After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Claude’s worries

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Yelling “not good” inside  her mind, Lunaria took deep breath and pretended to feel unwell before saying

“No, it’s not that. Only, I don’t know why, but when I try to recall my home or my family, my head will start hurting, as if there is a knife poking my head.”

“Ah Ya…. this. Oh yeah, yes, Lunaria little sis, wait one second for me, let me go and bring Lao Jerry elder here, he must have a way.”

Right as she finished speaking, her body flew out of the room as if she was a bird, gone in a blink of an eye.

Watching Leah leave, Lunaria kept her moaning and groaning act for a while longer before finally letting out a breath.

“Omg, I almost lost it back there.”

Recalling that feeling of Leah’s soft chest, Lunaria’s face suddenly became soft like it will melt.

Ah, no no no no, no is not the time to get excited, this body is a girl, so there will be plenty of time for that later, so why relish this small moment. With this thought in mind, Lunaria’s face melted once more.

After fantasizing a while, Lunaria finally started to take a more detailed look at her surroundings. The room was roughly ten meters by ten meters big, and there were finely made engravings placed all around the room. On the walls, there hang many different paintings. From the set up, the person who designed this room must have a really good taste. A faint smell of flowers wafted from a cluster of azure colored flowers nearby, luring Lunaria to take a deep wiff.

“What a unique scent, this is……Day rot flower?” Looking at the three words carved on the flower basin, along with some information on the place where the flowers came from, growing and caring methods make Lunaria raise her brows. Following the flowers with her sight, she found a stone sitting atop a pure black table.

“What’s this thing.” The amnesiac Lunaria seemed like a curious cat with endless energy, propelling herself off the bed, no signs of being sick or unwell at all. She jumped down the bed and walked slowly to the desk, picking up the rock.

Rather than saying rock, the heaviness of the thing felt more like steel. There was a thumb sized dent on the rock that tempted her to press it, so she did.

“Hello friends and audience, welcome. Thank you for watching Sicily TV, Hillier branch.”

“Wah!” Lunaria jumped like a little cat, eyeing the palm sized picture that appeared above the stone, throwing the stone into the air. Though, after seeing that there wasn’t any harm to her, she caught the stone again with her hands.

“As time passes, Hillier Dukedom has welcomed its 400th year. In the past, the heroic Duke Hillier the First killed a seven headed black dragon, his noble achievements live to this day……..”

Lunaria’s eyes shone with light, there was a beautiful and mature lady standing inside the picture, her hands holding a rod like thing, concentrated on her praises of the great Hillier Dukedom achievements..

“And now, the spring has passed and fall has come, the present governor of the Hillier Dukedom, the great Falysses Hillier Duke has also reached the great age of one hundred and twenty years old, and at the same time, the young master Claude has returned from his task of bringing down the bandit leader who has a one hundred thousand gold bounty on his head. This next segment is a personal interview.”

“Hello everyone, I am Claude Hillier.” In the picture, a handsome guy wearing a suite of silver armor greeted the camera with some shakiness.

Lunaria took a step back from the picture

“Wuu Ahh, Isn’t this that blond bastard?”

Lunaria has that suite of silver armor carved deeply in her memory, but she would have never thought that this blond bastard would turn out to be a very highly ranked individual, from the title young master or from the attitude that the mature lady had towards him, there is no way that his identity is low.

“………also wish for even more prosperity from Hillier Dukedom. Thanks you, I am finished.”

As Lunaria was deep in thought, Claude’s congratulation fest also stopped.

This is really an issue, Lunaria thought. With the other’s identity being that high, how can her male self get the chance to see them, they won’t directly beat me to death on site right?

Never mind, let’s not think about this first, Lunaria shook her head and continued to watch the mature lady in the picture describing the various things in Hillier Dukedom, this type of information is next to priceless for Lunaria.

Built from wood, a sword practice field up to several thousand meters in size has several knight statues, there was even sword techniques left behind by geniuses born in Hillier Dukedom engraved into art adorning the place.

In the empty field, there was a handsome young man with short blond hair sitting crosslegged, with both eyes closed and a area of silence around him. But, to the people who knows this young man well, would also know that he was not as calm as he appeared. More likely, he is probably in confusion and panic mode.

“I, Claude Hillier. Grandson of the Duke, possessing the honor code of the knight, has never sullied any person since birth.”

Claude chanted repeatedly to himself, as if trying to calm himself. With his heart in a tangle, that powerless repeating was the best he could do to explain his actions to himself.

“Facing that beautiful young lady, no, facing that angel of a lady, I am definitely falling in love, to the point where I could not control my own actions when I saw that she was being harassed by another person.”

Claude placed his right hand over his heart, felt the unsteady beating of his heart and shook his head.

“No, the most unforgivable thing is, I actually …..”

Hard to express. As a commanding officer in the Hillier Dukedom army, he dares to admonish those under his command, and he dares to question those higher in command, never fearing his foes, but in this thing, he felt fear.

I, I actually touched that lady’s ……

If Leah tells what I did to her, how would I have any face left to see that young lady. Please hear this prayer with everything I, Claude have to offer with this life of mine, please do not let her say it, even if she has to swallow the words, please don’t tell her.


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