After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 1

ATF School Arc Chapter 1 Setting Off
Translated By: Naervon
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Because the Void Emperor warped the frequency of the space in the area when he transported, the reporters were not able to broadcast the incident to the rest of the Empire, but the fight was grand enough to make the neighboring countries very wary. Since it was impossible to not see the entire night turn to day because the Deities showed up and exhibited their might, the big news channels all had their guesses about what happened, and they even hired professional analysts to come and commentate on the speculations.

Tyre watched the news with relish as the people in the news dug out bits of informations and filled in the rest with guesses. *These news channels really know how to spin a story. How do they managed to dig out so much information from a small fight between two Deities, I mean do you really have to drag out a brief fight to be an hour long explanation? Even digging out their past and personal history to fill in the time.*

“Mr. Tyre, what are you waiting for?! Today is the last train heading to Avalon this month, so if we are late then we have to wait another 30 days!”
“Okay okay, I’ll be right there!” Hearing Roselle Butterfly’s voice coming from outside the door, Tyre put up his specter stone and hung the katana 【The Fallen One】by his side. As for the sword, he just could not find any sword that matched his taste, so he could only set that off to the side for now. Since he still has to get better with the blade technique 【God’s Fall】anyways, he might as well take this time to delve deeper into blades rather than swords.
As for Lunaria’s side, she has already left with the private train reserved for the Duke. Because Tyre wanted to bring Roselle Butterfly and the others with him to Avalon, he had to reject the Duke’s offer of taking a ride on the private train and opt to take the public one instead.

It has been a month since the night of the feast, and during this month, Miliac Kingdom did not pressure the Duchy like they have done in the past, and the tariff barriers came down letting trade between the two countries return to normal. Other countries also took this chance to tighten their relationships with the Duchy so that even if Miliac wants to use arms again, they would have to think twice with all the small countries banding together in an alliance.

Furthermore, the book was taken away by that seventh disciple Largess, who he had seen once before. *Come to think of it, wasn’t her face a bit different from the night during the feast?*
Even though he doesn’t know why someone as powerful as Largess would take part in the magical girl contest and elect to forfeit in the third round, he did come to an conclusion after giving it some thought, and that was: it’s impossible to guess the motives of someone that powerful, so why bother.

So long as it doesn’t affect his personal interests, then why should he care if the book is taken away. That’s a matter for the Duchy to worry about and he couldn’t care less about it. The only portion that surprised him was finding out that there was an organization that powerful on the same world as him.
From history, Blue Jewel Hall has been around for a long time, and the top guns in that organization were called the eight great rulers who are very mysterious and almost never appear to public eyes. The ones known to show up the most are the numbered disciples who go from country to country, and as to the total number of these disciples, no one knows. The only public knowledge about them is to not get on these disciples’ bad side.

There has been a recorded incident of a numbered disciple who seemed to be at the titled emperor stage but managed to kill a full Deity. Even though this happened in a small world called the Mysterious Sky, it still caused a huge stir in the realms and worlds close by, and because of that incident, the name Blue Jewel Hall became well known. Of course, the ruling parties of these realms and worlds all had the same opinion. It goes to say that their opinion wasn’t a good one, but rather how to deal with such a thorny organization. In fact, it has gotten to the point that they could no longer treat this organization as another bandit group with a sizable bounty, but rather treat it like another faction who has equal speaking rights.

Even though a big world such as Noah does not really care much for the threat that Blue Jewel Hall poses, but they still have to respect the weight behind that name, and the best example would be the Great Unrest of the Empire. If the Holy Sage King of Cleansing did not appear at the time, the situation would have probably gone out of control all together.

As Tyre was pondering all of this, he has already arrived at the train station with Roselle Butterfly and others. They had the train tickets all thanks to Ghost Slayer’s hard work camping out in front of the ticket window all night; Tyre even taught him a few skills to compensate for his effort.
As of right now, Roselle Butterfly, Sand Sword, and Ghost Slayer have all broken through to the Army Breaker stage with Sand Sword being the first to make it, followed by Roselle Butterfly. Ghost Slayer had a hard time but still managed to break through to Army Breaker stage. As for Elena, she barely managed to reach Level Three Magician stage, but it will still be a while before she manages to awaken her unique magic, which will probably happen when she happens on an opportunity of sorts, after all, the little elf aside, even he as Lunaria have yet to awaken her unique magic and she was also at the third level magician stage. Tyre looks forward to what kind of unique magic he will get, and from what he hears, there are unique magic so powerful that it can make black holes or stop time right after awakening. Tyre doesn’t know if his unique magic will be as powerful as that but he hopes.


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