After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Pandora
Translated By: Naervon

Lunaria’s sense of sight, Cut!
Lunaria’s sense of touch, Cut!
Lunaria’s sense of smell, Cut!
Lunaria’s. . . . . . . . .
Tyre gained more and more clarity as boundless power flowed back into his brain, causing his entire body to shake violently and his blood flow to almost reverse directions.
Lunaria’s sense of perception, Cut!
With that final sense cut off, Tyre’s head was knocked backwards as if it was hit by a blunt weapon and his entire body suddenly went limp on the train seat.
LongTu watched from the side with her brows tightly furrowed. She didn’t know if Tyre was too nice of a person or too dumb of a person, because why else would he have used such a dangerous technique for a random mercenary?
But, having known Tyre for quite a while now, LongTu knew that Tyre was not the type of person to do something out of kindness, because he was more of the type of person who goes on about with his business unless it was something that affected him directly, kind of like a person who cares only about himself and would not go out of his way to help out a person in need. Only, he seemed to have changed just recently, and this change in attitude seemed to make him more stubborn on somethings.

The white haired girl also noticed the sudden changes in Tyre, and she also frowned a bit, but the very next moment, Tyre abruptly opened both of his eyes.
*There are a total of 394 people in this compartment. 276 males, 118 females, 124 martial artists, 12 magicians.*
“Phuuu” Tyre breathed out and then put his eyes on the map.
*Now then, I only have 19.1852 seconds to find out an accurate route.*
*From the north city gates of Hess city, calculating the route based on the speed of the mercenary group by foot as well as their confidence in their success, their speed should have allowed them to reach the mountain in 20 minutes 57 seconds. Calculating the time it took for them to find and scale over the mountain, they should have taken another 20 minutes with a error margin of 18.56% due to weather and topography conditions. From that point, they face the lake to their right side, so they will take the left side. Narrowing down the route.*
At the same time that he was calculating the route, Tyre was also speaking through the specter stone in a toneless voice
“Miss Shasha, please exit the city and head towards Beard Mountain, and then enter the Great Forest from the left side. If you check your map, you will see the area labeled for Immortal Pleasure flower zone, the entrance to the trail should be obvious.”

As Tyre finished with the instructions, he switched over to Jack and said
“Mr. Jack, head over to the tunnel to your left side. Judging from the sound of airflow and the directions that the sound is bouncing off of the walls, 【Pandora】should arrive at your current location and find you in exactly 3 minutes, so you must leave immediately.”
Jack was scared pale white, but he did not hesitate as he followed Tyre’s instructions and ran for the tunnel.

On the other group’s side, Shasha was confused on how Tyre knew her name, could the branch head have told him her name?
Of course, Tiska was not the one who told Tyre, but rather, Tyre took a glance at the mercenary leaderboard when he first entered Hess City, and on that leaderboard, there was a girl’s name in the upper ranks of the board. Making the deduction based on the confidence that Tiska showed when she contacted this group of mercenaries without too much thought and matching that with the female voice from the specter stone, Tyre made the connection between the two and estimated that Shasha was her name.
Tyre looked back at the map and as he did so, the white haired girl also looked over with a thoughtful look on her face.
*The mutant beasts showed up in this area of the forest, and this was before they reached the flowers. The tree density of this place limits their movements, and since those beasts move in packs, there was no reason for the group to stay there for too long, so they must have pushed straight through this zone. The bounty creature is a fly like humanoid magic beast, and based from the habits that it has shone, then the creature must prefer an open habitat. Adding to the fact that it has a bounty on its head, then that means it must have made its den somewhere close to where it has easy routes to nearby villages and make its attacks.*

Tyre looked up slightly, and when he located the nearest village, sudden understanding flashed on his face.
“So that’s how it is.”

Jade Star also died to that thing
The nearest village was very close to where the ogre king was located. Speaking of that village, how unlucky does that village has to be to have two powerful bounty creatures visit it one after the other, and from the sheer bounty gold the village had to pay alone, most of the villagers had already left the place.

Recalling the wounds on Jade Star’s body, the incisions were made by human like teeth, and judging from current informations, Jade Star must have ran into 【Pandora】after she left the group.
Now then, it should be very easy to lock down on the exact location of that cave.
“Miss Shasha, please head into the Great Forest and then turn 38 degrees to the right, then continue that direction at a running pace for exactly one thousand seven hundred and sixty four steps. After which, you should find yourself to be in the presence of mutant beasts. From that point, turn left and run exactly five thousand one hundred and twenty four steps. At this point you will have found the dead body of the vice captain. Follow the clear slime trail left by the creature 【Pandora】and you will be able to catch up to it.”
“. . . . . . . .” Shasha felt speechless, thinking isn’t that guy being too pretentious? Did he really have to pretend to know the exact number of steps to sound smart and all… Especially since he is not even where they are, so how does that guy know how much distance she covers with a single stride, and even if he is really able to precisely calculate the distance, isn’t it still off if she did not keep the same pace or if her strides were bigger or smaller at times? Doesn’t that mean she would go past or not reach the spot at that step count??
“Everybody, lets speed up our pace!” Shasha didn’t believe that person, but she still told her group to speed up, and instantly, everyone in her group burst out sprinting into the Great Forest at terrifying speeds, heading deeper into the Forest.


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