After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 96

Chapter 96 vs Master of Seals
Translated By: Naervon
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*Shiver!* Both Lunaria and Tyre’s expressions suddenly changed as she heard what Claude said, and both of her foreheads burst out with cold sweat. Claude, feeling that something was wrong with Lunaria, asked with concern

“What is it? Could it be the wound from the previous fight? Are you hurt?”
“No, it’s not that. I just feel a little dizzy is all, can you walk me to the resting room?”

“Ah, oh, okay, sure thing. I highly doubt we will lose our spot and be forced out of the top ten anyways, so we shouldn’t have problems going to the resting rooms early.”

“Mmm, let’s go then.” Lunaria held her forehead with one hand and the other on Claude’s shoulders to block his vision of Tyre as they walked out of the VIP section. A little distance away, an ominous aura of immense killing intent cleared that entire area of other contestants and other audience. Snow Lily’s immense grudge filled killing aura scared almost everyone around her away except for her partner Wolfus.
“So jealous, so jealous, I’m so jealous!!!!”

“Princess . . . .”
“I hate, I hate, I hate this! Argh!”
“I feel that . . . . .”
“I’m going to Kill you, Kill you, KILL YOU!!!!”

“*Sigh* Or I guess you can just ignore me…. Princess, I wish you luck on your journey of slow descent to madness…..” Wolfus patted his own forehead heavily, as if to remind himself of something. If his body wasn’t the tough body of a titled emperor, he would have taken serious damage just from Snow Lily’s aura alone! Just from this, anyone can see just how much joy Wolfus must be feeling right now.

Tyre let out a sigh of relief, at finally getting rid of Claude. If Claude kept watching, there might be a very good chance that he will get busted.

“I imagine that both of you are very familiar with the rules by now, but I will repeat. You only have 60 seconds, and in this 60 seconds, what you accomplish is determined by your own efforts! Now then, get ready.”

Tyre pulled back most of his concentration back to this side, and focused on his male self as he met the eyes of Chelsea. She had a very long and thin wand in her hand, in fact, one can even compare it to a artistic chopstick if just judging by looks. But, Tyre did not underestimate the wand or really think that it was just a pretty stick, because that pretty stick was emanating a very thick elemental power.

As the stage hands put the heavenly shackles on Tyre’s hands and then adjusting the suppression level to upper【Qi Harmony】, they had an obvious moment of hesitation as they looked weirdly at Tyre. Tyre returned a smile to their weird looks, and then shrugged his shoulders. To him, this pair of gloves might as well be a pair of normal gloves. The stage hands didn’t say anything and left, and as they walked down stage, Tyre focused his attention on his opponent’s chest …. attention on his opponent’s body* …. *cough* just focused his attention on his opponent.

Although he has not looked paid any direct attention to her prior to this match, but to have made it this far means that she does have what it takes. Anyone who has cultivated their magic to the third stage at this young of an age cannot be underestimated. And judging by the flow of things, Tyre guessed that she must have also awakened her unique magic as well. Despite Tyre’s full confidence in himself, but faced against someone who has unique magic, he cannot be entirely sure that he will win. The unknown factors making his win chance at most a 50/50, so he can only hope that her unique magic was something like Claude’s opponent and be a defense based unique magic.

“Looks like both of our contestants are ready, then on my mark, get ready…….”
Xiaer glanced at both contestants, and then slowly backed to the edge of the stage before saying in a loud voice

Tyre has never doubted the tactics of the other martial artists before him, so he used the same approach, pre-emptive attack. This is almost a requirement when facing a caster, because if you don’t get the first attack, then the caster can cause a great deal of trouble for someone with only qi harmony level of power. And from there on, it will only get more and more difficult until the caster buys enough time to get off a third stage spell and end the match. So even someone as strong as Tyre cannot afford to lose the initiative against a caster.

Sacred Body Technique, Million Bends! First bend!
Tyre’s body wavered in place, and as Chelsea’s eyes filled with disbelief, Tyre appeared directly in front of her with his sword already swinging down towards her neck, a one hit kill if she doesn’t respond!

But, Chelsea took back her shocked expression as if it was just an illusion, and quickly waved her wand, the speed was obviously not from an amature. From this alone, Tyre guessed that she must have been practicing this motion for at least several years to achieve this speed and accuracy while under pressure!

As she spoke, Tyre’s pupils shrunk down to pinpricks as the air around him became sticky, slowing his attack down and resisting his movements. The blinding fast sword swing was slowed by just a hair, but that hair of a second was just enough!

The next moment, Chelsea had taken one step back while waving her wand, drawing complex figures. As this was only the first bend, Tyre had no way of instantly closing the gap again to stop her. And just as Tyre realized this, Chelsea made her move
“Lightning Seal.”

A mortal’s speed will never surpass the speed of lightning, so if Tyre wanted to swing his sword, then the lightning will cause mortal injuries to a lower qi harmony like him.
Retreat! That was his only option. Even though Tyre give it his best attack, but that does not mean he was using all of his skills, because just like the other martial artists, his attack was mainly aimed at finding out what the caster knows.

“Master of Seals.” The most troublesome type of magician to deal with, and also one of the rarest branch of magic. Tyre had not expected this girl in front of him to be a practitioner of the terrifying sealing arts, and also . . . . Tyre’s eyes glinted as he remembered that to instantly draw and activate seals, the sealing master must use a medium, and not like this girl, who instantly cast two seals without anything as a medium!

The only explanation left is, Unique Magic!


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