After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Senpais?!
Translated By: Naervon

Under Lechael’s urges, the few hundred people slowly boarded the flying train, as for the late comers, they can only wait for the next train.
The flying train slowly started up and lifted off the ground. When it was fully airborne, the train suddenly sped up immensely. The speed of the flying train has reached speeds that flying vessels can’t even hope of achieving as it streaked across the sky like a bolt of lightning towards the tower in the distance.
Lunaria looked outside the window, but the only thing that she could see was a blur of undecipherable structures melded together into a homogenous color, she sighed at the terrifying speed. The other people have never seen such advanced way of traveling either, and discussed this amongst themselves. With the mood set, the unfamiliar geniuses started to talk and get to know each other on the train.
“Alright alright, everyone be quiet.” Lechael started to hush the crowd once more, and the chatting sounds faded away gradually as everyone looked towards the pretty blond instructor to see what she had to say.
“So, you are all curious about how the train flies right? The idea behind it is actually fairly simple. Underneath Avalon Academy there is a grand suspension formation that allows the train to float, and the train acts as the point for the formation to target and supply the floating force. By using a magic stone, the train can be control to float or descend freely. Now to make the train move, a force magic crystal is used. With this combination, the train is easily able to traverse the entire Academy with ease. Of course, the core technology is a closely guarded secret, so even if people with bad intentions knew about how this works, they are still unable to reproduce this, so Avalon is the only place in the world that has these flying trains.”

The people in the group made sounds of wonder as they realized just how significant the flying train is. Looking outside the window, the people saw many of these flying trains heading in every direction, making them all the more excited for their future stay at Avalon.
“Lunaria, look at that huge road that lead all the way from the edge of Avalon to the white tower. That road feels super wide even from this high up, I am guessing if we are on the ground, then that road has to be at least a hundred meters wide!” Niluka’s voice caused Lunaria to look down unconsciously. It was true, the white road really did cross the entirety of Avalon, and it was almost gargantuous in size too, making the students walking on the road look like tiny little ants. Lunaria thought, everything in this academy is ridiculously big. Quickly, most of the other people also started to notice the huge road down below, and couldn’t resist gasping and wondering about it. Seeing this, Lechael explained again in that patient tone of hers
“This road is called the path to heaven, and was built by Vermilion Empire to commemorate the death of the students who were killed by the invasion from the Great Forest of Funerals. Back then, that incident was enough to shake the entire free state, but nowadays, not too many people still remember it.”
Naturally, Lunaria had no clue about this either, so she looked left and right in a casual manner and decided to believe Lechael’s claim based on the expressions on the other people’s faces.
The wise and erudite Darmiala spoke up softly to Lunaria, Niluka and others

“The path to heaven is also known as the Heavenly Law in Vermilion Empire, and the meaning is a supreme existence that has no shape or form, and if you insist on making a comparison, then it should be classified as an conceptual existence that is even more powerful than the Highest God. Back then, a Deity died and it’s body fell in that area of the Great Forest, contaminating that entire region of the Great Forest and causing all the plants and flowers to become precious treasures. A lot of students caught wind of this and immediately grouped up to venture into the Great Forest in hopes of making it rich and exploring the cause. The end result was several thousand people, several thousand geniuses, stayed forever inside the Great Forest with only a few making it back alive thanks to the rescue efforts. This incident caused the upper echelon of Avalon to be furious, and swept the entire edge region of the Great Forest bordering Avalon clean in three days. As 80% of the students who ventured forth originated from Vermilion Empire, the big names from Vermilion requested for the Academy to build a big road that leads straight to The Heaven’s Wheel. The road was named The Path to Heaven with mocking intentions, to warn the new students that the Law of Heaven is the law of death, and if you want to test your luck in the Great Forest, then be prepared to give up your life for it, because the laws of nature won’t give you a second chance.”
Darmiala finished that long explanation in a single breath, and that feat made Niluka bob her head rapidly as she nodded. Even the quiet Angel felt that Darmiala was correct in her analysis that this huge road is not just a commemoration of the dead students, but rather serves as a mocking warning to those who wished to bet their luck to make it rich and soar above everyone else in one go.
Just what kind of place was Avalon Academy? You have to work your way up to being a Sacred Magician one step at a time, because if you wished to streak your way to success in one step just from a single opportunity, then be prepared to pay the price accordingly.
As they talked, the flying train had already arrived at sector eleven, and the insurmountable white tower that looked big from a distance was now the only thing in their field of view, gargantuan beyond imagination. Compared to the tower, humans seemed like tiny specks of dust, making it hard to imagine just how a huge structure like this was made.
Yet, when the group of people just exited the flying train and stood on solid ground again, a few thousand students holding all kinds of different signs looked at them with eyes that was close to burning with enthusiasm. Lunaria was instantly surrounded by people, and she was dumbstruck, just what in the world was going on?


“I am your senior school-sister, I am part of the fencing club, so if you are interested in fencing, then you must join our fencing club!”
“We the pyromaniac club welcome you all, as long as you are a magician and have any fire affinity, then we will welcome you with the warmest greetings!”
“Strength is everything. We are the sturdy body club, and we believe that muscles are the path to strength. You only need to join our strength club, then you will obtain the power to shatter everything in your path with a single punch!”
“The Magical Instruction Club welcomes you all. If you are interested in trains, specter stones, or even flying vessels, then you should join our club. We have everything you can imagine and everything that you can’t imagine, so join us, because there is nothing we can’t achieve!”
“To those interested in calmly tasting tea, you are welcome to join my tea club.”
“Magic ball club has balls only! Come and join us! Our goal is to become the number one in the world at playing with balls!”

All sorts of yells and advertisements were being yelled out, and the geniuses who just left the flying train was completely struck dumb by the burning enthusiasm from their senpais. The new people stared with their eyes wide open and their jaws hanging as their senpais introduced the huge array of ‘clubs’ to them, and in the end, these newbies could only turn and look at Lechael, who was standing on the side and watching with great interest, with pleading eyes.

“*Cough cough* Alright okay okay, all of you be quiet for a second. Even if you are all introducing with such enthusiasm, it is still pointless if these young ones don’t know anything about it. Wait for me to introduce things first and let them go and report their arrival. The time left after that is all yours and you can make use of that time to suck in new blood for your clubs.”
A straightforward and open-minded instructor is always respected by the students, and despite Lechael’s young and pretty appearance, her formless might was still enough to make everyone quiet down and listen to her.
“Mm~ Let me think, where to start. Ah, clubs. Clubs are the place that people with the same interests form and gather to increase their bonds and delve into their interests together. Maybe interest is too broad of a term, take this student for example.” Lechael pointed at Lunaria and said with a smile
“Just what club do you all feel that she would fit in the best?”
“Beauty Club!” Almost all the males in the crowd yelled out at the same time, and those who didn’t see Lunaria because she was hiding behind other people were all gasping with shock as they discovered her existence, thinking that they just saw an angel!
Lechael laughed and said with some snap in her voice
“There is no beauty club. You brats who only focus on looks should take care, because you might never find a girlfriend in the future.”
“Sensei~ Is it true that you have never had a boyfriend even at your venerable age?” A voice piped up from the crowd, turning everyone’s attention back on Lechael, but she seems unfazed by the question and continued saying

“What I meant was this student possesses a very high lightning elemental affinity, so she should be very comfortable and at home in the Lightning elemental related clubs.”
“Sensei~Rumors has it that last time sensei was confessed to by a student, sensei fled with a red face. Was that true?”
Lechael’s face went stiff for a moment before she recovered and quickly said
“Take the fencing club, the pyromaniac club for example, these clubs are extremely big in size and has a great popularity inside of Avalon. Each of these big clubs house more member than the entire population of a small country.”
“Sensei~ Is sensei still a virgin?”
“Okay, now then. How about a show put up by your senior school-sisters and senior school-brothers just for you newcomers hmm?” Lechael said, then completely ignored everyone and continued, obviously not caring about the new student’s opinions. Lechael turned around and faced the giggling students, and said casually
“Now then, would every student here run around sector eleven three times for our new students please. For the ones who have not finished three laps by night, they will receive double the laps to finish without a time limit. Oh, and no dinner either until you are all finished.”
“EH!!!!” The entire student body were instantly stunned by the sudden order

“Did you not hear me?” Even though Lechael was still smiling, but her crisp voice bode a terrifying pressure behind it, causing these ‘senpais’ to tremble in fright.
“YES Ma’am!” The crowd let out a reply in unison, sounding like an ordered army. As soon as they barked their replies, every single senpai started running around sector eleven, that huge flow of people left like a wave of hurricane. Watching this huge wave of senpais leave, the new students could only stand there and watch with some of them drily gulping.
The situation turned around so fast that their brains couldn’t keep up with it.
Lechael shook her arm and waved her hand, then she snapped her fingers at the dumb struck students and said
“You will know the details of these things sooner or later, so I won’t explain further about clubs. Now then, follow me to register your arrival, only there, can you begin your life as a student at Avalon Academy.”
Nobody spoke a word as they followed this pretty blond lady around the twists and bends of sector eleven. When they finally arrived in front of a huge golden palace, they were beginning to become numb to the huge sizes. The huge palace was several hundred meters tall, and when they entered, they found out that this was only the first floor of the palace. This first floor was almost as tall as thirty floors elsewhere. As soon as they entered the palace, they felt as if they were magically transformed into dwarves and were visiting the land of giants, that huge disparity in size instilled a lot more respect in them and made them feel more awe towards Avalon.


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