After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Enrollment procedures
Translated By: Naervon
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“I have mentioned the name of this hall before, its name is Hall of Origins. If you run into any questions in the future, here is a good place for you to come and get answers from.”
Lechael said as she led the group of people in front of a reception desk.

There were ten reception desks in total, with three receptionists behind each one. The receptionists sat there with smiles on their faces, and when they saw Lechael walk in with the students, they got up and bowed before asking politely
“Ma’am instructor Lechael, how can we assist you?”
“Your superiors should have notified you already. The people behind me are the new students, so just register them and have them pick up their school uniforms while your at it.” Lechael said
The three receptionists in the desk before her immediately nodded
“Of course. We understand.”
“Then I will leave this to you all.” Lechael finished then turned around and spoke to Lunaria and the other new students
“All of you line up in three lines and report to the desk one by one. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! Do you understand me?”

Facing Lechael’s questioning, the group instantly nodded their heads in synchronized understanding. The blond instructor nodded her approval with a smile, then walked to the resting area to the side of the hall and sat down in a soft sofa, turned on a specter stone and started to relax.
“Lunaria, don’t you get the feeling that our instructor is kind of powerful?” Niluka quietly whispered to Lunaria, looking really scared of being overheard by Lechael. Even though Lunaria don’t like talking about people behind their backs as she doesn’t think this is a good conduct, but she couldn’t resist asking
“How is she powerful?”
“Just think about it, your master Lao Jerry is a demi-deity stage duo practitioner, and he is also close to being the most powerful demi-deity. As for our instructor, she is also a duo practitioner. I am not sure if she is a demi-deity or not, but she is definitely not far off from that stage.”
Niluka’s explanation was too broad, because she made her claim without any solid evidence to back her up, but Lunaria got the point that she was trying to make about how their instructor is a strong person.
But just at this moment, Claude spoke up from his spot beside Lunaria.

“You guys might not know this about our instructor, but she job is a mercenary.”
“She’s a mercenary?” Darmiala, Lunaria and the others were all surprised by this tidbit. Being a mercenary is nothing strange to them, because even they have registered a mercenary id before, but what was weird was her job as a mercenary. The way Claude described it was what gave them the confusion, was he saying that she received more pay as a mercenary than as an instructor at Avalon?
Claude seemed to see through their confusion and did not hold back on the explanation
“I was very interested in mercenaries since I was kid, so I still remember the top mercenary groups even till now. As for Lechael. Morleimite, she has a nickname of 【Wild Thunder】and is a member of one of the strongest mercenary group, 【Amaterasu】.”
“Amaterasu mercenary group. . . . .” Lunaria muttered to herself. She seemed to recall hearing this before, it might have been mentioned to her by Jack. When she thought of Jack and his fate, Lunaria couldn’t help but sigh. Looks like it’s going to take more than a few days to recover from this depression.

“Ah, I remember now that you mentioned it!” Niluka clapped her little hands together with excitement and her eyes were almost bursting with stars as she gazed towards Lechael, who was sitting there leisurely in the distance.
“Wild Thunder from the Amaterasu group was someone who can take on demon kings by herself, she is that kind of powerhouse. Her combination of unique magic and self comprehended techniques also makes people admire her! Sadly, I’ve never seen her in person before, so I didn’t recognize instructor Lechael as that powerful figure.”
Lunaria felt that Niluka seemed to have a fangirl quality deep in her, but that wasn’t something she needed to pay attention to. Just as Lunaria was thinking about this, Niluka pulled out a small diary and a pen from her storage ring and chittered excitedly
“I am going to ask instructor Lechael for her autograph!”
“. . . . . .” Lunaria felt speechless, but just as she thought she was shocked enough by the sudden antics by Niluka, Claude pipped up meekly from behind her
“Hel, Help me get a copy too please.”

“. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .”
“If big brother Claude wants, I can give you my autograph for free. You must know, a princess’s autograph is very expensive too~” Our princess Snow Lily seemed to be jealous of even Lechael as she hugged Claude’s arm, looking like a kid who wants to be praised.
Even though Lunaria didn’t feel anything wrong with the way Snow Lily and Claude was acting, but in the eyes of the others, their actions were very unsettling. For those two to ignore the setting and make such a bold public display of affection, and with such good looks to boot, was there anything else that arouse more jealousy out of people?
Darmiala stayed silent as she watched Lunaria, Claude, and Snow Lily with eyes full of interest, because she knew the relationship triangle between the three is a complicate one, giving this【Inquisitor】’s descendant no end of amusement.
“Next student please make your way over here.” A gentle voice reached Lunaria’s ear and she turned to look. Lunaria saw that a pretty receptionist lady was waving at her with a professional smile on her face, but as soon as the receptionist saw Lunaria’s face, the receptionist’s eyes lit up, obviously captivated by Lunaria’s beauty!
Lunaria immediately made her way to the desk and spoke out of habit
“How do you do.”

“Hello, may I have your name please? If you have a preferential treatment granted by a qualifying country or kingdom, could you please take that out as well? If you have one, we can pre-process your admission right here and you can take the entrance exam later. If you have a letter of recommendation from any qualifying country or kingdom, then you can directly receive your admission and skip the exam entirely. If you have any followers, please provide a list of your follower’s names as well. After we have your materials, we will have to confirm your name and your identity before you are officially finished with your registration. Please keep in mind that your follower’s cultivation must not surpass the stage of army breaker, meaning you cannot have followers who are at the stage of emperor or titled emperor. However, if they are higher than army breaker stage, then they can only be admitted as a normal resident of Avalon and not as a student, meaning they are not allowed to attend any classes here.”
Lunaria heard the explanation and suddenly felt a flash of understanding. No wonder Darmiala and the others came even though they didn’t have a letter of recommendation. So having a preferential treatment have benefits as well, just as Duke Falysses said back then. First enroll then take the entrance exam, separating them from the people who only know to take the entrance exam blindly, giving them a higher status from the start. Also, since followers who are emperor stage or above can’t become students, the followers of Darmiala and the others can’t hope to follow them around anymore.

“My name is Lunaria and this is my letter of recommendation.” Lunaria didn’t dither and directly took out a dainty and fancy little red booklet from her storage ring. The pretty receptionist flipped through the little booklet before slightly nodding her head and continued

“Now then, Miss Lunaria, do you have any followers you wish to take with you?”
“Mah~ Noah, come here.”
“Yes, Ma’am Lunaria!” Despite Noah’s excitement, he was still calm enough to realize that as a follower, he can’t show too much impudent behavior, so he put forth all his efforts on restraining his own emotions, making his face bright red. Lunaria stifled a laugh and shook her head slightly, saying
“Little brat, when did you become this reserved? In the future, you are a free person in Avalon, so you decide your own fate, be it becoming a soaring dragon or a lowly insect.”
“Ma’am Lunaria, no, I . . . . . .”Noah was just about to explain, but Lunaria shook her head and put her dainty palm on top of Noah’s head and started to pet him.
“Your path is still long, so don’t waste too much time on me. We are still friends in the future, so if you wish, you can still come and see me.”
“. . . . . . . .” Noah kept silent.
“Alright. Miss Lunaria, this is your student ID, and this is Mister Noah’s student ID. Because Miss Lunaria is enrolled by means of a recommendation letter, you are able to receive many special benefits here, but Mister Noah is only allowed in as a normal student and will not be able to enjoy these special benefits.”

“Thank you.” Lunaria nodded her head slightly. Seeing this, the lady receptionist bowed at her waist and pulled out a ring from a drawer, saying
“This storage ring contains one thousand cubic meters of space. Please take care of it.” As soon as she finished her sentence, she pulled out eight sets of school uniforms from her private storage ring, pointed at the flower embroidered over the left chest region on the uniform and said
“These are eight sets of school uniform. Four of them are for the summer season and four are for the fall season. The 【Five petal Flower】on the left chest resembles Avalon, and only the people who enrolled by recommendation letter have this.”
Lunaria nodded her head as she looked at this five petalled flower, then looked at Noah’s plain school uniform, feeling that it wasn’t a good thing to separate the two types of students like this.


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