After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Heated Battle!
Translated By: Naervon
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“Although~ Since it’s you, I can give your a few hints.” Just as Tyre was miring in disappointment, LongTu suddenly popped up
“First of all, do not let her get close to you, because this basically puts you in a very bad spot. Two, don’t look at her fists, because we of the Fist Style Heart Flow know a special technique called Tremoring, which will mislead your eyes to think the fist is farther away than it actually is, so it is crucial to not track her fists directly. Three, you must never let her ramp up, because one important thing about Soul of Flowing Water is that despite looking very agile and light, this body technique gives the user a tremendous power behind attacks. And the longer that the user stays in motion, the more unstoppable it becomes, so never let her ramp up her body technique or you will most certainly be in for a time of your life.”

LongTu’s serious tone as she explained the secrets of the her style moved Tyre inside as he knew how much this meant for her to reveal this.
“Thanks LongTu, I owe you one.”
“. . . . . .”

Now then, let the second round begin, Lunaria thought to herself.
She lowered her gaze and tried to avoid looking at Mo QingTing’s fists directly, but somehow, by purpose or by chance, Mo QingTing’s fists somehow always stayed in her line of sight.

” . . . . . . ” Mo QingTing took a quick glance at the sand dial, and estimated that there was 30 seconds left or so, and by the looks of it, Lunaria is stalling for time, and if she keeps stalling then the judges will definitely judge herself as the winner instead of Lunaria, but if she wins by judges vote, then her points for victory might get lowered.

“Second mistress.” Mo QingTing quietly muttered.
Her second mistress is a bonafide genius when it came to magic, but because her family did not receive a recommendation letter from the Miliac Kingdom’s side, so this will be her only chance to win a recommendation letter for her mistress, and she cannot afford to lose. So, even if it’s just her, she must ensure to earn enough points to throw all the rest of the competitors behind!

Even though I feel bad for doing this, but I must, and I must do this beautifully!

Having made up her mind, Mo QingTing let out a very pressing aura, and perceiving that change aura, Lunaria winced and immediately moved backwards and cast all sorts of defensive spells. But Mo QingTing’s speed was way too fast, even with Lunaria casting so many defensive spells before Mo QingTing even moved, she was still not fast enough.

Body Technique, Soul of Flowing Water.
Mo QingTing became a streak of shadows and at the same time, Lunaria felt the air around her thicken as if trying to lock her in place.
Again with the congealing air, just like the first time!
Just as Lunaria had that thought, Mo QingTing arrived in front of her.

“So fast!!”
Lunaria’s pupils dilated again as they tried to keep up, but Mo QingTing was just too fast! So fast that she didn’t even have time to think! Let alone plan out a strategy!

Just as Lunaria was panicking, she suddenly remembered what LongTu said about Tremoring technique, maybe I’m seeing things wrong!

If that’s the case, then the Mo QingTing she is seeing right now might not be this close to her! Lunaria felt that she must be seeing an illusion of some sort from the time that Mo QingTing started waving her fists in that weird motion, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of them!

If so, then where’s her actual location?
Lunaria ignored the Mo QingTing in front of her and took a quick glance around

Then, she must be above me!
Lunaria did not look up but stepped back immediately!

A shadow slammed into the spot where Lunaria was just standing! The terrifying force sent a shockwave of dust flying out of the stage!
What! She Dodged?! Mo QingTing felt shocked at missing, but she still had the advantage. Question later, I have to end this first! Making up her mind, Mo QingTing tensed her body again!

“Fist Technique!” Mo QingTing uttered almost as soon as she smashed down on the stage, her entire body radiating a blueish Qi, which slowly gathered on her right fist.

“This is…….!!” Blood drained from Lunaria’s face as she realized her predictment!
“One Soul!”

The first sound made that entire fight emerged from Mo QingTing as she unleashed a huge hawk like energy mass from her fist!

Due to the close distance, Lunaria felt that heavy pressure of the air holding her down in place, making her unable to dodge. Lunaria calmed down.
“Heavenly Sword Ensemble, Fist Stance.”

Buzzzzing ~
The sound of vibrating steel rang out as a flash of white light tore the huge hawk energy mass in half and sped on towards Mo QingTing! That sudden turn of events caught everyone by surprise, and only the five judges kept up with the pace of the battle while the crowd were still stuck watching afterimages!

The sword qi flashed a radiant white as it sped towards Mo QingTing like a bolt of lightning. But the experienced female pugilist did not hesitate as she responded by gathering her fists towards her waist and dissipated her aura field.

Fist Technique, Soul Garment!

The white qi sent another huge shockwave through the stage as it smashed into the Soul Garment, causing even the air to shimmer as it distorted the light. The huge impact forced Mo QingTing out of the Soul Garment state, and she had to backup several steps redirect all the force down into the stage and off of her!

As for Lunaria, seeing her heavenly sword ensemble attack being blocked by soul garment, her complexion paled a bit and felt the power in LongTu’s fist style!


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