After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Lunaria  (月海)  ~Suggestions are welcome

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She moved her body, it didn’t seem to be tied. From the result of the situation, it didn’t seem like that guy was a bandit, what’s more, the room that she was in right now is adorned to the point of being luxurious, there is no way that she will believe that a bandit would possess such a room.

Also, she could also tell from this room that the blond bastard’s social positions is not low, and from the young age, he must be the grandson of someone with lots of power. Just as the young girl was thinking wildly, a clear voice came into her ears.

“Are you awake? How does your body feel?”

The young girl turned her head towards the source of the voice, what appeared before her eyes was a young girl with a head of flaming red hair, and judging from Tyre’s tastes, this red haired girl can be ranked in the top for prettiness, plus that wonderful body, guess there will be no one who won’t be stunned at first glance by her. What’s more, there was a unique air around her, it was something that doesn’t exist around a weak girl. Her sight was as straight as swords, bright and full of expression.

Just as girl Tyre’s eyes lighted up, a faint smell of sweet fragrance wafted close, making the girl on the bed show signs of enjoyment.


Now doesn’t seem to be the right time to be distracted, there’s proper business at hand.

Tyre suddenly understood the meaning behind the saying : lust can lead to bitter consequences

“Umm, why am I …..” Girl Tyre said with a slightly dried out throat. Originally, Tyre was going for a expressions of confusion, but in the other person’s eyes, it became an expression of fear and alarm, making the other person instantly feel sympathy.

The red haired girl couldn’t help her hands, and started patting Tyre’s head, gently stroking down the length of Tyre’s long hair.

“Everything is alright now, all the bad things have passed.”

Eh, girl Tyre was stumped, feeling that the other person misunderstood something. But first let’s not worry about this, compared to that, she need to understand what situation she is in right now.

“Umm, who are you and where am I right now?”

Seeing that the other person was being so gentle, she shouldn’t refuse to answer this simple question right, so girl Tyre took advantage of the other person’s kindness and asked two questions in a row.

Just as the girl had thought, the other person smiled slightly, and started stroking the girl’s soft pitch black hair again before lightly saying

“I am called Leah. Leah, Victor. But you can just call me Leah. And this place……” Leah stopped here, and her expression changed to one of great pride, even her originally very straight posture became even more straight, though what girl Tyre noticed was the sudden rising action of the chest region.

“And this place, is the glorious Hillier Dukedom. Here, there will be no trifling ruffians who will dare bother you, so there is no need to be afraid. Human trash like the one who was bothering you before won’t dare come here, if they do come here, then we see one, we kill one.”

Leah finished the last sentence with a strict expression, scaring girl Tyre and making her heart almost jump out of her chest.

Human…..Human trash….

The young girl’s mouth twitched, a unspeakable awkwardness on her face. From Leah’s words, Tyre was reminded of the situation. At that time, she really was a bit too rough and hot-headed, and from another person’s perspective it really might seem like a sexual assault scene. No wonder they would misunderstand, and now the first they said when she woke up was words to calm and assure herself, and spoken with great care too.

Wa~but if it’s like this, then won’t the blond bastard be a hero who stood out for a girl in trouble, and become her savior?!

There is no way that she will admit that, definitely not going to admit that. The blond bastard as her savior, No!

What………just what is this logic!

Leah, seeing the girl in front suddenly quiet down, felt not knowing what to do, and so she said with a hurry

“Ahh, Sorry….sorry, it’s my fault for being too talkative, bringing up that bad memory, let’s not think about that human trash anymore, okay?”

Looks like there is no way to avoid the title of human trash, good thing only the blond bastard saw herself that time, maybe after a slight disguise to her male self, she can still interact with them as him.

Leah, wanting to change the topic and take the girl’s mind off of things, hurried and asked

“Umm, oh yeah. I still don’t know your name yet, what are you called little sister.”

Eh, girl Tyre hesitated. This is really a challenging question, she was completely without a name, and if she said Tyre, that will sound way too masculine, and then her male self can’t use that name in public anymore either, just to avoid arousing suspicions, she had better come up with a more unique name. Right as this thought flashed through her mind, she had an answer, and she answered with a slightly trembling voice


There was no specific reason behind the name, it’s just like the name Tyre, the name just popped up in her mind, and there was more names in her mind floating around, but much less clear. Names like Lunaria, Charlotte, Beatrice, Chlorcilia, but these should be a part of her old memories.

Leah heard the name and expressed some astonishment. She asked cautiously

“So Lunaria right, what’s your family name?”

“Family name? It’s Luna.” Lunaria felt that this was fairly normal, wasn’t Tyre’s family name just Ty?

Leah saw that the other was very confident in her answer, so she took another look at Lunaria, making Lunaria feel like she was a lamb being evaluated right before the slaughter.

“Then, Lunaria little sister, you should be from the Vermillion Empire right.”

This sudden question caused Lunaria to be surprised this turn.

Vermillion…… Vermillion Empire? Where’s that at? Lunaria only heard from the big crab that this place was Sicily Empire, and nothing else.

“This…..ah! Miss Leah, my head, it hurts.”

“What’s wrong?” Leah saw the other suddenly let out a miserable cry, and didn’t know how to respond.

“Could it be something left from that human trash actions?”

Leah thought like this to herself, and became even more frantic, and immediately scootched closer to Lunaria to check if there was any head injuries. Of course, this action made her luxurious chest also follow along, sticking to Lunaria’s body. Before the chest touched, Lunaria was still okay, but right when it touched, her breathing immediately became faster, and the originally faked headache became an actual headache from too much blood rushing up there.

This made Lunaria curse a little on the inside.

Miss Leah, this tactic of bringing the ball when hitting people is against the rules!


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