After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 98

Chapter 98 God's Fall
Translated By: Naervon

So that’s what her Unique magic is. . . . . . . Tyre finally realized the problem, he had mistakenly thought that her incredible seal drawing speed with her wand was also a part of her Unique magic, but now he is sure, that speed has nothing to do with her unique magic, but rather, the endless effort and time spent practicing on it instead.

As Tyre followed this train of thought, he gradually begun to respect the terrifying aspect of this girl.
Thinking back on when Chelsea was about to slap Mo QingTing, maybe she does have that right to be mad, maybe she wasn’t a spoiled brat after all.
Only. . . . . . Tyre looked at the gradually widening field of red and let out a smile.
The main protagonist of this stage is not you, but me!

Tyre gradually slid his sword back into its sheath, puzzling the crowd, because why does Tyre look like he is giving up? Isn’t his strongest attack with the sword?
But the next moment, Tyre reached for the hilt of the katana【The Fallen One】hanging on his right side, and gently drew it out.

Sacred Martial Technique, God’s Fall Style…..
Heaven’s Fall!

Completely without any extra motion, Tyre made a single cutting motion directly aimed at Chelsea, completely ignoring the fact that the red aura had stopped his attacks before.
“You are seeking death!!” Chelsea yelled with a strict tone and rapidly drew seals, also completely ignoring Tyre’s attack! But, this time, Tyre’s attack had an pressure around it that seemed as if it would cut the very fabric of space itself as it fell.

This slashing cut caused the air to boom with shockwaves, causing sound waves to boom out and thunder all around the stage!

The red aura was shattered to nothing, and Chelsea was sent flying by the tremendous force. If Tyre did not let up at the very last second, then it is very likely that Chelsea would have been shattered to dust just from the enormous space and air vibrations.
Tyre swished【 The Fallen One】to the side, and nodded in appreciation
Good blade.

No matter if it was the boost to his strength or the boost to his swinging speed, The Fallen One truly lives up to its, name, the sheer powerful feeling of having it in one’s hands makes one feel as if a mighty warrior, to the point of relying solely on the blade, desiring only the blade, to completely fall under the power of the blade.
The crowd let out exclamations of disbelief and shock as they saw that unbreakable red aura shatter under only one attack. Many in the crowd started to guess the reason and some even started to pay special attention to the blade itself.

The judges were also shocked for a brief moment as they witnessed the absolute defense type of Unique magic being shattered by one slash from a blade…….
“Wonderfully done.” Zamia commented.

Truly, to be able to shatter an absolute defense unique magic with nothing but a lower qi harmony cultivation and a special martial technique, Tyre really showed his potential.
“Good, then the battle’s victor is clear for all to see, the victory is …….”
Just as the male host Xiaer was about to announce the winner, Chelsea let out a scream
“WAIT! I …. I haven’t admitted defeat.”

“. . . . . . .”Tyre squinted his eyes slightly, obviously confused by why Chelsea was being so stubborn, but Simon slowly spoke out
“You lost Miss Chelsea, if it wasn’t for this ……Mr. 123 being merciful, you would be seriously injured right now even with the powerhouse individuals on standby to rescue you.”

“No .. . .. .. .. I . . . . . ”
“You are a disgrace! Chelsea!! Get off the stage!!!” A shout filled with haughty arrogance came from a tall VIP tower reserved for important audiences. When all eyes looked up, they saw a tall and powerful looking man standing near the open window, obviously the man who just let out that roaring shout.

“. . . . . . yes, father sire.” Chelsea responded with a wooden yet timid voice, letting her head drop and all her anger dissipate, leaving behind only fear and dismay.
The male host Xiaer kept his smile on his face, and spoke out right after Chelsea
“Okay, then, this match’s victory belongs to Mr. 123! Congratulations! Then, up next, we shall have the judges give the losing side her points.”

“9 points” Zamia
“9.5 points” Nicole
“Zzzzzzz” Ray Lindauer
“He said 9.5 points” Nicole
“9 points” Rafi Nasi
“Hmmm 9.5 points” Simon

“Wow!! What an unprecedented high score for the losing side. Even though the entire battle only lasted 10 seconds, but why would the judges give such high scores? Let us ask Ma’am Nicole.” Xiaer spoke out the question to make matters clear to the audience before anyone asked.

Nicole cleared her throat lightly and said
“Miss Chelsea had many great points, no matter her battle instinct, her magic incantation speed, or her seal instant activation speed, they all have reached a level of second nature, so much did she excel, she was able to use them without any mistakes during intense combat. This point alone is enough for praise. Even though she lost her composure, but from an overall perspective, she deserves her reputation of a talented girl magician! So, to match her hard work and efforts in magic, I awarded her 9.5 points.”

“So that’s how it is, I did not expect the judges to see so much from just a 10 second battle. But hearing their analysis, I give Miss Chelsea my praises for her hardwork and skills, and also give the judges my utmost respect for their analysis. Okay, then let’s hear the final points for Mr. 123 from the judges!”

“13.5 points” Zamia
“14 points” Nicole
“Zzzzzzzz” Ray Lindauer
“He said 14 points” Nicole
“13 points” Rafi-Nasi
“13.5 points” Simon.

Tyre bowed his head, this was a great result, at least he knew that he will be in the top ten, because other than Lunaria’s team winning both battles, almost everyone else have lost one battle.


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