After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Airs of an affair
Translated BY: Naervon

Lunaria had almost forgotten about this incident if Claude didn’t bring it up, but now that she remembered it, the flames of her anger were lighted again. She haven’t even gotten around to tally the scores with Claude about this, and now Claude comes and calls her the brute? Just that stifling feeling was almost enough to make Lunaria burst out in anger.
“Naturally, I would feel despair.” Lunaria replied with her mind completely elsewhere, and Claude took her answer without too much thinking and continued
“Right now, this girl in front of us is probably feeling this despair, and even though I am not a saint who wants to rescue the world, but as long as I am able to help, then I won’t back away. As long as I can see it or hear it, then there is no way I can just stand back and let injustice happen in front of me, because this is the fundamental faith of being a honorable knight!”

*Wah~what a great faith~’Sigh’* Lunaria thought helplessly inside her head, because Claude was even more stubborn than she was, to the point of twisted. This was obviously inherited from a certain old geezer, adding this to his personality, the result is the almost fanatical saint of justice in front of her.
“Hahaha, Claude. Do you plan to fight me for the sake of this elf? Even though I would love to fight you here, you must first know who you are fighting right?”
Claude silently stared at the other man, but the well dressed man just shrugged and said

“Do you not know that this private train moves on a hyper-rail that runs through the entire Empire and ends at Avalon? There are only five of these rails in the entire Empire, and as such, talented people from all over the Empire are attracted to it. In other words, you are not the only genius aboard this train right now, and talented people are everywhere here, and I am one of such person. The top genius of the north, how laughable!”
The well dressed man finished speaking, but he still have yet to reveal his background or his name, and noticing that he left that out, the man patted his own head and continued
“Would you look at me and my bad memory, I forgot to tell you my name. I am called Secarlet. Tifmia.”
Secarlet finished with a light smile on his face. Even though Secarlet was not showing any signs of being taunting on his face, he tone was more than enough to make his attitude clear, so much so that even Lunaria, who was standing behind Claude, was made unhappy by that sneering tone. Thanks to the taunting, things were getting out of hand.
“I will ask once out of courtesy, are you prepared to die?”
“No, because I never do anything unnecessary things.” Secarlet smiled as brightly as before, and opened his arms in an loathsome manner.
Wild dou qi burst out of the two instantly as the atmosphere instantly changed, becoming so tense that the slightest movement would incite the battle!

Lunaria knotted her brows together. Just what kind of day is today, why does everything bad has to happen today. To make it worse, everything that has happened today left a bitter taste in her mouth as she couldn’t just ignore them or do anything about it. The correct thing to do right now was to help the young master, and if things become necessary, she doesn’t mind making the 1v1 into a 2v1 in her favor and beat that snobbish man to the ground.
In any case, as a girl, she didn’t have to worry about being honorable in fights, and even if she had to do it as her male self, she would probably not care about being honorable either.
“Stop this immediately.”
Suddenly, a huge terrifying aura pressure slowly pressed down on everyone, and even though no one appeared, but that force was more than enough to force both Claude and Secarlet to the ground. It seems that pressure was focused on Claude and Secarlet, because Lunaria was fine while they were forced flat onto the ground with a thud.
“This is your first and last warning. Do not squabble while on the private train.”
The voice boomed inside the compartment like a huge tolling bell, clearing reaching everyone. The three involved with the matter felt the voice imprint itself in their hearts, and despite being quickly spoken, they memorized each and every word..

Lunaria shook as the familiar feeling of having her body being fully exposed to the full might of someone’s perception again, just like that time when Simon scanned her as Tyre. Looks like the peacekeeper on the train is also a sacred magician, only needing a thought to kill them all.
After a short while, the pressure dissipated. Secarlet quickly stood up from the ground, turned around, and shameless said to Claude as he patted the dust off of his clothes
“These managers are so insensitive, but now that he’s gone and disturbed things, all the elegance are gone. Let’s wait until we are at Avalon Academy before having a good fight, hahahaha.”
Secarlet finished his shameless statement and walked back into his room with a strut. As for that lightning elf, she nodded towards Claude and Lunaria slightly, then neatly folded Claude’s coat and put it to the side before dragging her injured body back into the room and closing the door behind her.


Claude was speechless as he looked at the neatly folded coat on the ground. He clenched his fists tightly.
Claude felt ashamed at being forced back by a power that he could not resist, a power that was absolute.
When facing a colossus who loomed in front of him, there was nothing he can do other than lower his head. As he thought of this, Claude couldn’t help but laugh at his own hypocritical promise. If his inner justice was only this strong, then he should have listened to Lunaria from the start.
Claude didn’t dare look at Lunaria, because the attitude he took when he spoke to Lunaria earlier must have make her feel uncomfortable inside.
He must think it over and reprimand himself.
“Lunaria, I. . . . . .” In front of Lunaria, Claude looked just like a kid who did something wrong. Lunaria felt her moody feelings go away at seeing Claude like that, and a smile crept back on her face. *If you put it like that, doesn’t that make me look like the bad guy here?*

“Ma’am Lunaria!” Noah’s voice came from behind her, and behind Noah was Darmiala and Niluka. As for Angel, nobody knew where she went.
“I felt that terrifying pressure just then, and when I remembered that Lunaria’s room was right there, I called everyone and came together. Lunaria, are you alright?” Niluka looked at Lunaria with her face full of concern. From her reaction, Niluka obviously already considered Lunaria her close friend.
As for Darmiala, she looked around and said
“That was a sacred magician’s perception force? Did you guys attract the attention of a peacekeeper?”
“Uh, yeah. Actually, it wasn’t anything big.” Lunaria said with some fidgeting, but Claude didn’t mind exposing the truth and said matter of factly
“It was my fault, because I didn’t listen to Lunaria and got into an disagreement with someone. . . . . .”
“. . . . . . . .”Just from the few words that Claude said, the others were able to feel some of the tension that must have taken place, because if that wasn’t the case, the peacekeeper wouldn’t have acted. Since the peacekeeper acted, then that means that their ‘little’ disagreement was capable of tearing the train apart.

The peacekeeper’s importance was also highlighted here, because just think of who uses this private train. Talented geniuses, extreme geniuses, the fated ones, the ones who are favored by heaven. All kinds of titles are bestowed upon these people, but the main common point they share was one thing, and that was their pride.
Now, what do you get when you pack a bunch of prideful people together and they get into disagreements? Full on fighting. As there was no one on this train who did not have a trump card or two, if they really pulled those cards, then there isn’t any train sturdy enough to withstand their ‘arguments’.
In the early days, this might have actually happened before, so now, every express train to Avalon would have peacekeepers on board. Of course, the conductor of the private train itself is a full Deity, because only a Deity can guarantee the safety of these geniuses in the event of an accident or disaster!
This was also a prevention measure against certain parties in the Empire, who wanted to take this chance to strike against the future seeds of a certain country. But, from history, all the people or parties who have done this were all completely eradicated by Avalon with extreme prejudice. Even if the said person or party has fled to other realms, Avalon would still capture them one by one, and then execute them in a public stage broadcasted in front of the entire Empire! No matter if the perpetrator is another Deity or the direct blood of royalty of a kingdom, Avalon will not hesitate. After that big cleaning sweep from the first time that the train has been ambushed, the train has not been touched since. The same situation exists in Vermilion Empire. The safety of the private rails are so famous that the three rails that go straight to Avalon are now the safest routes in the entire continent.

“LUnaria, it was my fault. . . . . .” Claude apologize with a sincere expression, which made Lunaria smile a bit. Afterall, if she looked back on how she reacted, then the only fitting description of her at that time was a cowardly and vile person. If it really comes to it, Claude was the good person back there.
But all things said and done, her own life is still the most important to her. Lunaria did not feel that her decision was wrong, and everyone have their own opinions on these matters, so her decision was not at fault either.
“It’s no big deal. Young master Claude, you don’t need to hang your head that low. It really is nothing.” Lunaria hurriedly supported Claude, and that posture make Niluka squint her eyes suddenly, that curious look on Niluka’s face made her look like a curious cat, and all she was missing was waving tail. Niluka slowly pulled Darmiala towards her and said in a whisper
“Mia, they really have an affair together behind Snow’s back.”
*What in the world is Mia?* Darmiala couldn’t stop her brow from twitching, but she still replied to Niluka, saying
“You must know, not everything will have a harmonious ending.”
There was no way that Niluka could have understood the deeper meaning behind that, but that didn’t stop her from opening up her imagination and started going wild in there. As for Noah, who followed Lunaria around the longest, he knew that Lunaria has never really cared about men in general, and young master Claude was also included. The most that she has cared about men was show them some respect. As for picturing Lunaria falling in love with someone, Noah swears he cannot imagine that because that was impossible. No wait, even if Lunaria fell in love with someone, then that person is definitely not a man. Noah was willing to bet his life that aside from being single all her life, the only possibility left was being attracted to the same gender!


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