After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Looks Familiar
Translated By: Naervon

Lunaria frowned from her VIP seat, because she’s seen this girl before, Largess was her name but why does it seem off somehow… this inconsistency felt wrong, only she couldn’t explain it in words.

This incident ended with the girl leaving the stage, but now another issue popped up, how to score the victor, Claude. After all, the two barely exchanged glances before the match ended, let alone attacks, so how to give Claude points became the judge panel’s new headache.

“How about this.” Simon waved his hand for attention, as the others looked towards him, his old and wrinkly face let out a slight smile

“After all, since Miss Largess has already left the stage along with her partner, then even if we let Mr. Claude pick another opponent we would still be evenly matched, and we can avoid having an uneven match up as well.”

“But, the other party has already forfeited, and I think luck is also a part of one’s strength, so if we let Mr. Claude go for another matchup would be unfair to him.” Nicole said with a small voice, and Simon nodded his head a bit in agreement. What Nicole said was true to an extent, and any normal person would be unwilling to fight again knowing they have won already, which will in turn affect his performance in battle. At this crucial point, Claude himself spoke up

“No problem, please, pick out another opponent for me.”
This made the judges hesitate for a brief second before they all silently nodded their heads in approval. This kid is worthy of being the son of that person, to possess this much magnanimity.

The crowd also felt very satisfied with Claude’s answer, after all, they didn’t want to miss seeing an exciting battle, and almost everyone in the crowd knew who he was, the person who is almost deemed the number one talent in the entire empire. With his talent so well known, it is only normal to want to witness him in battle.

After a while of picking, the one who was finally chosen to be his opponent was a third stage magician girl, who’s unique magic was【Shield】, which grants both magical and physical defensive capabilities. Only, faced against Claude and his powerful【Flashing Sword Technique】attacks, Lunaria estimated the girl to last a few seconds. From the looks of Claude’s attacks, Lunaria estimated him to be a powered up version of Mo QingTing while using her One Soul attack, except the difference was Claude’s normal attacks all were of that level of power.
The girl on stage was forced to be on defense the entire match and quickly lost to Claude’s sword skills.

The judges were very approving of this match, because not a single martial artist had won against a third stage magician with such cleanliness and efficiency. An example of this match up would be to put a upper qi harmony up against an army breaker who knows powerful techniques, with a power gap this big, the only hopes of the upper qi harmony winning is by relying on his battle hardened experience and battle instincts.

The max amount of points was 75, and Claude ended up scoring a 71, shocking everyone. The judge’s explanation was that Claude’s hard work is in proportion to his talent, and maybe even more so. Judging this kind of genius, anything below a 8 point from a judge would be an insult. Of course, Nicole was the judge who gave that explanation.

The results were, Lunaria’s team with the total points from both her and Claude threw the second place behind by two digits worth of points.
“What a high goal to reach.” Tyre muttered to himself, and then looked at the little wind elf standing next to him. He thought to himself, as long as he can pass, then he doesn’t really be too greedy.

Just as he silently thought to himself, the male host Xiaer spoke up on stage
“Okay! Could number 98993 Martial artist come up stage please!”
Finally my turn huh. Tyre looked at his own number, and then nodded his head at the little wind elf to assure her before ignoring Elena’s words of encouragement and jogged up to the stage.
“As for the opposing side, could magician number 8766 come up stage please!”

When a blond girl with wavy hair and a massive pair of bouncies walked up stage, Tyre instantly remembered who she was. Wasn’t this the girl who was just being mean and about to slap Mo QingTing in the face earlier, the one with the huge chest? I think she was called . . . . what was her name again? Did she give a self introductions then?
As for why Tyre remembered her, *cough* yes, because of her huge chest, else Tyre would have forgotten her as soon as he turned around and left.

But, because of the previous incident, the girl’s mood seemed to be very bad, to the point of showing a ting of red on her cheeks, red from anger and not embarrassment thats for sure.

The male host Xiaer felt the strange mood in the contestants, but he ignored them and waited patiently for the two to walk up onto the stage before speaking out once more

“This beautiful magician girl comes from Miliac Kingdom, Chelsea. Bimoer. As for our martial artist with the black mask, he the self titled Mr. 123 martial artist from our very own Xavier Duchy!”

“123?” Chelsea frowned, what the hell is that name.
The crowd also burst out in small pockets of laugher, self titled 123? What does that self titled even mean? Only a few amongst the crowd remembered that recently a mercenary called 123 took down a head bounty.

“Hahahaha.” LongTu laughed out loud when she heard that, what a dumb name, just like what she thought when she first saw Tyre.
As for Tyre, when he heard the laughs, he adjusted his black mask, feeling a bit regretful for picking such a random name. Speaking of which, why did that damned host focus on his name! And self titled 123. . . . ahhhh why did he do that.

As for the VIP section where Lunaria and Claude sat, Claude narrowed his eyes suspiciously and asked Lunaria
“Miss Lunaria, do you also feel like that person on the stage looks kind of familiar?”


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