After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Taking Action
Translated By: Naervon

“What is it Tyre?” LongTu couldn’t refrain herself from asking when she saw Tyre’s drastic change of expression. Much to her surprise, Tyre immediately made a shushing gesture before continuing on
“Mr. Jack, can you tell me which country you set out from? Also, tell me the time and the landmarks you passed by, and if you can, it would be best if you can tell me the route that you all took.”
Hearing Tyre speaking with such a serious tone, LongTu started to feel the seriousness of the situation. As for the white haired girl to the side, she looked as if she was meditating with her eyes closed, but her ears were wide open, seemingly very interested in what was going on right next to her.
Jack was just about to speak when Tyre took out a specter stone with projection capabilities and asked Jack
“Do you have a projection specter stone? If you use that then I can get a better grasp of your surroundings.”
“I do!” Jack immediately said
“Tell me your frequency!”

“Okay! Mine is 1 7 7 4 3 2 0 2 0.”
Tyre rapidly entered the frequency into his other specter stone without saying a word, and once done, he instantly tried to establish a connection. Jack was waiting for the connection already, and as soon as Tyre made the call, the two stones were synchronized and connected.

The first thing that Tyre saw was Jack, with his entire body covered in blood.
Tyre felt pressure on his chest for a second before he suppressed that feeling and said
“Now, answer my last question.”
“Okay. I left with my group from Miliac Kingdom’s Hess City, from the north side of the city. As we went, we passed by . . . . . .” As Jack spoke, Tyre followed along on a map that he took out from his storage ring. Tyre marked Hess city, and then made notes on Jack’s surroundings from the projection. It was almost exactly like Jack had said, the cave was filled with tunnels, leading in every which direction. Adding on top of the maze like cave was the knowledge that there was a bloodthirsty creature lurking in the shadows, ready to walk out at any given moment to end his life. Just thinking about himself in that type of environment made Tyre shudder, for he couldn’t imagine himself lasting long in that type of situation either.

It was just like when you have accepted your fate and was ready to face death, but if the person behind you with the sword ready to end you kept the sword right above your neck the entire time without moving, you would go crazy with the wait!

Jack told Tyre almost every detail he could remember, and as he described the places and events that happened during his journey to the cave, Tyre frowned, because almost every notable thing that Jack had encountered happened inside of the Great Forest. As humans have a minimal understanding of the Great Forest, the maps that were made of the Great Forest contained very little details. In fact, the Forest was not even separated by regions, let alone detailed paths.
That cavern like mountain cave is probably naturally formed, but why did Jack and his group find it in the first place?
Also, there were a lot of hard to understand places that give Tyre a great deal of trouble when he tried to sort out the information, because he feels that he was missing an important piece of the puzzle. Missing that crucial piece, he cannot link the whole thing together.
Confusions aside, Tyre still made the call to Tiska, and she picked up fairly fast.
Tiska’s relaxed voice calmed Tyre down a bit. Tyre ordered his thoughts and emotions and said directly
“Miss Tiska, I have a request.”

“Ho? Mr. Tyre, go ahead.” Tiska didn’t think that he was joking with that tone, and sounded rather anxious, so she didn’t chit chat and cut straight to the point. Tiska’s frank response give Tyre an even better impression.
“A good friend of mine, Mr. Jack, is now trapped inside of the Great Forest just north of Hess City. Can Miss Branch Leader send some powerful people over to rescue him? I will tell you the route as we go.”
“Okay.” Tiska quickly answered, and then she immediately ordered through another specter stone for a group of Iron Level Mercenaries to head out for the northern border of Hess City!
“I apologize for the trouble, but could you please tell me the frequency of that group’s leader? I will tell him the directions directly!”
Tiska nodded her head slightly, then told Tyre the frequency. After taking care of all that, the two did not chit chat and ended the call.

Tyre immediately called the captain of that group of mercenaries, and a female voice came through, sounding very reliable.
“Don’t hang up the call, and if you use up the magic power of the stone, you can get it reimbursed at the mercenary branch, I will pay for your expenses.” Tyre would rather spend the magic in the stone than wasting extra time making another call, so he told her to keep on the line and wait for him to tell her the location.
As the magic inside each stone will deplete eventually, the cost of recharging a stone is fairly expensive, so Tyre was not being too rash with his promise.
As the girl on the other side of the call did not refuse his offer, Tyre could hear her rapid movements as she headed off with her group towards the northern border of Hess City.


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