After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 A play of fate
Translated By: Naervon
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Tyre shouted as he watched Jack sink into despair. Tyre felt his heart sink, and at the same time, LongTu also frowned. After all the effort, all the planning, everything has been for nothing.
Tyre could not believe that it will end like this! Why?! How could this be! According to the calculations from his eyes of the soul mode, the current place that Jack is at should be a safe zone for at least another twenty minutes or so, or maybe even longer.
But why is that creature here so fast?!

Jack watched as the creature slowly approach with tears flowing down his eyes. All the hope for a chance at living, but why did he have to face this horrible fate?!
Tyre felt as if his heart was being squeezed, but then something happened. The next moment, the projection flickered. Instead of Jack showing up, the terrifying creature【Pandora】appeared instead. Pandora held the stone in its ‘hand’, and when it saw Tyre’s face, it tilted its head and showed a puzzled expression.
“Hu . . . . .Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuman? Human? Humman?”

A series of grating and rasping sounds came from the specter stone and reached Tyre’s ears. That ‘face’ full of slime and decay looked as if it was laughing at his calculated plans, wearing an expression between happy and sad at the same time
Tyre was not moved by this, because his expression had turned very cold and shady.
“Don’t touch him.”
“Touuuuuuuch him?” Pandora seems to be trying to understand what Tyre was saying, and after a few seconds of repeating that word, it reacted. The huge mouth split apart its ‘face’, giving it an appearance that can definitely cause normal people to faint at the sight of it.
“Gooooooooood good good eat!”
“No, No no no! ! Damn it! !” The next moment, the sound of Jack’s plaintive cries reverberated through the entire cave, and the projection shown on the specter stone was splattered with blood.
The entire cave shook. The huge noise made Pandora stop its game of torturing and feasting. It picked up the stone again and looked at Tyre, making a human like sound
“You, you you you yoouuuuuu, where are you?”
“Don’t worry.” Tyre’s expression was as dark as can be, for Jack has died, and all of his efforts were for nothing. More importantly, he was keeping his word and helping Jack in his time of need, but now, his promise is broken.
This was the first time that Tyre has felt his heart throb in pain!
“I will find you! No matter where you hide, I will find you! Unless you die first, I will tear you apart with my hands!”
“Ah, ahahahahahah. Huuuman human human! Eat eat eat!”
Tyre closed the connection with the other end, and leaned back in his seat.
Mr. Jack.
I’m sorry.
I broke my promise. I cannot return your kindness. You helped me buy my first weapon and show me how to live in the city. I will remember you, but I cannot return your kindness.
Powerless, just how powerless was he.


LongTu looked at Tyre and his tightly clenched fists and shook her head, sighing. There was nothing they could do, because they were not Deities. Jack died partly from Pandora’s high intellect, but the most important reason that caused his death was his luck. Out of all the remaining survivors, he was picked before the others.

Humans are able to challenge the limits of their life span through cultivation, but they can never predict their own death.
Even though Tyre was able to calculate the best plan to increase the rate of survival, but he could not calculate a 100% way to guarantee Jack’s survival, for that was non-existant.

When Shasha and her group entered the cave, Pandora was long gone. Using the tunnels that it dugout, Shasha and her group couldn’t even find a trace of it. As for where Jack was, there was only a cold dead corpse remaining.
However, interestingly, Jack’s specter stone was also missing. It was obvious that Pandora took the stone, but what did it want with it? Could it be that Pandora wanted to call Tyre?

Tyre felt silly at his own guesses. He shook his head and told Shasha to help evacuate the rest of the survivors, then called Tiska to thank her.
Tiska could tell that Tyre was not happy through his tone, so she did not chit chat and ended the call after a few words.

Tyre put down the specter stone in his hand, closed his eyes, and leaned back onto the soft seat.
*How tiring, it feels as if my entire body is about to come apart.*
If Tyre was able to rescue Mr. Jack, then the fatigue would be nothing in comparison, but now that Mr. Jack has died, Tyre felt as if he did everything for nothing.

Even though Tyre felt unwilling at Jack’s death, but oddly, he did not feel sad or remorseful.
*Am I too cold inside? Even though I am willing to do so much for Jack, but after Jack died, why do I feel nothing.*

*Now then, Mr. Jack, I promise you I will return your kindness, and I will do so by killing Pandora. Wait for me, it won’t be long in the future. I will definitely put its corpse in front of your grave! This, I, Tyre, promise! For the first time in my life, I promise this! I will not break this promise!!*


“Lunaria, you there?”
Claude’s voice came from outside the door, pulling Lunaria out of her reverie. Sighing silently, she looked up at the door and replied
“I’m here. Young master Claude, please wait a few seconds and I will open the door.”
Lunaria sighed a few more times. Jack’s fate make her really dejected.
Good thing she had already cleaned all the vomit on the floor, or else she would be cleaning up all the mess in a hurry when Claude knocked on the door.
She adjusted her dress a bit and make sure she looked okay in the mirror before walking towards the door. When Lunaria opened the door, she saw Claude standing there with his handsome face. But what was even more attention grabbing was the perfume smell that Snow Lily wore all the time. This was natural of course, considering just how much Snow Lily clings onto Claude, Lunaria could already imagine in her head what that looked like.
“Lunaria, I just heard from Miss Darmiala that you felt unwell and had to go to your room to rest not long ago. How are you feeling?”
“Mm, I feel much better. Young master Claude, come in and sit.”

Lunaria lead Claude into her room, and since they were on the private train, each person had a lavish room all to themselves. Also, due to the top tier anti-vibration magic used, the entire room felt like it was stationary, and sleeping in the bed felt no different then a bed in an actual room.
Claude sat on a chair as Lunaria poured him a cup of hot coffee.
“Young master, you must be tired. By the way, where is Princess Snow Lily?”
“I had her go and take some rest, after all, everyone gets sleepy at noon, so it is bad for her body if she strolls everywhere all the time.”
Claude replied casually, making Lunaria frown slightly with his attitude. *Young master seems a bit hesitant to speak something, could it be that something is troubling him?*
Lunaria would have never guess that she was the thing that was on Claude’s mind at the moment.
Claude watched as Lunaria turned and sat on her bed with his eyes, then as if courage flowed into him, he pumped himself up and said bravely.
“Yes? What is it young master?”
“Actually, actually. . . . . . . Actually, that night during the feast, it was Snow Lily that caused you and Mr. 123 to freeze in place.”
“What?!” Lunaria was shocked, because she would have never thought that it was that princess that did that, and that said princess had lived under the same roof as her for almost three months!

She had guess that it was someone who hated Tyre, or it could be someone who was jealous of her, but she would have never put the hat of suspicion on princess Snow Lily, who held power only less than one person in the entire Empire. Why would the princess stoop so low as to do something this personally.
More importantly, to Snow Lily, this incident might be called a prank, but to Tyre and Lunaria, this incident was a completely different story. Just the amount of reporters bugging her and asking her all sorts of strange questions gave her a headache. For example, they asked her what did Lunaria’s lips feel like when they kissed, was her chest soft, did she feel out how heavy Lunaria’s actual wait was from her close contact with her. How would Mr. Tyre deal with the deadly chase of Miss Lunaria’s fans.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the place that he stayed in had enough security and rules that forbid unwanted visits, Tyre would’ve been driven mad.
The crucial point was Tyre had felt a pair of eyes on him that entire time, as if he was being stared by someone who hated his guts, as if he had kill their parents. Under those conditions, even an idiot could tell that he was under the eyes of the so called Fan organization of Goddess Lunaria.
Speaking of which, he was Lunaria, and the mixed feelings of being beat up by his own fans was not something anyone gets to experience.

Claude had guess that Lunaria would show some shock at hearing this, so he continued calmly
“I feel that if this continues, she might do something even more unforgivable to you at this rate.”
“Why?” Lunaria couldn’t understand, because during the competition, Snow Lily had already shown dislike towards her. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was a princess, Lunaria would have asked her straight out long ago, avoiding all this hassle.

Claude frowned a bit as he pondered how to answer Lunaria’s question. After a while, he opened his mouth slowly
“Because she doesn’t not want to see me being together with you.”
“What I look like together with you?”
Lunaria felt even more confused. Why is this not allowed? We’re both guys so what’s there. . . . . .
Lunaria seemed to have realized something.
We aren’t both guys here.
Due to some unknown reason, right now she is a bonafide girl, and an undeniably pretty one at that.
If you had to watch your own fiancé hang around with another girl all day, what would you think? To make it worse, that girl was even prettier than yourself.
Switching her thought processes and looking at this from another perspective, Lunaria finally figured out why she was disliked, no, hated, by Snow Lily now.
And that was
Yep! Because Lunaria was too pretty, so much so that Princess Snow Lily felt that she had to do something to show her presence to young master Claude, after all, facing Lunaria, anyone would be jealous, and from jealousy comes hatred.
Yep, that’s definitely the reason.
What Lunaria didn’t know was, her weird thinking process was absolutely out of whack, and she twisted the entire situation in her mind completely out of shape.
If Claude knew what was going on in her head, he would probably be at a loss as to what expression to put on his face right now.


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