After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Determined
Translated By: Naervon

“Just what am i missing!” Tyre muttered incessantly under his breath. LongTu also detected that something was missing as she listened in, but just like Tyre, she did not know what it was, only knowing that it was something important.
THe location is north of Hess City, and there is only one city gate in that direction, so Mr. Jack must have left from there. After leaving the city, they hiked over a mountain called 【Beard Mountain】, and after that their group entered the outskirts of the Great Forest. In the outskirts, they were attacked several times by a mutated magic beast called the dire tiger, which normally shows up in packs. In front of an entire mercenary group, the magic beasts stood no chance and were easily driven away. On their route, they also stopped to pick a rare plant called the【Flower of Immortal Pleasure】, because just a single stock of this plant would sell for over two hundred gold. According to Jack, it took them two hours to reach this point, and then the next thing they did after the plant picking was finding the bounty beast and engaging it in combat. Sadly for them, the beast hid its power and had a second transformation, and the transformation boosted the beast’s army breaker stage all the way to peak army breaker stage, the gap between the two is almost insurmountable. Their group leader also had a intermediate army breaker stage, but because of the sudden boost in power, he was caught off guard and was instantly killed by the beast.
Things only went downhill from there on, and the entire group was forced to make a run for it. After they reached the cave, things pretty much became what they are right now, being toyed by the creature inside of the maze like cavern.
Flower of immortal pleasure does grow inside the outskirts of the Great Forest, and this is a known fact backed by the sheer number of people adventuring into the Great Forest trying to make a fortune, because normally a single stalk of that plant was enough for a martial artist to make enough gold to live comfortably for quite a while.
But, that was not enough information to pin down the route, because the known area for the plant is almost as big as the entire area covered by Hess City itself, so Tyre had no actual way of known exactly where Jack and his group were able to find the flowers.
Tyre placed his finger back on the city door marked on the map

“Since they left from here and then hiked over the mountain, then the route should be roughly narrowed down. To the north east of the mountain lies a huge lake, so they would not have chosen to head that way, then the other side is here. . . . . Mr. Jack, when you and your group headed out, did you all have a planned route?”
“We did, but that is marked on a map and the vice captain has that on him, only he died outside of the cave.”
Looks like the person who guided them inside the Great Forest was this vice captain, tch, what a useless person. Tyre felt a migraine creeping in his head, just what was he missing. . . . . . .
Just at this time, the white haired girl suddenly piped
“What is the history of that bounty creature. . . . . . . .”
. . . . . . .
Tyre stared blankly for a second then instantly reacted! Yes, he still has no information on the creature itself!
Tyre was in such a hurry that he didn’t even thank the white haired girl. Tyre rapidly asked
“What was the name of that bounty creature, and do you know the history behind that creature?”
Jack slightly frowned in the projection as if trying to think, then he said

“I think that creature was called 【Pandora】, but because the plan was made by the vice captain and a few other core members of the group, I am not too clear on the details. The only thing that I can tell you is that the creature is roughly humanoid in shap, but the head is like that of a fly, and the entire body is oozing with a sticky green toxic slime. And after the creature transformed the second time, its size became even smaller and it grew out a pair of wings on its back with human like mouth popping out all over its body, and all the mouths were howling in grief as if in pain. The creature’s behavior also changed after it transformed, becoming more bloodthirsty. Also, from what its done so far, I think that it is no less intelligent than humans, maybe even smarter.”
. . . . . . . .
Tyre silently repeated that name inside, and then looked at the vast maze like cave with tunnels leading in all direction shown in the projection. He looked at the strangely shaped walls of the tunnels and then recalled the flowers that the group found on the way there, as well as the mountain they hiked over. . . . .
There seemed to be a thin line of evidence linking everything together
Wait, if he linked everything together like that, then it is just like the group was lead straight to the cave itself! !
But, Tyre could still not figure out the exact path!
Or at least the amount of brain power he has right now cannot!
“AHHHH~” Another soul splitting scream sounded from the specter stone, and Jack’s entire body trembled from it, because he knew that another person from his group was eaten by that creature, 【Pandora】.

Also, from the sound of the screams,【Pandora】was slowly eating that person alive and purposefully torturing its prey as it was doing so. That scene instantly reminded Tyre of Jade Star’s death.
“Damn it!” Tyre shook his head to clear his memories. He clearly didn’t care about her, so why does he recall that at this time!
He refused to let Mr. Jack die like this!
Making up his mind, Tyre turned around and looked at LongTu suddenly
“Please, I’ll be in your care in a little bit.”
“Wait, what are you doing!” LongTu suddenly felt Tyre change his expression, but before she received an answer, Tyre had already closed his eyes.
On the private train, Lunaria had already arrived at her room, and locked the door from inside. She immediately laid down on her bed.
Mr. Jack, I will pay the debt I owe right now!
Eyes of the Soul, OPEN!


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