After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 84

Chapter 84 The First Match
Translated by: Naervon

“Shut Up! Get Lost!”
Hearing this vulgar language, Wolfus shook his head under the stage, sighing that she revealed her inner self again.
Lunaria’s even more worried by the outburst, because she cleared remembered that she sprayed an entire nosebleed all over Snow’s face, Snow wouldn’t pull a title of treason on her for that… would she?
Claude, standing beside Lunaria, frowned and hesitantly asked
“Princess Snow Lily?”

“Eh? Claude Young Master, you recognized her also?”
“Yes. . . . . although I can’t be sure just from her voice alone, but judging by the time we spent playing when we were small, I can recognize that attitude anywhere…” At the same time Claude was replying, he was still recalling what Lunaria said to him earlier in the resting area

【I’ll Love you to Death!】
Just what does she mean…… Claude thought about this one phrase for the longest time, even after he had calmed down, but to no avail.

Kalibi positioned his spear and slightly crouched forward. Both of his eyes glinted like a hawk, showing no anger despite everything. After all, he was still a【Emperor】level powerhouse, and he won’t be easily angered by a few words of disrespect from a kid.

The biggest weakness of all magicians is that they are very limited in close quarters combat, they have a slight moment in between spells when incanting, and their personal defense is very weak if they do not have defensive spells up. If Kalibi fully exploit these three weak points, then he believes that even with his actual power being suppressed down to Qi harmony levels, he can still easily best a third stage magic beast, let alone this inexperienced girl.

Body Technique, Panther Pounce!
Preemptive Strike! He must not give her any time to respond, because it doesn’t matter whether the magician is at second or third stage in magic, as long as a magician gets enough time, the situation will become hell for the martial artist.

Using the thrusting force from Panther Pounce Technique, Kalibi reached an unbelievable speed, leaving traces of after images behind him. He clutched the spear in his hand and thrusted the spear without hesitation towards the girl in front of him.

His attack was just like a one hit kill technique, because he cannot afford the time to use any martial techniques to empower the spear. And so after considering his options, Kalibi decided to use speed over power.

“Crystalline Art.”
Snow Lily kept her darkened face, and responded with a defensive spell. She raised her hand and with her hand, a deep yellow shield appeared in front of her. Kalibi’s spear point slammed into the shield and clanged as if the spear had struck metal, the powerful backlash force staggered Kalibi back several feet backwards, a look of extreme disbelief on his face

“It bounced off!?”
The judges all silently nodded their heads under the stage, because to practice the basic Crystalline Art to this step of solidness takes a very big effort.

And what was even more shocking was, Snow Lily did not use this chance to chant a spell, but rather used a shocking speed to close the gap between herself and Kalibi!

Kalibi’s pupils dilated, but before he could react, a small dainty hand had already covered his face.
As for Snow Lily, she grabbed his face and suddenly used extreme force, slamming his head into the stage!
BOOM! The reinforced stage was not affected at all, but the crowd all felt the back of their heads hurt from just watching, and silently sent their sympathy for Kalibi’s head.

“I told you to get lost, do you not hear me? Lowly Peasant!”
And this was the last thing that Kalibi heard before he fainted.
The crowd was silent for all of 2 seconds before bursting out in a huge wave of cheer. Was this still a magician? Was this still a dainty girl? Such a violent action from a magician completely destroyed the mysterious air that magicians were supposed to keep.

But all this discussion about her did not make Snow Lily waver one bit as she looked at the female host down-stage, who recovered and rapidly put up a warm smile.

“What a brilliant match! The experienced Mr. Kalibi was defeated by Miss Snow Lily in an instant! What a victory! I am sure everyone must be dying to know how the judges will score them right? Then let’s start with points for the losing side, with 10 being the max and 0 being the lowest. Judges, please start!”

“1 point” Zamia
“1 point” Nicole
“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” Ray Lindauer
“He said 1 point” Nicole translated
“0 point” Rafi Nasi
“0.5 point” Simon

“Okay, then for the losing side, we have 3/5 points! What a shame, then let us look at our winning side, highest being 15 and lowest 5 point! Judges please!”

“7 point” Zamia
“9 point” Nicole
“Zzzzzzzzz” Ray Lindauer
“He said 9 point” Nicole translated again
“6 point” Rafi
“Hmmm 8 point” Simon

“Ehh? Even though the max point per judge is 15 point, but why did the judges rate so low. There must be a crucial reason, let’s invite Rafi Nasi Sire to explain.” Xiaer commented as he saw the confused faces in the crowd, asking the question that everyone was wondering. Despite her hate of males, Rafi was still a person who can see the situation, so she answered lightly

“Despite Miss Snow Lily’s clean victory, I stress one point, this is magical girl competition, if it weren’t for that great Crystalline Art, I would have given even less points.”

So that’s the reason! A lot of onlookers suddenly comprehended the judge’s reasoning, because as a onlooker and not a judge, they only cared about whether or not the match was exciting and never considered from a competition’s perspective, so facing this very decisive slamming victory, many in the crowd felt that more points were deserved but never considered this from the judges’ perspective.


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