After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Vs. Master Pugilist
Translated By: Naervon
~pugilist means boxer

“That just then should have been the【Power of the Ancients】passed down through the emperor’s lineage” Nicole lightly said to Zamia, who slightly nodded but smiled even more. Zamia did not speak up and looked as if he didn’t want to expose who Snow Lily truly was at this moment.
As for Snow Lily, she unhappily clicked her tongue, seemingly uncaring about the low points given as she walked off the stage. As for poor Kalibi, he was carried off stage by stage hands.

“Okay, then for the next match up, could Nicole Ma’am please pick the next set of contestants!”
Nicole stood up and waved her hands, and just like that, the Picking Sign received a heavy hit, immediately showing a number.

Tyre watched as the next ten sets of matches went by, unexpectedly not being picked for any one of the ten. But as Tyre watched from the VIP section reserved for contestants, his face became more and more focused as he realized something
“Unique Magic.”

After awakening, the magic will form according to all aspects of the magician as well as magic affinity. Normally speaking, a person usually awakens his or her unique magic at third stage proper magician, but there are always cases of geniuses who awaken way before they reach third stage.
Up till now, in all ten matches that Tyre has watched, only two were won by martial artists. Despite knowing that one cause is them being suppressed down to upper qi harmony, but the power gap is still way to evident.

Some of the martial artists were 【Emperor】level fighters with all their experience, so even though they lost, in theory it shouldn’t have been so one sided. However, the appearance of unique magic changed all that!

Things like substitution switching, mental shock, magic amplify and other unique magics put the already disadvantaged martial artists at even more of a disadvantage. As soon as the magician were given a slight amount of time to prepare, then the match was basically over for the martial artist. And just like this, many martial artists lost their match in bitterness, proud【Emperor】level fighters bowing their heads in defeat to inexperienced teenage girls. Tyre didn’t need to think too deep to know just how gloomy these fighters must be, but compared to that first fighter who faced Snow Lily, he felt that the ones afterwards should consider themselves lucky.

“Things doesn’t look good.” Tyre muttered to himself. Despite the fact that he has no trouble winning against third or second stage magicians, his confidence was shattered by the sudden realization of the powerful unique magic, making him see the magicians in a whole new light.

There are way too many uncertain elements, and my own lower qi harmony qi is a joke for defense, so if my opponent has awakened her unique magic or knows a strong controlling spell, then the victory is anything but assured.
“Looks like I need to make some backup preparations.” Tyre slit his eyes as he made up his mind. He took out the specter stone from his pocket and activated it without a second thought.

“Hey, this LongTu? I need you to do something for me.”
“Oh? What thing, speak.”

“Help me get a blade, long katana blades would be the best.”
“Katana? Okay, I’ll go and help you ask around.” LongTu gave a crisp reply, but deep down inside she muttered, didn’t you only use swords? Why blades all of a sudden? As for Tyre, his eyes shone with a glinting light as he looked at the stage, where the martial artist was being forced to evade all around the stage. Tyre muttered
“I hope I won’t have to use that.”

“Okay! Then up next, let’s welcome Miss Magician 96 and Martial Artist 8766 up on stage!” Lunaria was finally picked by the Picking Sign under Rafi-Nasi’s picking, so she rearranged her robes and slowly walked on stage.

As for Claude, who was standing behind her, he looked at Lunaria’s back with looks of concern, but he refrained from cheering her on despite his inner thoughts. As for Snow Lily, who was observing Claude that entire time, grit her teeth in anger, praying for Lunaria to fail.

As for the martial artist, she was a female fighter who wore exotic traditional clothing, and for the looks of her equipement, she must be a pugilist.
The pugilist was also observing Lunaria, taking in that famed beauty through her eyes. But, to this fighter, especially a girl herself, the effects were not as pronounced. Even though she did not want to ruin that face of flawless beauty, but her second young mistress had already commanded her to go against Lunaria with no mercy. *Sigh* Looks like the best she can do is to make sure that Lunaria loses with the least pain possible.

“Okay! Let us introduce these two!” Xiaer seemed to have endless exuberance and energy when it came to introductions, his voice not showing the slightest signs of give even after all the abuse suffered through the entire competition, but rather carried his voice out even more loudly if anything, causing both the audience and even the judges to silently praise his p
“First, we have our Goddess of the match, number 96 . . . . Lunaria of Xavier Duchy!!”

*Rawrrrr ~ * Even though some of the audience had cracking voices at this moment, they gave it their best to show their love for Lunaria, and if one listened closely, there seemed to be many weird sounds coming from certain male audience members… Hearing this, Rafi-Nasi’s face darkened once more, scaring Nicole into another frenzied round of calming Rafi down. As for Ray Lindauer, well, he was still having his lolicon dreams unperturbed by anything.

As the cheers of the crowd gradually died down, Xiaer followed up immediately with the second introduction
“As for our number 8766 on this side of the stage, we have a fighter from the great empire of Vermillion, who is now under service of Miliac Kingdom, the pugilist, Mo QingTing!”


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