After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Outburst
Translated By: Naervon

If Tyre’s guess is correct, then Chelsea’s unique magic must be seal related, and it has to do with the activation speed. Otherwise, there is no way that Chelsea can use her seals in combat like this. Despite the fact that Chelsea draws figures so fast with her want that the tip is a blur to Tyre’s eyes, that speed has no impact on her seal’s activation. So now that Tyre has a guess on the general use of Chelsea’s unique magic, then it becomes much easier to come up with a strategy.
Chelsea did not stop drawing more seals when Tyre dodged her lighting seal, and Tyre also did not back away but rather used his strange body technique once more to close the gap.

“Sight Seal.”
Following Chelsea’s words of command, Tyre’s vision suddenly went blurry, and his strange body movements suddenly went wrong and caused a critical mistake!

Tyre’s expression shifted as he felt the oncoming magic Chelsea was casting, Consecutive Lightning Blade! But before the first blade of lightning reached Tyre, Chelsea started drawing with her wand again
“Lightning Seal!”

The lightning seal wins in speed, and its positioning, for once the seal is activated, the caster can choose where the lightning appears. As for this attack, the lightning crackled directly above Tyre’s head!

Fast! Its way too fast! No matter the casting of the normal lighting blade spell or the following Lightning seal, she finished both in one breath! But, this wasn’t enough to stop Tyre!
After all, he hasn’t been doing nothing for the past two months.
Million bends, Second Bend!

Just as the consecutive lighting blades and the lightning seal was about to hit Tyre, his body became an afterimage. Chelsea’s pupils shrunk down to a pinpoint as she saw Tyre appear beside her as if he existed there all along!
This, is what you call fast!!
Tyre’s long blade flashing under the sun as it slashed towards its target, as if the very next moment victory will be decided!

Boom!!! Suddenly, a red aura bloomed from within Chelsea’s body. Tyre’s brows furrowed but his sword did not slow. The sword’s edge warped and bent as it hit the red glow as if the light was made steel, and was deflected! Tyre clicked his tongue and backed off two steps to observe this new change.

“I definitely won’t lose!!!!” With her entire body glowing red, Chelsea let out almost a hysterical shout. Tyre observed that determination in Chelsea’s eyes to win, no wait, it is more like a madness possessing her. This shocked Tyre a little, because he has no clue why she would react so strongly like this, because even if she lost to him, it would only be a small loss, and there are still points to be had, and she won’t die either, so why is she treating him like her mortal enemy??….

However, when Mo QingTing saw that red light, her expression slowly changed and she clenched her fists tightly
“Second mistress…..”

Mo QingTing took back her words, because the second mistress won’t become a hedonist, because the speed that she was drawing seals with her wand, the way that she cast her spells with confidence, such a calm demeanor is not something a spoiled rich mistress can pull off. So the only explanation is that her second mistress Chelsea must have been secretly practising every day to achieve this level of accomplishment.

Mo QingTing finally understood why Chelsea reacted so strongly, to the point of almost slapping herself.
Because, she did not want to lose.
She doesn’t want to be judged less than others, to be lower than others, be behind others.

But her own uncaring attitude towards victory is something that is hard to accept for her second mistress. . . . . and this can all be traced back to that person’s last words towards her that year.

Mo QingTing slowly raised her right hand and opened her palm, looking silently at that piece of jade on her hands. Even after so many years, even after this piece of jade has switched so many owners, it is still so perfect, so beautiful.
“I’m sorry, second mistress.”
Mo QingTing’s silent mutters was not heard by anyone….but herself.

What is this? Tyre’s frown did not lessen, as his sword was blocked by its glow. That red light surrounding her body let out a dangerous aura, so rash attacks were not a smart choice.

As for the judges panel below the stage, Simon, Rafi Nasi, and Nicole all unconsciously turned their heads and looked towards Zamia, who still supported that smile of his. When Zamia saw the other three looking at himself, he opened his mouth and answered

“I must admit, this girl’s unique magic is very similar to mine, and if it continues to develop, then there might be a chance that it will become a second yet different【World Seal】”

This kind of analysis lit up the other three’s eyes, especially Simon, because he was very interested in this area of magic. Only, knowing the unique nature of unique magics being no way to analyse or copy, Simon held back his desires to capture and experiment on unique magic possessors, but this cannot stop his interest to this type of unique magic.

Unique magic【Sacred Scales】, awakened by Chelsea just one year ago. The most important ability of the unique magic is to repel all things that gets close to her, and the area is the area covered by the red light. But there is a bad part to this unique magic too, because it also pushes away air. So no matter if it’s the amount of magic to keep it up or how long she can hold her breath, Chelsea cannot keep her unique magic up for long.

She had originally planned to hide her unique magic until the last round, but she underestimated Tyre’s true power. Despite her own speed being praised by her elders, it is still as slow as a snail when compared to this man in front of her. If she didn’t have her unique magic, it is very obvious that she would have lost then and there to that last attack, not 5 seconds into the battle.


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