After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Not good
Translated By: Naervon

Yexi? Tyre crinkled a brow as he looked at her face even closer. From the first look, she looks like someone from Vermilion, and it is fairly common for people from Vermilion to show up in the Empire, not to mention that Tyre’s seen a lot of them recently to boot. ZhangLing and Mo QingTing are just some to name.
So that was nothing out of the ordinary, but if he looked at Yexi closer, he could definitely tell that she has some difference between Vermilion and the Empire, because her hair and eye color were too eye grabbing, it makes it very hard to focus on the other parts of her facial features.
Wait wait, now is not the time for this!
Tyre pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind as he turned to look at the specter stone again. Thank goodness Jack was still safe, only looking a little pale from the wound he suffered from before.
“Mr. Jack, you can relax. Based from my calculations, 【Pandora】should not find you before help arrives, so just focus on treating your wounds for now.”
“Ah, oh, okay.” Jack relaxed a bit, and as soon as he relaxed his tense body, the wounds all over started screaming their presence. Because he was so tense earlier, Jack did not even know that he had suffered so many wounds, and now that the shock has worn off, all strength fled his body and he slumped to the ground. Jack took out the medical supplies in his pack and started to expertly treat his own wounds. As mercenaries are often injured while doing missions, almost all seasoned mercenaries are able to treat light wounds, broken bones and internal bleeding aside.

Not a moment later, a loud scream came again, the plaintive scream startled Jack so much that all the medical supplies he was holding in his hands fell onto the floor. Jack immediately turned and looked at Tyre to seek help. Tyre shook his head slightly as he said
“It’s okay, just hold tight, help is almost there.”
As Tyre spoke, he picked up the stone that was connected to Shasha and asked
“Where are you right now.”
“Ah! Yes sir, we have just arrived at the end of our five thousand one hundred and twenty four steps. It is just as mister have said, we are now seeing a lot of broken body pieces scattered all over the place.”
Shasha’s unexpectedly respectful tone make Tyre feel strange for a split second, but now wasn’t the time to consider that, so Tyre let it slip by and continued
“Okay, now just follow the tracks and when you reach the cave entrance, try and find a way inside. Your target this time is a magic beast called 【Pandora】with peak army breaker strength. Since the branch head let you all come to take care of this, then I believe that you have the ability to slay this creature. But, do not take that creature lightly, and you must treat everything with the worst outcome in mind, because not only are your lives on the line, the life of my friend is also on the line here.”
“Yes sir!” Shasha’s decisive answer gave Tyre some satisfaction, but what he didn’t know was that Shasha was impressed to the point of worshipping by his terrifying calculation power, because it took them exactly that amount of steps to reach where they were at, and in her mind, even a Deity would be hard pressed to calculate their steps that accurately.
“Mr. Jack, help is almost there, hang in there.”


Tyre turned his attention back to the cave behind Jack in the projection, and suddenly he saw a heavenly rot flower growing in the corner. Normally, it is a normal thing to see this hardy flower growing in a place like this, but for a flower like this to suddenly pop out of thin air is definitely not normal. Tyre’s heart skipped a beat.
Something’s off!
What am I missing!!
Tyre muttered to himself as he pondered the situation. *Wait, the cave itself is off!*
*What flower is the heavenly rot flower? It is a plant capable of blooming in just under a month after being planted, and it appears in the wild in huge fields, so just a single stalk of this flower in a cave is definitely not normal. Unless. . . . . . . . Unless someone or something put it there!*

Artificially planted . . . . . . .
Tyre felt cold waves travel down his spine and his eyes narrowed . . . . . .
Not good!
“Mr. Jack, stop doing what you’re doing right now. Listen to me. Stand up with your back against the wall very slowly, make sure to not make a sound.”
Jack felt Tyre’s tense tone, and immediately start to panic. But, he still followed Tyre’s order and got up slowly.
Damn it, this is bad!
“Miss Shasha, are you still no there yet?!”
“Sir, from the tracks, it looks like they separated into two groups when they ran.”
“What!” Tyre couldn’t resist shouting out! The other passengers looked at him weirdly, but upon seeing that white haired girl next to him, they averted their gazes.
Tyre tightened his grip on the specter stone. At the time, Jack didn’t tell him this because he was panicking and didn’t remember this little detail.
But, it is precisely this little detail that slowed down the entire rescue team!
“Miss Shasha, can you tell me a rough estimate of the number of bodies on each trail?”
“About half each, around seventy bodies.” Shasha had obviously done her investigation before Tyre asked the question, so she answered straight away.
But, Tyre frowned at that answer!
Damn it!

~This chapter is short because the author tagged on around 500 words worth of making it to VIP chapters and his feelings on that as wells as discussing his emotions. I left it out cause that was two years ago :3


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