After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Discovery
Translated By: Naervon

Looks like I have no choice but to use Eyes of the Soul again!
As soon as Tyre had this thought, LongTu gently flicked him on the forehead with her finger.
“Don’t push yourself too hard.”
Hearing a rare soft tone coming out of LongTu, Tyre calmed down his originally anxious emotions.
*True, I was being way to impulsive. If I enter that state again, then even if I am timely healed, I might still suffer some permanent damage.*
Thinking over and over in his head, Tyre finally looked towards the specter stone and said with a serious tone
“Miss Shasha, please split up your group into two, so that way at least one of your groups will find the right place. When the group reaches the cave and finds 【Pandora】, signal the other group to come. During the time it takes for the other group to arrive, just slow the creature down. Only attempt to kill it once both groups are together. Remember, do not act blindly without thinking, because we do not know if this Pandora knows a third transformation or has other abilities that we do not know about.”
“Okay.” Shasha didn’t hesitate to act on Tyre’s orders, and the mercenaries under her were also decisive in their actions. In under than five seconds, the two groups were ready and headed out following the two paths.

As soon as Shasha and her groups started moving, Tyre turned his attention back to Jack.
“Mr. Jack, do you see that Heaven’s rot over there?”
“Yes, yes I see it.”
“Do you see any other heaven’s rot around?”
“Let me see.” Jack cautiously peeked around before turning back to Tyre and shook his head
“There is only this one stock.”
“Mr. Jack, please remain calm. Heaven’s rot is a type of extremely fast growing plant, and it normally grows in entire fields. In a situation like this where there is only a single stalk, then there can only be one explanation, and that is the flower is planted there by 【Pandora】as a marker to guide it.”

“!!” Jack lost all composure, but still managed to keep his mouth shut, because he knew if he didn’t, then he might attract an even greater horror.
“Also, do you not find that the tunnels are not naturally formed?”
“S…Sir, you mean. . . . . . .” Jack didn’t dare to make that conclusion himself, because if that was true, then the situation just became much scarier. However, Tyre broke his hope with an acknowledging nod.
Tyre spoke again
“This cave as well as all these tunnels were dug out by【Pandora】, and the purpose is to lure in bounty hunters, like your group, and slowly exterminate them. Also, if necessary, the creature can also use this maze as a safe haven to hide in if faced with danger, because the creature knows this place the best as it made this entire place. So, Mr. Jack, from now on, I want you to remain 200% more alert than before, and keep aware of your surroundings, because that creature can appear from any place. I know this is hard on you and might give your endless despair, but know that help is almost there and believe that you will be rescued!”
“I, I will be reduced. Yes, it is just as Sir Tyre has said, I will definitely be rescued!” As if trying to hypnotize himself into believing the words, Jack repeated Tyre’s words over and over again. Seeing this, Tyre started to worry again, because since that maze was the creature’s den, then being found was only a matter of time, and Jack could be the next one at any given moment if the situation persists.

Despite sitting on the comfortable train seat, Tyre still felt as if he was connected with Jack in that terrifying cave. Tyre tightly clutched the specter stone in his hand.

*They must arrive on time. They Must!*

Time ticked by second by second, and even though there were no clocks ticking physically, the rhythmic clunking of the train still made Tyre feel very uncomfortable.
As for Jack, it was even worse. He was looking left and right as if a mad man. Despite the fact that only a minute has gone by since Tyre explained things, Jack felt that his body was almost on the verge of collapse from the tension, because that feeling of waiting for death but not knowing when it will arrive is most certainly an excruciating feeling even worse then death itself.
*Are they still not here yet?!*
Tyre could only sit there and watch as Jack sunk more and more into despair, but there was nothing more he could do but worry.
Just at this moment, Shasha’s voice came through the stone
“Sir, we found the cave, should we enter right now?”
“Yes, immediately! Even if you must make a loud explosion when you blast open the entrance, do it. In fact, it would be best if you can attract Pandora’s attention with that, and notify it to your presence. As long as you are able to complete this mission, I will give you all one hundred thousand gold!”
“Yes!” Shasha immediately acted and started to blast the cave open. No matter if it was the allure of gold or the respect for Tyre, it was enough for Shasha to act!
Mountain rock, when facing an army breaker, was as fragile as a piece of paper.
Just as Tyre silently let out a sigh of relief, Jack stopped moving in the projection and Tyre could no longer hear Jack’s breath.
Tyre saw Jack’s motionless figure and was about to ask, but Tyre suddenly thought of something and the words were stuck in his throat, and he had to swallow all the words.
Because, he could see clearly, reflecting from Jack’s eyes, was a humanoid monstrocity.【Pandora】!


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