After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 93

Chapter 93 The Fallen One
Translated By: Naervon

“Hm, very good.” Finished, Rafi-Nasi calmly turned around and sat back down. Nicole saw this and was completely shocked by how Rafi handled it and couldn’t resist but give her a thumbs up in secret. Rafi suddenly looked at Nicole and gave her a small wink.

Lunaria gave a small sigh as she watched on in the VIP section for the contestants. Towards Rafi’s low points, she really could not understand, because to her, she has already tried her best that match, and even the other judges all agreed that she tried her best. Even though she has the highest score so far, but that 7 points from Rafi is like a nagging spot that just won’t go away.

“No need to worry.” Claude suddenly opened his mouth and said next to Lunaria.
“Our total score will be the highest!”
“. . . . . “Lunaria hesitated, and then let out a warm smile and nodded in agreement.

“Then, I’ll be relying on you, partner!”
Sounds of teeth grinding together and weird sounds came out as this scene of warm and harmony played out on the other side of the VIP section. Snow Lily would have sprinted over and torn Lunaria to pieces if not for the scary looks that Wolfus was throwing her way.

“That that that Woman! That Woman! Oooo Why was it not you who went up against her! Wolfus, why was it not you!”
“How am I supposed to answer that… Princess.” Wolfus rolled his eyes and sighed weakly.

“Or am I supposed to go and tell the Judges that I should fight against Lunaria, so you can skip the drawing?”
“But, but I can’t take it anymore! Ahhh!~ My beloved big brother Claude, even though he is so close to me but in the arms of another woman.”

“Can’t you just go over there right now and stand with him?”
“No! How can I easily go and show up with nothing prepared? To see Claude like this so unprepared is too rude, in fact it’ll be the laughstock of the entire royal family! Also, if Claude knows that I was the person on stage who just brutally beat up that trash then he will definitely be disappointed in me and even dislike me!”

Snow Lily was just like a little girl who don’t know what to do, frantically walking back and forth. Suddenly, her face contorted and glared at Lunaria in the distance, then said with gritted teeth

“If it wasn’t for her, why would I be worried like this! What a despicable peasant, using her looks to seduce big brother Claude!”
“. . . . .. . . . . . .” Wolfus only rolled his eyes and settled with a dead eyes look, ignoring everything.
His eyes looks like this…

Another ten or so matches went by, and Tyre gave the stagehands a quick explanation before running towards the waiting LongTu.

She held a long katana almost as long as she is tall, its blade and sheath both pitch black with complex runes scrawled all over, obviously some sort of attribute boosting runes.

Good Blade
Although Tyre have not seen many weapons, but even an amature like him can feel that sharp and intent aura coming off of the blade. Tyre looked down and glanced at the【Tempest Sword】hanging from his belt, okay maybe comparing the two was a bad idea, or it can be said one is made of steel and one is made of mud if one really had to compare!
“What a good blade! What’s the name?”

“This? The owner called it【The Fallen One】” LongTu raised the blade with both hands and handed it to Tyre.
Tyre took it in his hands, he held the sheath with his left and the hilt with his right, then drew the blade in a flashing arc!

Surprisingly, no sound came out, as if the blade did not touch the sheath and make the noise that metallic weapons should make, but rather, it was as if the blade was drawn out from another space and not the sheath.
“The Fallen One.”
Sunlight seemed to be eaten by the pitch black edge of the blade, and reflected nothing!

Here for a long example!
“LongTu, did this blade really cost you 1000 gold?”

“What? Why? Do you feel that it doesn’t worth that much?” LongTu frowned and asked hesitantly. Tyre saw and said in a hurry
“No, I meant, that price is way to low. Can you tell me the location of that weapon store?”

“You were rushing me so much at the time, how am I supposed to remember? Aiya, just tell me whether you want this or not, if you don’t like it, I’ll go buy another one elsewhere.” LongTu threw her hands impatiently, not too used to this hesitant type of Tyre.

“Of course I like it, I can promise that nothing will fit me better. 1000 gold was it? Here let me give you the gold.”
“No need.” LongTu shook her head
“I just told you, consider this a gift from me. If you want to give me money, then don’t ask me to do things ever again.”
“Okay, fine. But I feel kinda weird suddenly getting a gift.”

“It’s nothing, oh yeah. Here take this!” LongTu looked as if she remembered something, and then tooked a ring off her her index finger and threw it to Tyre.

Tyre caught the ring, and was just about to ask LongTu why she threw him a ring, but LongTu answered first
“This is a storage ring. Just one look at you and I already know you haven’t seen such an expensive item. Next time if you have something heavy or don’t have room to carry stuff, just throw it in the ring. It’s really easy to use, just use your perception and control what you want with your thoughts.”

“So that’s what this is! What a convenient thing, but it must be really expensive……. Okay okay okay, don’t be mad at me, I’ll accept it.” Tyre put the ring on his index finger and explored it with his perception, and the space inside suddenly showed up in his mind like a map, and clear as day.


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