After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Meddling in others business
Translated By: Naervon
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“So what do you think about this problem that Snow Lily has with you?” Claude asked with a stiff expression. Lunaria hummed as she thought it over, then she looked up and said
“I think all I need to do is to avoid showing my face to young master Claude and Princess Snow Lily.”
“No way! I mean, I promised to protect you at the academy, and if you avoid me, then I won’t be able to keep my promise right?”
“When did you make that promise? Young master, your memory is way too good, I don’t even remember.” Lunaria didn’t know if he had made that promise or not, and this was a flaw of hers, because it is really hard to memorize stuff that she deems unimportant.
“I am very hard pressed to come up with a solution if young master throws the question at me like this.”
“Uh, I am also hard pressed for a solution to the problem, that’s why I came to talk to you about it.” Claude scratched his head, looking completely unlike his normal self with that troubled expression on his face, looking just like a hardened veteran soldier who has just returned from the battlefield and showing his other side to his family.
Lunaria propped up her chin with a dainty hand, and as she pondered the issue, she made some humming sounds from her nose. But, in actuality, Lunaria wasn’t actually thinking about anything, only pretending to do so to make Claude think that she was coming up with a solution.

After making a show of thinking, she finally said
“Young master Claude, I thought about a lot of possibilities, and besides that solution that I mentioned earlier, I can’t come up with a better solution.”
“Sigh~ Princess Snow Lily is just a bit overly jealous is all, and from what I know of her when we were children, she was a very lovable and obedient kid.” Lunaria raised a brow when she heard Claude sigh, thinking that this was a good opportunity to make use of this topic and change the subject while she was at it, to save her the trouble of having to think of a solution to this irritating problem.
“So when did young master Claude become the fiancĂ© of Princess Snow Lily? Was it after that?”
Claude paused when he heard the question, and his forehead gradually became sweaty and his heart started to race a bit.
*Lunaria must be asking this question because she cares about why I became fiancĂ© with Princess Snow Lily. Adding to what she said to me earlier ‘I’ll love you to death’ . . .* Claude felt like monkeys were jumping around in his chest.
“Um, *cough cough*, sorry, allow me to order my train of thought.”
“Mm, no problem. I understand, even if you don’t explain.” Lunaria was only planning to listen if Claude wanted to explain, but if they turned the topic back to coming up with a solution to get around Snow Lily and her plots, then the diversion would have been a waste of time.

“Thanks. Actually, this is a funny thing when I think about it. At the time, Princess Snow Lily was only ten years old when she was staying at Xavier Duchy, and due to reasons unknown, the current Empress, Tirwelbes Deity, had us take care of Princess Snow Lily at the Duchy, and I don’t know the reason behind that even now. Even though I am sure my elders know what is going on, I didn’t think it was needed to ask them, and since so many years has gone by, I didn’t really minded so I never asked. After that, My grandfather, Duke Falysses, went to the Capital of the Empire to ask for this future marriage, and that was when this thing was tied down. Normally, to ask for a Princess’s hand in marriage should be almost impossible, but the next day, the High Emperor himself gave his agreement on the matter, agreeing to have me Marry Princess Snow Lily when she becomes twenty two years old.”
Lunaria nodded her head as she listened, feeling that there was some deep waters going on behind the marriage. No matter if it was that empress or the fact that the duke himself went in person to ask for his grandson’s marriage, Lunaria feels that everything behind the marriage had a thick conspiracy flavor in it. *Claude must have felt this too, and I am guessing that’s why he is not too enthusiastic towards Snow Lily. If I had to compare, I would say Claude is like a servant and Snow Lily is like his master, and this master is always clinging to him, making his life very uncomfortable, and that’s why he is here trying to figure out a solution.*

Claude also sighed, because after he told the story, even he felt that the story was a bit ridiculous. If it wasn’t for this marriage tying him down, Claude would definitely muster up his courage and woo Lunaria openly.
But as for now, he has to consider the consequences, for both the Duchy and for Lunaria, for if he makes Snow Lily unhappy in the slightest, then even if the High Emperor doesn’t give a punishment, the Empress will. One word from the Empress could cause the entire Duchy to sink into a realm of disaster, and needless to say, Miliac Kingdom would love to see this happen.
So, no matter if it was for himself or the Duchy, he cannot afford to displease Snow Lily. But, to see Lunaria being bullied by Snow Lily also wasn’t something that he can take easily, and this mixed feeling is making Claude suffer. . . . .
“Get Lost! You useless trash of a long eared race!”
A masculine voice cussing reached Lunaria and Claude’s ears. This was obviously happening in the room next door. The sound insulation between the rooms are very good, but sadly, the man’s voice was way too loud, penetrating the insulation and reaching Lunaria’s room loud and clear.
The two looked at each other. Lunaria looked at Claude and shook her head, gesturing to Claude to not meddle in other people’s business, but Claude also shook his head at Lunaria.
Claude stood up resolutely and walked towards the door in huge strides, then he opened the door without hesitation and walked outside.


Lunaria sighed. She found that today, she was sighing more than ever, but it could be because of Jack and his death made her feel down.
Throwing these gloomy thoughts aside, Lunaria also stood up from her bed and walked outside the door. As soon as she walked out of her door, a completely naked girl entered her view. This girl was obviously thrown out of the door by her looks, and there were scars all over her body. New ones and old ones crisscrossed her entire body like spider webs. What was more eye catching was her long ears, which signaled that she was an elf. Aside from the naked elf, there was a man dressed in rich clothing, around twenty years in age and looking somewhat handsome.

As a matter of fact, since most of the nobility and rich would pick pretty spouses and wives, their children would mostly inherit the good looks, and with this being the norm every generation, even if their ancestor looked very ugly, after a few dozen generations, the new nobility would all look very handsome or beautiful, each one able to hold their own in the crowd and rule supreme over the average person!
“What gave you the courage to resist me you slu*t!!”
The man screamed, then looked up when he detected movement.
When he saw Lunaria appear, the richly dressed man paused for several seconds. Only after a few seconds of just staring, the man finally realized what he was doing and hurriedly adjusted his disordered pants.

As for Claude, he doesn’t care what the other man was doing, because as soon as Claude saw the scene, he already decided to act.
“May I ask what happened here good sir?”
“Who are you?” The well dressed man moved his eyes away from Lunaria with some difficulty and glared at Claude with eyes filled with discontent.
“Claude. Xavier, from Xavier Duchy.”
“Claude?! Your that supposed top genius? That Claude?”
“If there are no titles attached, then I think you are correct.”
“Oh? Claude, I have always wanted to challenge you.” The well dressed man instantly showed interest and started taunting Claude, obviously feeling confident or else the man was just a plain dolt.

Claude didn’t have the time to fight with another person for the sake of a challenge, so he frowned and returned to the subject at hand
“I want to know, what was that just then?” As he spoke, Claude pointed at the naked elf, now semi-covered by his overcoat. The elf was trembling as if it was in a freezer, and that scared look made Claude feel confused.
Lunaria thought of something and said to Claude calmly
“Young master, the elf is suffering from androphobia, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to throw your coat on her, because it has your scent on it, and to a sensitive elf’s nose, especially one that has androphobia.”
“Androphobia?” Claude’s pupils shrunk a bit, because the elf was obviously treated badly by that man in front of him. . . . . . . . .
The well dressed man didn’t even bother holding back information as he casually said
“Mah~, you both know that us nobility like exciting stuff, and your usual elf isn’t enough to satisfy me anymore. So, at the time, my father bought me a lightning elf with severe androphobia, hahaha, you must know I was addicted to torturing and tormenting others when I was a kid, and when I got this elf, I was so happy, because it saved me a lot of time.”

Claude felt speechless, because how was he supposed to talk sense into someone like this? Lunaria knew Claude’s temperment from the months together with him. She knew that he was a frank person, but was very stubborn when it comes to making up his mind, take herself for example, as soon as he made the decision that someone was wicked, then he won’t show mercy, and he definitely won’t stop to talk it out!
“Young master Claude!” Lunaria opened her mouth at the critical moment, and pulled Claude out from his gradually darkening thoughts. Claude turned around and asked
“What is it Lunaria?”
“Young master, this is their thing, we shouldn’t meddle in their business. . . . . .” Lunaria felt that she was being a little cold blooded by saying that, but that didn’t stop her from staying it anyways, because this was a matter of fact, the less complications the better. Just as a person would take the extra time to walk around a pile of dung instead of stepping in it, why bother with this and ask for potential trouble. This was obviously not a good decision, and she was not that type of person. To help out someone in need in front of her who has no familiarity with her, she’d rather leave that to some saint.

Originally, Claude was the exact type of saint that could save that elf, but as soon as she saw that the other man didn’t show the slightest fear at hearing Claude’s name, but showed excitement, she knew that if Claude took matters into his hands, there was bound to be trouble. So, for the sake of peace in the future, it was a better choice to take a step back.

“. . . . . .”Claude went silent for a while, then shook his head and said
“Lunaria, if I was just standing there and watching you being molested by that brute back there in the Great Forest, what would you feel?”
*I would definitely thank you for being just a passerby* Lunaria thought *If it wasn’t for your unnecessary heroic act, would I have suffered a slash to the arm?!*


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