After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Rafi-Nasi
Translated By: Naervon

“Lunaria!” Chelsea gritted her teeth as she watched Lunaria’s back fade into the distance, but she didn’t do anything but watch, no, she was too scared of Lunaria to do anything.
So she could only express her hate and jealousy through her bloodshot eyes, for Lunaria did not look at her directly even once before leaving, as if she was not worthy to be talked to.

“Mo QingTing! Did you plot with that woman to make fun of me?!” Chelsea’s pent up anger had nowhere to go, so she took it out on Mo QingTing, who kept her calm, only showing a slight trembling in the hand that held the piece of jade.

“What!!” Chelsea said with a strict and severe tone, but Mo QingTing kept her calm and said
“I wish you victory in the next round!”

“Ummm? What is it big sister Leah? Duo Practitioner? I’m not hiding it from you, it’s just that you never asked… No no no, big sis Leah, aren’t you close to breaking through to【Army Breaker】stage? How can I even hope to compare skills with you with mine? I just know some fancy moves but they are all just pretty on the outside and have no real power. Martial technique? …. That technique…. Yes, young master Claude taught me that, what yes, doesn’t Claude know the【Flashing Sword Technique】? Right, yes yes yes, I’m fine, my body is fine. My right shoulder? I’m Fine, don’t you know about my healing ability? Mmm, yes, I’ll tell Claude, Mm okay, bye bye.”

Lunaria put down the specter stone and let out a sigh of relief, and walked to Claude
“What happened? Who was on the stone?”
“It was big sis Leah, she wanted me to tell you to be careful on the stage.”

“Hahaha, not a problem, it’s only 60 seconds anyways, just tell her to not worry about it. But speaking of it, is your right shoulder okay? I saw you getting hit.” Claude stared at Lunaria’s right shoulder, where skin showed through a hole in the clothing while thinking, what a pretty shoulder, but outwardly, he kept a frown on his face.

“It’s healed already, just relax, I’m fine. But you are up next.”

“Let’s not talk about this, the judges are about to give out points.”
Lunaria patted Claude’s shoulder and turned her attention to the stage.
“Okay, after discussing amongst themselves, the judges are ready to give out their points. Judges, please tell us the points for Miss Mo QingTing.”

“8 points” Zamia.
“9 points” Nicole.
“Zzzzzz” Ray Lindauer.
“He said 9 points.” Nicole
“7 points” Rafi-Nasi
“Hmm 8 points” Simon.

“Great! Then our total for Miss Mo QingTing is 41 points! What a score, even though she lost, the judges still gave such a high score that she actually ranks third on the over all martial artist leader board, let’s give her a round of applause!” Xiaer waited for the clapping to fade before turning the topic

“Then next, let’s see how much the judges will give Miss Lunaria!”
Everyone turned towards the judges with expectant looks, and the crowd started arguing with each other as to what her score should be.

“13 points” Zamia.
“13 points” Nicole.
“Zzzzzzz….hmm? Lunaria? Oh 15 points then. Don’t bother me…. Zzzzzz”
“7 points” Rafi-Nasi
“Hmmm how about 13 points” Simon.

“Wow! We have our results! Miss Lunaria scored a total of 61 points! The current highest total points!”
Most of the audience let out a huge wave of excited cheering for their idol/Goddess Lunaria, and some even started to hate Rafi-Nasi for her biased low points, and some extremists even pulled out the old rivalry between Miliac and Xavier and cursed Rafi Nasi for being prejudiced and purposely giving low points, saying that she should even be a class rep for Avalon!

With Rafi-Nasi’s perception, there was no way she wouldn’t hear this, and just as Nicole called not good inside and tried to calm her down
“Rafi . . . . .”
“Excuse me.” Rafi nodded her head and faced the crowd with a cruel smile on her face.
“The person who just yelled that, please stand out from the crowd”

Instantly, the entire plaza of audiences went silent, as if a radiating field of silence was spreading with Rafi Nasi in the center of the circle, the entire place went dead silent. At the moment, almost all eyes and cameras were on this cold faced Sacred Magician!

“No one? Then I’ll pretend that I heard wrong, but let me make something clear first. Do you see where I’m standing? As a judge, I am not here to make fun of someone or to take out a private grudge on someone innocent. If anyone thinks that then they are wrong. If I truly were like that, then chances are the superiors of Xavier wouldn’t invite me here to be a judge. So you must remember, every comment and judgement I give out is done with thought, and you as an audience have no other option but to hear and accept my voice, and there is nothing you can do to change that, because you neither have the power nor the authority to do so. And even if you really want to use your strength to change that, you are still only wasting your time, because we are more powerful than you. So just stand in your place and carefully think through each piece of information you hear before mindlessly following the crowd and becoming just another raving buffon! My words. . . . . . ” Stopping here, Rafi-Nasi suddenly unleashed her complete perception over the crowd of over the billions of people, encompassing every person in the crowd. Almost everyone felt as if all their secrets were being seen and judged.

Rafi-Nasi gave another cold stare before finishing
“Do you understand them?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Most of the crowd selected to submit, that unison of replies will shock any onlooker.


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