After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 99

Chapter 99 The start of the fourth round!
Translated By: Naervon

Tyre had no more interest in the remaining matches, and in that time while he was waiting for the rest of the matches to finish, he received congratulations from Roselle Butterfly and others by specter stone, and Sand Sword expressed just how moved he was to witness the might of Heaven’s Fall once more. Ghost Slayer was even more excited, because Tyre’s Million bends technique motivated him even, especially that last second bend technique used at the end of the battle. Tyre felt the warmth coming from the three through the specter’s stone, but he only laughed it off to cover his own embarrassment and told them to not cause trouble in the inn.

The last match finally called on Wolfus, Snow Lily’s partner x bodyguard, this man is a powerful title emperor, so powerful that even the judges looked towards him with respect on their faces.
There was no doubt about the results of his fight, it was a one-sided match with Wolfus taking complete victory, and scored a very high 74 points. Except for Rafi-Nasi, all the other judges gave a point higher than 10, because Wolfus was someone who worked for royalty after all, so they must give him some face on stage.

The final results were soon calculated and published for all to see, and the crowd was already clutching their bets and eagerly awaiting. And some of the smart members of the crowd had already calculated by themselves and getting ready to roll in the gold.
First place, Lunaria & Claude.
Second place, Darmiala & ZhangLing.
Third place, Angel & Clarok.


Seventh place, Snow Lily & Wolfus.
Eighth place, Elena & 123.
Ninth place, Niluka & Zamacia.
Tenth place, Chelsea & Mo QingTing.

Tyre slightly hesitated as he saw the results, because he didn’t expect to recognize all the people who passed onto the next round. He can only blame this on the sharp and ruthless judges for being too harsh, giving too little points, especially that Rafi-Nasi! Tyre swears that she has a deep hatred for all that is good and holy! Just look at how she addressed the crowd back there, all gloomy and threatening, she’s like a block of ice, devoid of human emotions.

“Okay, then the heartmoving final round is upon us! What? Why don’t we have a rest break you ask?”
The female hostess Xiwa walked up the stage and let out a smile as she kept going
“Because the rules said so, and also because the third and fourth round are connected together. The true magical girl champion of our competition must be able to endure hardships and still have the endurance to persevere! And so, let us start with the rules for the fourth round!!”

Xiwa’s voice brought up the people’s emotions with her words, and the crowd burst into cheers once more! {tl: srsly, how strong is this crowd…… -.-‘}
“The fourth round! Magical performance, Starts now! ! The judge panel will give the contestant two topics from each judge, and all ten choices will be put on the picking sign. The contestant will then randomly select one of these topics and act the scene with magic and martial technique along with her partner. The contestant only has 5 minutes to perform, and after the 5 minutes are over, the judges will then score the performance! The pair with the highest score at the end will be our champion!”
“Now, let’s welcome the ten magicians and ten martial artists up on stage!”

*Clap Clap Clap*, amidst the wild applauses from the crowd, 20 figures of different sizes shapes walked up to the stage slowly, and Tyre was among them with Elena’s small figure walking by his side. As for Lunaria’s side, she has already *Recovered* and distracting Claude’s attention as best as she could although Claude was still uneasy and suspicious about that Mr. 123. So as long as she can keep Claude’s attention divided and not give him time to think too much, she should be safe.
“I imagine everyone here is familiar with this picking sign by now, it will spit out a number when hit, and this number will be your topic and the order that you will perform. So, who wants to start?”

“I’ll go first then.” The one who spoke up was Niluka, ranked number 9, her attitude and figure matched Leah so much it was as if they were sisters. She walked forward towards the drawing sign without so much as a blink and flicked her finger at it.

“Number 3! Okay! Then Miss Niluka will be the third to go and her topic is, Spring!”
“Spring………..” Niluka furrowed her brows slightly as she chewed over the words in puzzlement.
The hostess Xiwa piped up helpfully seeing Niluka being troubled

“It means that you and Mr. Zamacia must perform together to showcase the meaning of spring!”
“. . . . . ” Niluka understood now, but she furrowed her brows even more so, because this just made things 10 times harder, and it is obviously not something that is doable just because you understand what to do.

“Then, next up. . . . ”
Before Xiwa could even finish her sentence, Snow Lily walked up to the sign with impatience, and slapped it casually with her hand. With a boom, the sign rocked back and forth as it spat out the number, causing a few of the girls to scream out of freight from the sudden commotion.

“Number 9! That will be Miss Snow Lily’s order, and her topic will be, Overlord!”
With Xiwa’s words, three of the judges turned their heads to look at Zamia, who shrugged and said
“Yep, that was me, I wrote it, only I didn’t expect the little girl to actually get it….”
“. . . . . . ” x3

The next up was Chelsea. Although her spirits were low, but since she has yet to be disqualified, then she must still give it her best, so she still haven’t reached the stage of abandoning all hope and stop trying all together yet.
“Number 6! Miss Chelsea’s number is 6, and her topic is, Earth!”
And the next was Tyre, because he urged Elena to hurry and go grab one before the options were all taken.

“Number 2! Miss Elena is number 2 to go and her topic is, Nature!”
Tyre almost did a happy dance when he heard the topic, because Elena used to live in the Great Elven Empire, where everything revolves around nature, so this performance should be a piece of cake!


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