After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Match of Attack and Defense
Translated By: Naervon
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“Mo QingTing? I’ve heard that the people of Vermillion Empire likes to put their last name first, and it is normally a single word, what an interesting custom.”
“I know right? One time I met this person from Vermillion, and he wore some really interesting clothes that you would normally see in shows and movies.”

“Though I heard that Vermillion is a place that values manners and etiquette. Although I haven’t met many, but the ones that I know are all very open and friendly.”

The whispers under stage naturally were heard by Mo QingTing, but since most were comments of curiosity and compliments, she did not get distracted. Even though she is from Vermillion and very protective of her homeland, she won’t get angry from people discussing her homeland, especially when they are giving compliments, of course, this in itself is a good indication of how people view her homeland.

As the host of the competition, Xiaer did not want the time to be spent meaninglessly discussing other empires, so he quickly walked over to the sand dial timer, and said
“Now then, my ladies, are you ready? There are only sixty seconds.”
*Silent Stares*

As both of the girls were fully concentrated on the other person by now, Xiaer didn’t really expect a response, so silence is another form of answer.

“Okay, then, let the 17th match, BEGIN!!!”
Rawrrr~ The audience let out a big round of cheers, with almost all the males cheering for Lunaria! Despite Mo QingTing’s lovely appearance and shapely figure, she still paled in comparison to Lunaria, and we are talking more than several streets worth of distance in between the two’s outward appearance.

As a pugilist, the most important factor is focusing and making full use of the body, then concentrating all that power in one killing blow at the weakness of the opponent.
Mo QingTing slightly lowered her eyelids into a semi squint as she gazed at Lunaria, then, with a sudden burst of energy to her feet, she shot forward

If Kalibi’s body movements are similar to a pouncing panther, then Mo QingTing’s movements are akin to that of a agile cat! Despite her rapid movements, she made next to no sound as she rapidly closed in. Seeing this, Lunaria’s pupils dilated to a pin prick as she reacted with a Agility Art, and used body technique slightly to dodge Mo QingTing’s attack. A very close call.

“This guy.” Lunaria and Tyre both frowned at the same time, not that she couldn’t use her divided consciousness, but that last attack was fast to the point where if she didn’t fully concentrate, she would have been defeated right there and then, and that was just a test attack! Lunaria felt that she was facing multiple people instead of just one, and Mo QingTing used nothing but special footwork in that last attack.

In fact, Lunaria felt that backing away from Mo QingTing is like backing away from the incoming tide!
This feeling, so familiar….. Who did I feel this from before …… Lunaria couldn’t help but think back.

As for Mo QingTing, she calmly analyzed the results from her testing attack. Even though Lunaria’s quick reaction give her a little surprise, but that was about it, because she knows that Lunaria’s Unique Magic is in the field of healing, so in this battle, she has a very big advantage.

But there were some parts of her movements that Mo QingTing could not understand, like that weird body technique just then when Lunaria used Agility Arts, something feels very off about how Lunaria moved.

But, as a pugilist, there was a solution to this, unknown dangers? No matter, just beat it with your fists until you know all there is to know!

Body Technique, Soul of Flowing Water!
Lunaria immediately drew back and opened up the distance between Mo QingTing and her when she saw the abrupt change in the other’s aura. And as if predicting something, Lunaria also cast several Crystalline Art shields all around herself.

I don’t have the time to cast second level Fortress! Lunaria gritted her teeth as she tried to move back even faster.
And just as Lunaria reacted, Mo QingTing left behind an after image. When the crowd finally reacted, Lunaria was sent flying in mid-air by a single punch!

Nicole nodded with silent approval as she saw what happened. If Lunaria did not have a high danger perception and cast several shields half a second before Mo QingTing moved, then it will be very likely that she won’t recover from that last attack and face certain defeat.

On the stage, Lunaria used Crystalline Art to make shields in mid air as points of support to slow her fall, and with a light spin, she landed on the stage.
I can’t let this go on! If I keep taking attacks like this, then I will always be on the defensive! Lunaria’s left hand slightly shook as blocking that last attack almost paralyzed her entire left hand.

Pugilist, what a scary fighting style . . . . no matter, instead of defending like this till I lose, I might as well go out with a boom!

Lunaria made up her mind, and suddenly used a very strange set of footwork. Mo QingTing had planned on pressing her attack, but Lunaria’s sudden use of that strange footwork gave Mo QingTing a scare.

Even though I still haven’t fully mastered the first bend of the Ten Million bends technique, but if it just for this brief match, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Lunaria didn’t look at the other’s reaction as she moved with her body technique and chanted spells at the same time, making full use of her talent of Divided Consciousness.

Two seconds passed as Mo QingTing tried to predict where Lunaria will be and plan her attack, but just as she was planning, Lunaria’s eyes lit up!
“It’s complete!”
Lunaria pointed her palm at Mo QingTing and a wave of heat rotated in mid air and coalesced
Second Stage Magic, Consecutive Fireball!

Boom Boom Boom Boom! Four huge balls of flame several times the size of a normal fireball shot out from Lunaria’s palm with speed faster than arrows and slammed towards their target!

” !” Mo QingTing clearly didn’t expect a mere second stage magician’s apprentice to cast a third stage spell. But unfortunately for her, she did not know that Lunaria possesses the Body of Raging Flames and over 70% fire affinity! Giving all her fire spells over 50% increase in power and capable of making mere second stage spells on par in power with third stage spells!


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