After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 89

Chapter 89 The Last Exchange of Blows!
Translated By: Naervon
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“Both Magic and Martial Artist, a Duo Practitioner!” Snow Lily glinted her eyes as she observed this from her VIP spot. Looks like this Lunaria does have a little bit of worth to her to be able to cling to big brother Claude’s side. As Lao Jerry grandpa is also a Duo Practitioner, she must have inherited Lao Jerry grandpa’s techniques.
At the same time, in another secluded booth, Lao Jerry watched this with his eyes glowing as he pondered with his eyes on Lunaria’s short sword.

As for Claude, he was being very calm, standing out from the shocked competitors around him, seemingly not surprised at all by this, obviously having seen Lunaria use this move before.

“Duo practitioner…… interesting.” Zamia let out a faint smile and looked towards Nicole
“Miss Nicole, looks like your family has truly picked up an unpolished gem this time.”
“Sire, you flatter me.” Nicole answered with a calm face, but deep inside, she was as confused as anyone else. Since when did Lao Jerry teach Lunaria martial techniques?

The other Judges all showed different attitudes, but mostly ones of curiosity. The only one showing no change was Ray Lindauer as he slumbered his thousand year slumber. Seeing this, Nicole cursed her brother to sleep like this till he dies after she tried many times to wake him up to no effect! Humph!

As for the crowd, as they caught on slowly, clamored up one by one in heated discussion.

A duo practitioner? And a talented girl magician to boot? And most importantly, a super beauty to boot! Where can you find a more perfect person? Many in the audience felt as if having this chance to see Lunaria in person was worth their thousand mile trip.

As the crowd became rowdy under the stage, Lunaria and Mo QingTing did not let up on stage.
Mo QingTing glanced at the short sword in Lunaria’s hands. Very ordinary, just a plain metal grade weapon, so the power that shattered her soul garment must be from the martial technique.
If that’s the case, then she is standing in front of a super genius in both martial arts and magic!
Also . . . . . . . Mo QingTing’s eyes let out a glimmer of jealousy

She’s also a big beauty!

While there are many who can shatter Soul Garment, but to be broken by a magician using a martial technique was not something that Mo QingTing could have predicted. She’s heard that both Duke Xavier and Lao Jerry Sire were both Duo Practitioners, but did not think that a disciple of Lao Jerry can also accomplish that.
As for Lunaria, she was having a headache over the situation. Not even the first stance can win, and with her imperfect second stance, she needs time to gather and focus before using it, making it a piece of cake for the agile Mo QingTing to break her concentration and disrupt her.

Her original plan of busting out her martial technique as a trump card and winning went down the drain, for Mo QingTing’s attacks were too fast and too powerful, forcing her hand to use Heavenly Sword Ensemble to block. But Lunaria was still very surprised that her attack was barely able to force Mo QingTing out of soul garment let alone harm Mo QingTing.

Just how high of a stage is this woman?! She is clearly much harder to deal with than all the previous martial artists combined! Lunaria silently complained, is this punishment from the heavens for her cheating using two bodies? Why did she get paired with this freakishly powerful girl out of all the others.

As the sand fell down grain by grain, both Mo QingTing and Lunaria realized that the sand remaining will only allow them one more clash.
Attack or defend, they must decide and their decision will affect the final result.

The question only lasted a split second in both of their heads as they made up their minds. The next moment, the battle started again!
The best defense is a good offense! Mo QingTing knew this reasoning by heart, and using her experience….. She dashed at Lunaria and used the body technique flowing water yet again, congealing the air around Lunaria.

As for Lunaria, she choose to back away, but she was considering another issue. In that last few clashes, Mo QingTing was able to solidify the air around herself, making it act like a zone of solid air, and bringing that zone of solid air with her as she attacked, giving Lunaria the feeling of being shackled in place. And just like a snowball, the more time Mo QingTing has, the bigger that block of solid air gets, which also explains why LongTu said to not let the user ramp up or else she will be in big trouble.

Lunaria frowned, because she had a lot of restraints, especially because almost all of her martial techniques are from Tyre. Throwing aside the fact that she has only half mastered the techniques, there was also the fact that she must use the techniques as Tyre, and if she uses the same attacks and body techniques, even a blind person can see the connections between Tyre and her. So doing this in front of the duke and the others would literally mean she can say bye bye to the world.
So, there is only one option.

Defend! Defend like no tomorrow!
With Mo QingTing’s habit of attacking, only defending would mean nothing but a slow suicide, and adding that to her growing aura and pressure, Lunaria must attack with enough threat to make Mo QingTing defend.

3x Agility Art! Lunaria tapped the ground with her toes as she suddenly stopped backing up and charged towards Mo QingTing.

“! ?” Mo QingTing was obviously confused by Lunaria’s retreat and reckless charge. Mo QingTing admit that despite Lunaria’s lack of experience in close quarter combat, and her advantage lied with her powerful sword technique, so it is extremely unwise for Lunaria to seek close quarter combat with someone as experienced as herself. So there are only two explanations for this, either Lunaria is courageous fool, or she has some sort of trump card move that is powerful enough to end this!
And obviously, Lunaria is anything but a fool, so that means……


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