After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Escape
Translated By: Naervon, MetaAthena.
Edited By: Naervon
~Hi guys, say hi to MetaAthena, who’s trying his hand at translating 🙂

"Miss Lunaria, here is your dorm card," the receptionist said. In her hand resided a golden dormitory card, sparkling in the light. Lunaria reached out and took it. The receptionist continued, "Each dorm room has about 230 square meters of floor. The school has also placed you in a dormitory with three other people to enhance and build relationships between students. Finally, your dorm will be in the girls district in sector 17. Both the dormitory building number and room number can be found on your card." The receptionist paused, letting Lunaria process the information. Lunaria looked over the card carefully then nodded her head slightly.

"May I ask if Miss Lunaria would require any additional school supplies?" the receptionist politely asked. Strangely enough, although she was required to inquire the same question to hundreds of students each day, she still had the patients to explain everything to Lunaria, just this quality about her alone was enough to set her apart.
Lunaria shook her head. Previously, she had stockpiled day to day necessities within her storage ring. She was thoroughly prepared. Even so, Lunaria picked up the storage ring provided by the school. Although the space was smaller compared to her other two rings, one on her and one on Tyre, she felt that anything was better than nothing. Plus, it would be nice to have a backup if her initial two rings were full.
"Alright then, please take care," the receptionist said, bowing at the waist slightly. Lunaria and Noah glanced at each other, and made their way back over to a spot near Lechael and stood with the other students who finished their registration.

As time ticked by, numerous other groups of prodigy students, each led by instructors similar to Lecheal, entered the Hall of Origins. The sounds of newcomers chatting amongst themselves quickly livened the once silent halls, disrupting the peace and tranquility that Lunaria had been blessed with when she registered.
After leading the new groups to the receptionist area to start their registration processes, the newly arrived supervisors slowly waltzed their way to the resting area, where Lechael was. A few of them promptly plopped down on the cushioned couches, letting out sighs of relief.
"I swear, riding that train for a week drains more energy than a full fledged war," a man with short silver hair remarked as he cracked his neck. Though he was an administrator, he certainly didn't give off the same aura as Lecheal, and a few freshmen found him to be a little funny.

"Well, it’s something that can’t be helped. We only get to mentor new students once every few years as well as personally teach classes. It's always a fun experience to see new faces." said a man sitting beside him. The man seemed to be middle aged with red hair and a fully grown beard. He stopped waiting for a response, then continued. "But, be wary, this year's freshmen seem to be much stronger than what you and I are used to. If you treat them badly on the premises that they're simply not worth your time, you might be badly pranked. Just be careful this year, alright?"
The silver haired man laughed and said, "Hahaha, I’ll take getting pranked everyday if I can see the faces of cute freshmen confessing to me!." His words pierced through the air reaching the ears of Lecheal, who turned a deaf ear to his harsh remark. Instead, she crossed a sexy right leg over her left, leading to numerous glances from a group of freshmen boys.
Lunaria raised an eyebrow in response to this, *Looks like the rumours about Lechael running away from confessions with a red face was real, or else she won’t be made fun of by both the other instructors and the students on the same subject twice in one day.*

But, jokes aside, none of the instructors were really making fun of each other, as they were just poking fun at one another to relax. Seeing that Lechael didn’t want to comment on that, or make any explanations, they dropped the topic and started chatting about other things.

After Darmiala, Claude, and the other people finished with their registrations, Lechael put up her specter stone, stood up, and snapped her fingers towards the people in her group. This time, Lechael didn’t say anything, but everyone obediently followed her outside of the Hall.
Right after leaving the huge structure, they met with a very rowdy crowd of senior students, with almost all of them holding huge signs for their respective clubs, looking just like a pack of hungry wolves who saw fresh meat in front of them, and was about to pounce on their food to eat it clean to the bone.

“Lunaria, Snow Lily, you two back up behind me, I’ll block them for you.” Claude said with a solemn expression on his face, and seeing his face, Lunaria and the others all felt utter respect for Claude. Not one second later, Claude was dragged into the huge crowd by the seniors and was bombarded with introductions and various club details.
“Hi handsome, are you interested in joining our modeling club? With your physique and your looks, you can definitely redefine the status quo and lead the world to a new era of modeling. Becoming a star will be as natural as breathing air for you!”
“Oh my heavens. Your natural talents are through the roof, and your elemental affinity is also very commendable, you must be a duo practitioner right? Then you must join our primal path club! We are the gathering ground for duo practitioners just like you, what are you waiting for!”
“Wow, your leg is so long and strong! Are you sure you don’t want to join our magic ball club? What are you waiting for, just sign your name right here, I have the application already filled out for you!”
Voices rose up in waves, and even someone as strong as Claude was almost dizzy from the constant bombardment of the seniors and their enthusiastic words. From a distance, Lunaria stood there with cold sweat running down her back as she witnessed this terrifying scene. She silently saluted Claude for his valiant sacrifice inside and then turned around and ran for her life, pulling Darmiala and the other girls with her as she passed by. Only Snow Lily was fearless enough to try and squeeze her way into the crowd to try and save Claude. Sadly, as soon as a senior realized that Snow Lily was a new student also, she became a victim for the ravenous crowd herself.

“Hu hu hu. We should be fine here, I think, I hope.” The girls were all heavily breathing as they hid in a small flower garden off a forest path. When they looked around them and found no seniors chasing them, all of them let out a sigh of relief.
As for their followers who followed them all the way here, since they were all powerful martial artists, they weren’t affected by the small jog at all, because at their level, this little ‘run’ to them was as easy as a relaxing stroll.
Lunaria was a bit better off than the others because she focused on dou qi more than magic, but she still felt ashamed for having to make such a complete escape. Not only her, but the emperor stage followers as well, for they were all standing their with black lines all over their faces, ZhangLing in particular. Seeing the looks of these emperor stage followers weren’t better off, Lunaria and the other girls felt better about themselves, but they still felt their heart beating rapidly out of lingering fear.
Afterall, if they were to be caught by that ravouse pack of wolf like seniors, then they would be looking at spending their entire morning being bombarded by a sea of club invites, adding to the beauty of each of the girls, Lunaria in particular, it probably won’t end at just the morning, since a lot of clubs want attractive girls to join them for various reasons. . .
As they thought of their potential fate if they had not fled the scene, they all recalled Claude and his valiant sacrifice. Respect aside, they looked towards the horizon, as if Claude’s last smile was imprinted there.

“Okay, okay, let’s see if we were put in the same place.” Niluka casually tossed Claude and his fate out of her mind as she took out her dorm card. The other girls followed suit. “Mine says sector 17, and 17th floor in building T-5.”
“I am in the same dorm as Angel, Darmiala and Lunaria are in the same dorm, but from the dorms numbers, it looks like these two dorms are right next to each other, so we should have an easy time going to each others rooms. Hahaha.” Niluka laughed in her un-lady-like fashion as she draped an arm over Darmiala’s shoulders, looking just like a tomboy.
After a few seconds of everyone just staring at her, Niluka realized what she was doing, and she immediately retracted her arm. Darmiala glared at her for a few seconds with her face full of black lines, and Niluka laughed embarrassedly for a few times before saying
“Aiya, I was a tomboy ever since I was a kid, you guys have to get used to this!”

*No, you’re the one who needs to adapt…..* Lunaria thought to herself, for she didn’t realize that Niluka had this side to her. Didn’t they say that all nobility were elegant and ladylike? How come no matter how she looked at Niluka, all she saw as just a rough and gruff man in Niluka?!
Darmiala knocked Niluka on her head softly and said
“Don’t be happy too early, because if you don’t pass the entrance exam, then we still have to move out of Avalon!” Darmiala and Niluka had the preferential treatment, but they still needed to pass the entrance exam, not like Lunaria and Angel, who was able to directly enroll and bring in their followers in as students as well. Only sadly, Angel’s follower, Clarok, was at the emperor stage, so he couldn’t become a student and had to become a resident. As for Darmiala and the others, they must go and take the entrance exam first before they are allowed to fully enroll.


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