After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Shut Up! Get Lost!

Translated by : Naervon
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Tyre let out a natural smile, for just as LongTu had guessed, his true power does not lie with Qi itself, but rather with his Sacred Grade Body Techniques as well as his Sacred Grade Martial Techniques. With his two deity taught trump cards, Tyre could not imagine any scenario where he will fail against these inexperienced girls.

“Come to think of it, Elena, why did you stare at me that entire time in the room?”
“?” Elena blinked her eyes and answered innocently

“I was just trying to comprehend the true meaning behind Tyre Sire’s actions, only I am too dumb, and couldn’t even begin to understand. Blowing steam from your nose like an ox, flushed face, rapid heartbeat, goosebumps, fainting and showing the whites of your eyes, having a huge nosebleed, doing a 360 degree backflip, doing a forward 720 degree sliding kneel, barrel rolling across the floor, handstand, one hand stand push ups, chewing the corners of the desk, face smashing the wall, face smashing the ground, headbutting the corner of the desk, headbutting the flower pots, head . . . . ”

“Wait wait wait wait, okay okay, I admit it’s my fault, I’m wrong, I shouldn’t ask you. Just look at all the people staring at me with strange eyes!” Tyre almost fainted again from embarrassment. No wonder his head hurts so much, so that’s what was happening when he lost conscience, but he was slightly amazed that his body could perform so many outrageous feats.

The little elf “But I still really want to know what the meaning behind all those actions is!”
Tyre ” . . . . Just take your time, no need to rush, also, don’t let anyone else hear of this.”
“Oh~got it.”

“Alright, then next, we shall have Zamia Sire come and draw the match ups.” Xiaer spoke up at the perfect time after people have understood the rules, recovering from his mishap earlier. When all the attention is focused on Zamia, a few stage hands brought up a huge blank sign.
The female host Xiwa explained to the crowd

“This is the picking sign, it will randomly pick out a number when hit.”
Zamia naturally knew what it was, and gave a slight smile as he made a small circle in the air with his finger. As the circle was formed, a small water attribute ball formed, and with a flick of his finger, the ball of water flew at the sign

BOOM, a huge nose shook the entire stage, but the sign held up, obviously made to withstand the judge’s power.

Beep, a series of numbers showed up
“Okay, will Magician number 103462 come to the stage please! The rest of the contestants please wait under the stage. Zamia Sire, could you please draw the martial artist number now?”
Zamia nodded slightly, and threw out a tiny water ball at the sign once more

“Number 8! Please remain on stage, while the rest of the contestants leave the stage.”
As everyone except the two picked contestants left the stage, one girl and one guy was left on the stage, even the stage hosts left in a hurry.

“Okay, let us introduce these two contestants.” Xiaer ignored the tense atmosphere on stage and introduced leisurely
“Miss 103462 is Miss Snow Lily from our empire’s capital!”
“As for number 8, please welcome Kalibi – Kucjet!”

“Let’s give our first match up a round of applause! Oh so much anticipation!”
A huge wave of applause followed up, and even though most of the audience are tired from so much cheering and clapping, but they still kept their initial excitement, no matter if it was because of the mood around them or the fantastic performance, their blood boiled with excitement.

“Capital, Snow Lily?” feeling something off, Zamia frowned, because Snow Lily wore a special veil that blocked his perception.
“Zamia Sire.” Nicole lightly called, and Zamia returned with a nod
“So it’s like that. Did Xavier receive any information?”

“The Princess should be arriving at the mansion today.”
“Then all is settled.” Zamia stopped frowning and let out a playful smile
“The little kid has grown up to be a fine looking girl.”
” . . . . ” Nicole

“Please to meet you big brother, my name is Snow Lily~” Snow let out a very sweet smile, which, despite being blocked by the black veil, still carried through her crisp and soothing voice.
“Hello, I heard what your name was just a few moments ago.” The focused martial artist Kalibi said as he allowed the stage hands to put the heavenly shackles on him and suppress him Qi.

“Truly annoying.” Kalibi rotated his arm and frowned even more, with the suppression on, he couldn’t afford to use any big moves because now his Qi is limited, and the ones he could use still are very few.

“Ha?” Snow Lily looked dumbfounded, as if she misheard something, and let out an extremely exaggerated questioning sound.
“Shouldn’t a normal person respond with a mannered self introduction after someone introduces themself? Why do you still have the face to stand here still if you don’t even have the slightest bit of manner? AGH?!!”

“?” Kind of shocked by Snow Lily’s sudden outburst, Kalibi was just about to say something when Snow Lily said again
“Shut Up! Get Lost!”


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