After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Results!
Translated by: Naervon

This will be the last time they exchange blows.

Mo QingTing narrowed her eyes as she recalled Lunaria’s extraordinary reaction speed and perception. Despite having the upper hand in combat experience, Lunaria still gave her too many surprises. Even though this is not the first time that she has told herself to not underestimate the girl in front of her, Mo QingTing reminded herself once more before unleashing her all at Lunaria, after all, even a lion will use the strongest attack to kill a rabbit!

Fist Technique, One Soul!

With a speed far surpassing all her previous attacks, Mo QingTing’s right fist burst out with an unavoidable speed! With this speed, Mo QingTing is confident that she can combine her speed with her body technique to dodge that fearsome sword technique and win with one strike!
And so, she will not give Lunaria any chance to counter strike!
Only, Lunaria seemed to ignore the possible defeat and charged forward heedless of danger, and swung her short sword at the same time Mo QingTing punched forward with her fist!

Lunaria’s swing speed caused her sword qi to miss Mo QingTing’s fist completely, and the predicted clash between attacks didn’t happen as expected as the sword qi suddenly turned and flew past Mo QingTing.

“What?!” Mo QingTing was completely puzzled by Lunaria’s actions, but because everything was happening at the same time, as soon as the sword qi flew past Mo QingTing, Mo QingTing’s fist already unleashed the blue energy hawk directly at Lunaria.

Judging based on Lunaria’s body and spells so far, Mo QingTing was sure that Lunaria won’t be able to block this punch with even a second stage fortress spell. Also, if Lunaria does not have any better spells to block her attack, then all the waiting powerhouses will immediately act to protect Lunaria from danger and block the attack, but this will also mean that she will have won! Only, Mo QingTing still suspected Lunaria had something up her sleeve with that strange attack just then, because an obvious mistake like that is definitely not something a genius would make.

And just as Mo QingTing finished her suspicions, something even more strange happened! Just as Lunaria was about to be hit by the attack, her body suddenly fell to the side dodging the attack as if gravity had no effect on her! But, because of this, Lunaria’s right hand was wounded by the shockwaves from the attack and lost the sword.

Mo QingTing threw all thoughts behind her as she realized that this was her chance to capitalize on victory! This will be the last blow!

Body Technique, Soul of Flowing Water!
Poof! Suddenly, a sound came from behind Mo QingTing’s back. Instead of boosting her speed from using her body technique, Mo QingTing almost fell on her face as the air did not solidify around her! As she glanced behind her, Mo QingTing’s pupils shrunk down to pin pricks as she realized.
So that was the reason!

Lunaria missed that attack for a purpose, and it was to disturb the air behind Mo QingTing and make it impossible to congeal in a short time! Then, by acting as if she had difficulty dodging the attack completely, Lunaria lured Mo QingTing to use her body technique to end the match, but because of the special conditions her body technique requires were disturbed by that calculated sword qi, the situation has completely turned around by her loss of balance!

This girl…….is not to be underestimated!
But, as Mo QingTing was getting her balance, Lunaria was already finishing her incantation! At this moment, Lunaria’s body writhed with arcs of lightning, and the as she finished her spell, a dragon made of lightning charged forth!

The roaring lighting dragon bit down on Mo QingTing without a shred of mercy, unleashing explosive arcs of lightning as its teeth bit through her protection! Small dragon lightning spell, a much more terrifying spell than consecutive fireballs.
As the crowd and the judges watched this sudden turn of events, their eyes all lit up as some started to praise Lunaria’s brilliant tactics, and even the judges gave nods of silent approval, obviously favoring Lunaria’s use of spells and battle sense. As for Nicole, despite the fact that she never spoke with Lunaria directly before, but the more she looks at Lunaria the more she finds Lunaria to her liking.

Only, as the sparks cleared, the crowd was shocked to find that Mo QingTing did not go down to the small lighting dragon as expected.
She stood there with burns and static cracking all over her body, but she did not show a single sign of being defeated, especially when her aura was as powerful as before!
Seeing this sight, Lunaria felt a wave of chills as she realized that Mo QingTing must have had used some unknown technique to boost her defenses at the last moment. Thinking on the things that LongTu skipped out on telling, Lunaria regretted not asking for more, because she has no idea on what Mo QingTing just used.
“Time Is Up!”

Xiaer let out a timely call, but even if he did not call out the end to the match, neither Mo QingTing nor Lunaria would keep fighting, because they had already seen the stopped sand in the dial, so that last attack was their last for the match.

“What an exciting match! Lunaria’s shocking Duo Practitioner status and Mo QingTing’s intoxicating use of the ancient art of pugilism put up a wonderful performance. What a pity we only had 60 seconds, but even though the time was short, we will still have a winner.”
Xiaer had obviously looked up Mo QingTing’s fist style through hidden channels as soon as she made the first attack, making Mo QingTing frown slightly.

“Okay, since the time has ended without a clear victory, then the final victor shall be determined by the judge panel!”
Almost instantly, all eyes turned to look at the five judges, even Lunaria couldn’t help but look. If she wins this round, then she would be one step closer to her Avalon Recommendation Letter! But, if she loses, then she must make other plans to join the Avalon normal entry exam. Only, if she enters are a normal student, then she would lose the privilege that a recommendation student would have, and with that she would also lose valuable sources of informations, and by extension her chances of using the God’s Order’s book to recover her memories.


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