After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Avalon! Arrival!
Translated By: Naervon

Michaer self governed state exists between the boundaries of the Empire and Vermilion Empire, the total area of this state contains several cities and some of these cities are so big that they are on par with some third world countries. The reason why it is called a self governed state was due to the governing policies. As neither the Empire nor Vermilion governed this region, the people of this region governed themselves and made their own laws, establishing an independent country.
So why did the greedy Empire not swallow this small self-ruled country? The answer is simple, because of one academy. An academy that is also the highest place of learning in the entire free state, Avalon!
Avalon possesses an unique place in between Xigely Empire and Vermilion Empire, especially so for one of the core department of the academy, the Student Council. The two great Empires have many constitutions binding them, and many of these constitution articles were added directly by the Student Council, and what was more shocking was, the two voracious and powerful Empires would rather play dead and turn a blind eye to the Student Council rather than refusing to accept the changes.

With its fame so far spread, the student council of Avalon became a place that people yearn to join in their dreams, and the first step to that dream was to be connected to Avalon in any way possible. But, reality is a cruel place, and Avalon is a prime example. The expulsion rate of Avalon is very very high, not because the students wanted to leave, but because Avalon expelled them. As to the reason for expulsion? The answer is simple, there are too many people trying to get in and too many students already, so the weakest are eliminated.

Just what is a genius? A genius possesses a special ability or strong points that far surpasses normal people in those fields, that is a genius.
But, can you still protect your halo of being a genius in a gathering ground for geniuses like Avalon?
The answer to that is very ambiguous, and the only way to find out is through action and the test of time.

The huge red train finally reached its final destination, Avalon, after an arduous trip of three days and three nights.
A huge screeching sound woke up everyone in the train, and when they looked out the windows and saw that beautiful sight, all of their fatigue and boredom vanished, leaving only shocked gasps behind.
Under the soft sunlight, white birds flew across the sky, attracting people’s gazes upwards, and when they lifted their heads, the sight of huge white tower breaking through the clouds entered their eyes. Giant floating structures surrounded the huge white tower, with pegasuses and flying trains crossing the gaps between these island structures, causing even more gasps.
Underneath the tower, there were many more structures, and even from the train, they were able to hear the laughters and chatting of students.

The vast scenery was just like an artwork beyond description, imprinting itself into each and every person’s mind, so firm that even closing the eyes cannot block out its beauty.

Avalon. This was The Highest Academy, the Holy ground of learning built between two vast Empires. Avalon Academy!
And she, Lunaria, will start her new journey here!
Lunaria walked off of the train accompanied by Darmiala and the other girls, and as they walked, their combined beauty cause countless people around them to go absent-minded. Their little group was just like a little flash grenade tossed into a crowd, because no matter where they went, the people around them, regardless of gender, would go absent-minded at seeing them. Darmiala and the other girls were like the green leafs of a flower, and Lunaria was the flower itself, her beauty enhanced by the green leaves.

Countless number of students whispered amongst themselves, and at this time, a station supervisor came out and walked in front of the new arrivals and said in a loud voice
“Everyone please follow me.”
The supervisor lead the people from the first ten compartments, and other supervisors also came and took the same amount of people with them. As the private train had to serve the entire empire, it was built to transport a huge number of people, and even with the method of one supervisor per ten compartments, they were still short on people when it came to the entire train.

“Now then, I will be introducing you all to the place that you will be living for the next seven years, Avalon Academy.”
As Lunaria and the few hundred of other people from the first ten compartments looked at this supervisor, the supervisor took off her long robes and revealed her perfectly proportioned body. The supervisor had the standard golden hair from the Empire, and her hair draped all the way down to her waist. Her light red eyes were like attractive holes, pulling everyone into them, and her straight nose accentuated her mature charms. Looking further down her face, her small yet exquisite lips were enough to give anyone indecent thoughts, but the sword hanging at her hips made it clear that she was also a martial artist. At the moment, she was just standing there like a lamp post in the night, radiant and attracting everyone’s attention. In fact, her presence was so powerful that she even attracted the attention of people where were dumb-struck by Lunaria and her little group.
“My name is Lechael. Morleimite, and I am also the lightning type magic instructor for first years, which means I will be the teacher for some of you here. Do not feel astonished, because even though duo practitioners are rare, but keep in mind that there is no lack of talented people. As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet that there are some duo practitioners amongst you all right now, and I believe that given time, you will also reach my level.”

When Lunaria was listening to Lechael speaking, the first thing that caught her attention was the family name, it was very familiar to her, and then her status also felt weird to Lunaria. A magician who hang a sword on her hips, could she be a duo practitioner who favored magic more? Maybe she was just like Master Lao Jerry, and likes researching in the field of magic despite having a great talent for martial arts.


“First thing’s first. The place you all are standing at right now is the private train station reserved for Avalon. This station is connected to a total of three rails, and I think most of you know this already. These three rails are the three that go through the entire Empire and are also known as hyper rails, and are also the safest rails in the entire world. Alright, everyone line up and follow me out.”

As an instructor at the Academy, Lechael was naturally not weak. As nobody was an idiot, no one dared to go against Lechael’s orders. So, basically everyone lined up like meek kittens and followed Lechael out of the gigantic private train station.
“The private train station is located in sector three. The place we are at right now is on the border of sector three, and this street is called the rail station street.”
Lechael’s concise and comprehensive introduction were very satisfying to the ears of the people following her, and no one felt weary of her words as she introduced everything as they walked.
“As we come out of the rail station street, we arrive at the heart of sector three, the plaza. From here, we can take the flying train that connects sector three to sector eleven, which is also the school district and the heart of Avalon.” Lechael said calmly, and then continued

“Does everyone see that white tower? The name of the tower is 【Heaven’s Wheel】, and it is the holy ground for all martial artists and magicians. I know my explanation might sound confusing right now, so I will leave it to you all to understand just what the Heaven’s Wheel is by yourselves on your own time.”

Heaven’s Wheel, Lunaria muttered to herself, wondering if the sacred artifact to awaken her memory was inside there, after all, everything that she has done, from working her way up the mercenary ranks for information and then joining the magical girl competition were all for this sacred artifact, and now that she was only one step away from her goal, it was only natural that she cared a lot about where it was.
Naturally, everyone was very curious about the Heaven’s Wheel, after all, mythical effects aside, just the sheer size and height of the tower was enough to make them speechless, so they will definitely check it out in their spare time and explore the tower.
Lechael didn’t give the group time to ponder over what she said before she continued

“Right now, the bronze statue that everyone sees before them is the statue of the current principle of Avalon,【Sage King of Life and Death】. He dedicated his entire life to the creation of Avalon. He united forces with groups inside of both Vermilion Empire and Xigely Empire and stood his ground against the masses to create the majestic and independent Avalon Academy!”

As Lechael introduced, everyone followed her sight and looked towards the bronze statue there. The statue was a young man. Even though the man was not very handsome, but that harmonious smile and that set of eyes filled with wisdom gave him a special feeling. Adding to the fact that his title was a Sage King, one of nine in the world, everyone felt a trace of sincerely respect from their hearts towards this man.
Speaking of this sage king’s history, most of the talented people in the crowd already knew it. Broadly speaking, the history of the nine heavenly sage kings and ten earthly sage kings should have been the mandatory knowledge for every magician and martial artist.

Because if a person from the world of Noah was not clear about the pride of Noah, then how can they have the face to call themselves a person from the world of Noah?
The reason that the principle was called the Sage King of Life and Death was because he comprehended the tablet of life and death. Compared to the smooth sailing life of Sage King of Holy Cleansing, his life was filled with torment and suffering. There was a period in his life where he was stripped of his magic by his adversaries, but he persevered and turned to the path of martial arts. Finally, he comprehend the table of life and death and gained the ability to convert his dou qi to magic, making his normal dou qi attacks gain the power of magic behind them, shocking everyone at the time. What’s even more shocking was his status as the absolute victor emerging from an ancient war. From that point on, his title of life and death spread wide and far, and shortly after, he broke through his mortal limits, and despite not becoming a full deity, he was still more powerful than a full deity. As time progressed, he earned his spot as a sage king.
“Alright, everyone follow me and board the flying train, we will be heading directly to sector eleven and report there. Your information should be already documented into the main archives of Avalon, but you still need to report your arrival, or else you will be marked as absent and have your registration cancelled.”

Everyone had already heard about the high expulsion rate of Avalon, but they didn’t expect to be warned by the instructor before they were even registered. Looks like they have to be very careful, or else they’ll be sent packing to their home the next day.
From the reactions of the crowd, it was obvious that Lechael’s words had a very good effect, dousing the pride of these geniuses and making them take things seriously. Finally, under the guidance of Lechael, the group boarded the flying train, which had just floated down and grounded itself for boarding.
The new experience was something that nobody have seen before, let alone experience it. Not even the nobility have seen such a wondrous sight. So when the train landed, everyone burst into whispers amongst themselves. Lechael looked at the buzzing group behind her and clapped her hands, saying
“Alright alright, let’s board first and talk later. When the flying train departs, I will explain how it works.”


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