seemed to be wired differently from normal people. Darmiala couldn’t bear Niluka’s chattering and reached out to turn Niluka’s head back around, sounding snappy as she said,
“The road is underneath you, so why are you looking at a place that you can’t walk on? Are you trying to get a neck cramp and run into a lamppost?”

“Oh, right.” Niluka said with some embarrassment. Everyone knew that Niluka spoke her mind, so they didn’t mind it. Of course, Niluka’s frank apology set her apart from the other nobles, who were usually snobbish by nature.
“Say, Angel, Lunaria, which path do you two think we should take?”
Lunaria shook her head as she thought about it. Even though she could figure out the right path to take if she really put her mind to it, but why should she when there was so many people here with her. With that in mind, Lunaria decided to hand over this strenuous task to the group.
As for Angel, she wasn’t the type to back down when people were relying on her, so she looked at the map and thought about it deeply for a few moments before pointing to the east side, saying,
“Let’s head out from there, and then let's take the flying train to sector seventeen.”
“It’s that easy?” Niluka had a hard time accepting that because she examined the map for a long time and couldn’t figure it out.
Angel looked at Niluka with her face devoid of emotions, and then squeezed out a semblance of a smile on her face. Even though everyone knew that Angel was trying to make Niluka feel better by smiling, but from the surface alone, that smile was more like a cold smile or a jeering smile, making Niluka feeling even worse.

“Miiaa~Am I that stupid?” Niluka hugged Darmiala as she lamented. Seeing Niluka’s pose and actions, Lunaria really wanted to slap her leg and yell out ‘let go of that girl and let me do it!’
Are you kidding?! Is there any better opportunity to discreetly take ‘advantage’ of the moment and cop a few feels?! One, Claude wasn’t around, two, Leah wasn’t around, three, no Noah to drag her down, four, no Master Lao Jerry, five, no Duke Falysses hawking her, and six, no servants around to leak the information. Getting rid of all these shackles, Lunaria was not a free person!
To her, this place was utopia!
When Lunaria was drooling in her mind about all the things she could do, Darmiala was gently patting Niluka on the head, saying
“It’s okay, your simple minded, not stupid.”
In actuality, the two are basically the same thing. . .
“Hm?” Suddenly, a gruff man’s voice reached their group’s ears. Lunaria felt that the voice was familiar, and was the first to turn around. She immediately saw a sloppily dressed man wearing a instructor’s robe walking towards them.

The followers of the girls recognized this person and didn’t stand guard, but rather bowed deeply towards that person.
As for Lunaria, she felt that the person’s arrival was strange, but didn’t hesitate to give the person a courtesy before asking
“Lord Ray Lindauer, you are . . . . . . .”
Ray Lindauer, who was aptly nicknamed 【Emperor of Lolicons】and titled the【Lightning Emperor】showed a dead man’s face as he scratched his head in some embarrassment.
“You can’t tell what I’m here for by looking at me? Well, alright, I just arrived at Avalon to report for work. Right now, I am very lost, so could one of you tell me how to get to sector 17?”
“Sector seventeen? You found the right group Lord Ray Lindauer, because we were just about to head on over to sector seventeen ourselves.” Lunaria was the most familiar with Ray in their group, and since she has seeing Ray in the past and talked with him before in the duchy, she didn’t feel uncomfortable around him. Seeing Ray here, Lunaria had a small enlightenment to one of her questions as to why Ray Lindauer wasn’t at the duke’s feast back at that time, so he was at Avalon… Wait, was he wandering around lost for more than a month?! How can he still be lost . . . . . . could he be the legendary type of directionally challenged person?!

Ray Lindauer let out a breath of relief and said
“That’s good, I’ll just tag along, you guys take your time.”
“Yes sir.”
“You guys too.” Darmiala turned around at this time and said to ZhangLing and Clarok and the others
“Following us is good, but you guys don’t live in sector seventeen right? Just like what Lunaria said earlier, you guys are free here, so you don’t need to spend too much time worrying about us. If you truly cannot let go of your duties, then you can come and see us at any time, but don’t follow us around every day, got it?”

Niluka also bobbed her head up and down, making Zamacia’s heart hurt when he saw that. But he knew that his little mistress has grown up, and if she wanted to become independent, then the Academy is a great place to let her experience this.
Clarok kept his silence, because as long as Angel wished it, he was willing to die at her command without the slightest hesitation. As for ZhangLing, he just shrugged his shoulders, looking all casual about it, because he was very confident in Darmiala’s ability to handel things on her own, not like Zamacia, who had to babysit Niluka.
But, since all the followers have given their answers, the group separated and split up after brief farewells.
As they walked away, Lunaria heard ZhangLing loud voice from way behind them
“Hehe, us three are free now, how about we go get some drinks and have a good time?”

“Mm~ Even though I am kinda worried about my mistress, but I am all for this idea.”
Just like this, the three followers completely threw their mistresses out of their minds and went to drink their guts out, sadly, what they didn’t know was their loud voices reached their mistresses, who all wore a face full of black lines at hearing their followers’ words.
Their obedient, swift, and decisive servants, who never spoke much, revealed this side of themselves and completely changed their personalities not ten seconds after leaving them.
Lunaria offered the girls a moment of tribute inside at seeing that sight.
Good thing Noah sacrificed himself for her earlier and was still caught up by the ravenous senior students at the moment, or else she would probably be just like Darmiala and the other girls right now.

After a few moments of silence, Ray Lindauer yawned and reminded them, saying
“Well, since you all are done saying your goodbyes, can you take me to sector seventeen? I have some urgent matters to take care of there.”
“Ah, okay.” Even though Ray Lindauer was the butt of many jokes for lots of people, but he was still an elder at the Duchy and was one of the few titled emperor powerhouses, so Lunaria naturally didn’t want to neglect his request. She took Ray Lindauer and the rest of the girls on a brisk walk to the nearest flying train station. After a long while of trekking and a non-eventful flight, the group finally reached sector seventeen.

However, as soon as they reached the sector, Ray Lindauer cast aside all his lethargic and lazy attitude as he dashed towards the front gates for a school yard and then hid to the side of the gates, peeking inside.
The girls looked at each other, all confused on what Ray Lindauer was doing, so they decided to follow him. When they walked closer to where Ray was, all of them felt black lines creep over their faces, for what entered their view was a school yard full of 12 to 13 year old girls….
“Lord Ray Lindauer, what are you doing . . . . . .” Even though Lunaria knew the answer, she still wanted to ask to confirm the case. Ray didn’t even turn his head as he answered
“Shhhh, I’m waiting.”
The girls all felt as if they understood something, so that’s why Ray was in such a hurry for his urgent business, because it was almost time for the school girls in the building to go home.
No wonder he’s called the Lolicon emperor. . . . . Even though he was a titled emperor, Darmiala and the other girls all felt their mental image of him shatter and turned a collective cold eye towards him.
Lunaria could only say
“If there is nothing else, then we shall take our leave.”
“Go go.” Ray threw his hands in exasperation at them all the while staring at the young girls behind the gates, looking as perverted as one could get.


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