After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Fist Style, Heart Flow
Translated By: Naervon

Dodge! Even though she was surprised by the attack, but Mo QingTing’s extreme reaction speed more than made up for that stutter! The power of the spell is no joke, but the clear line of attack made dodging it very simple, and as a well versed pugilist, rapid movement and dodging attacks come to Mo QingTing like second nature, in fact, she is confident that she can dodge attacks at double that speed with ease!

But, would Lunaria let that happen?!
Crystalline Art!

Slam! Almost at the same time that Lunaria cast the Consecutive Fireball spell with her right, Mo QingTing gathered power in her feet to dodge right, but that was not all! Lunaria also cast multiple Crystalline Art shields all around Mo QingTing and cut off all the possible paths of retreating, catching Mo QingTing by surprise!

Crap! Slamming almost face first into a shield, Mo QingTing realized her situation.
Victory and defeat in a single moment. Despite the Crystalline Art being one of the basic Six Arts and known for its weakness, but its applications in battle brings out its true potential!

BOOM x4!!!!
The huge explosion raised up a massive plume of smoke, and blocked the view of the entranced audience, some powerful individuals in the crowd even begin to discuss what just happened with the people around them.

As for the judges, they were as still silent as ever. Obviously to them, a battle of this level is nowhere near enough to get praises from them.

Back on stage, Lunaria’s brows slowly furrowed as she discovered where that feeling of familiarity originated from.
Tche, so that’s why I found that familiar, Lunaria though.
For as the smoke cleared, a shapely figure emerged standing stoically in the fading smoke.

When the crowd had a clear view of the stage, they were all surprised to see that Mo QingTing wasn’t even marred from the direct hits, not even her clothing were affected. At this moment, Mo QingTing was standing still with both fists pulled back at her waist and her eyes tightly shut, a faint white aura glowing around her repelling all the smoke that are trying to enter the region.
“This is . . . . . . Fist Style, Soul Garment!” Lunaria silently thought as she finally made the connection between her feeling before. The memories of LongTu with her crazy attacks flashed through her mind as she knew with complete certainty that this was the same style!

“Oi, LongTu you there?” Tyre saw that he was in a bad spot with Lunaria, so he immediately called LongTu for help.
When the specter stone connected, all Tyre heard was sounds of cling and clangs

“I’m helping you right now, trying to get you a katana. How much for this one!”
Immediately, a old and ancient voice passed through the specter stone ‘1200’ gold

“WTF! LongTu, what are you doing buying something so expensive! Just grab any random katana less than 10 gold!”
“I’m making this katana a gift! So like it or not I’m buying it! And what did you call me for?”

“Oh! I almost forgot the important matter!” Tyre looked at Mo QingTing in front of himself, and continued
“LongTu, does your Fist Art have a name?!”

“. . . . . . .” LongTu obviously hesitated for a moment, but feeling Tyre’s urgent tone, she answered without anymore hesitation

“Yeah, it’s called【Fist Style, Heart Flow】”
“【Fist Style, Heart Flow】. . . . . . I am watching a fighter on stage atm using this style, so far, she has used soul garment and a very dangerous body technique!”

“The technique should be called Soul of Flowing water, and since she has mastered Soul Garment, then that means she should be at least at the level of Master of even higher!”

“Master stage…….” Tyre knew, that there were a total of four stages for martial artists not including Qi stages, the first being basic martial arts, something that all fighters must learn, because it is the foundation for learning more powerful techniques! As for the second stage, the Master Stage. At this stage, trying to come up with one’s own techniques is so hard that almost everyone with half a brain will decide to buy skill books or follow the path left behind by legends.

But styles are different.
Style is a type of legacy, a passing down of heritage. Despite having the same traits of having the successor walking the path of the predecessors, they are not limited.
Just like if a fighter chose to purchase a master level skill book from another master stage person, now unless he purchases even more powerful skills and techniques in the future, there won’t be too much he can do to improve the power of the skill that he bought from another person because there might not even be a powerful version to follow up.

But for the Style path, they will start learning from the very basics, and as they understand and perceive the meanings of their style’s teachings, they will automatically gain understanding of the skills and techniques a stage up. Despite sounding so convenient, the truth is the difficulty is no less than that of creating one’s own technique!

And from LongTu’s description, her style of 【Fist Style, Heart Flow】is even more special than others, because the requirements are very strict. From the two types of Fist Styles that they learn at the start, every time they comprehend a new technique, they will not be able to fully comprehend it until their stage has reached Master! Techniques like soul garment and eyes of the soul fits in that category, so LongTu was very certain that Mo QingTing is definitely a terrifying Master Stage fighter.

“But I need a way to defeat that.”
“You think I’ll tell you that? If a magician tell other people the weakness of their spells then who will fear them anymore?!” LongTu said as she picked up a blade almost as long as she is tall and let out a chuckle.

Tyre’s mind went blank as he processed that, and let out a bitter laugh. True, if LongTu told him all her weaknesses, then doesn’t that mean putting herself at his mercy? From another perspective, would he tell someone the truth if they asked him for the weakness of Heaven Sword Ensemble?! No! Most likely he will answer with the point of his sword!


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