After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 94

Chapter 94 I Forfeit
Translated By: Naervon
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“Thanks! I gratefully accept this gift.” Tyre let out a heartfelt smile, then asked with some concern.
“Actually, I noticed that you wear a lot of rings from before. I know one ring on your left hand is a storage ring, but what are the five rings on your right hand? Are they all storage rings?”

“Oh this, you can understand it as a switch to activate a forbidden technique. Do you understand it better when I say it like that?”
“Oh……” Tyre responded with an automatic oh, but only really understanding half of what LongTu said. LongTu ignored Tyre’s response and didn’t bother explaining further as she drew force into her leg and kicked Tyre on the shin.

“Okay, that’s enough about me, go and show me your sword techniques already. Also, I really want to see how you use this blade.”
“Okay, though, do you want to meet that other Fist Style Heart Flow user? I can talk to her for you and see if you want.”
“……….” LongTu considered for a bit then shook her head. She didn’t explain why but Tyre understood her meaning.

“Okay, then I’ll take my leave.”
“Alright, hurry up and go already.”

The following matches were filled with fierce battles, the experienced martial artists with their tricky moves and the magician girls with their jaw dropping unique magics, both sides filled the crowd with hot blooded cheers. And even the fancy moves and flashy attacks aside, just the beauty and shapely girls on stage alone was enough for most of the males crowd to go wild.
As for the big broadcasting channels, either by intention or by coincidence, every match the cameras are guaranteed at least a few zoomed in shots on the sensitive parts of the magician girls. And it goes without saying, it was super effective. Even Tyre gave them his thumbs of approval, thinking that the stations should give those cameramen a raise, for their professionalism.

And then not soon after came Elena’s round. Tyre did not hold too much hope, after all, Elena can only be rated mediocre at best, with a semi passable talent in magic, so it is normal for her to lose in such a rigorous battle match up.

And the results turned out as expected. Elena was matched up against a female fighter who pressed the attack with a brutal viciousness. The poor little wind elf was so bullied that she couldn’t even tell the directions apart and had to rely on the standby powerhouses to rescue her.
Tyre gave her a little punishment for trying so hard in an obvious losing situation when she should have admitted defeat. After all, admitting defeat was better than being injured and losing the rights to move on to the fourth round of the competition.

Yep, Tyre still did not give up his male side for a chance at the recommendation letter still, because Elena’s hardwork and doing her best in such a bad matchup moved the hearts of Simon and Nicole, and all the points added up together actually resulted in a total of 40 points for her loss, which is very high, even Snow Lily only recieved a little over 30 points for winning. So there was still a fighting chance, as long as he wins his round with style, then there was still a chance.

The next round, Claude. Xavier!
When everyone processed this and realized who was up next, they all focused their attention on the handsome male who walked on stage, with his golden hair shining a faint golden light under the sun, giving him an aura of warmth. His eyes shone with intelligence and even ordinary people can see just how focused this person is at this moment.

As for the magician girl, she was a beauty with wavy long green hair, with a light colored long dress billowing slightly under the breeze as she walked up the stage, giving the audience a feeling of purity and nature.
“Okay! Then up next, we have . . . . . ”
“Wait! Mister Host.”

The person who spoke up was the green haired girl. Her sudden interruption caused everyone to look at her, because interrupting the host was definitely a rude thing to do.

In this situation, being interrupted in front of such a big crowd, any other host would have been angry. But Xiaer was a golden standard for the empire, with his name known all over the empire, so he did not lose his cool over such a trivial thing, but rather took it like a conversation topic!

“Is there any questions? Miss Largess.”
“I forfeit.”
The answer turned everyone’s head, and even Claude hesitated as he heard.

The male host Xiaer kept his smile, but deep inside, he was full of questions as well. Xiaer did not hesitate and asked
“Oh? Why forfeit? Miss Largess has clearly made it this far into the competition.”
“My martial artist partner left.”

“. . . . . . . . ” Hearing this, Xiaer new that if he kept on pressing for an answer, then he will be wasting time and also crossing the line of personal information. And if the girl answered with another answer that begs even more questions, then he will be stuck in a loop of asking more questions, and at this, the audience’s enthusiasm would drop drastically.

So this is a point that must be avoided at all costs, therefore, Xiaer decided to turn this over to the judges.
“What an regrettable thing to happen, then lets ask the judges to see their opinion.”

“The partner leaving must have his own untellable reasons, and facing this kind of accident, we can only express our regret and let Miss Largess take her leave. But, your wonderful performance also fully proved your talent to be one of the best in the entire empire. So, feel the pride in yourself as you take your leave.” Zamia concluded for the judges, because they all know that something like this happening cannot be stopped, and they cannot cross the line and dig into the personal details.


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