After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Let the Third Round Begin!

Translated by: Naervon

Lunaria quickly rinsed her body and climbed out of the steamy pool, all the while resist the urge to . . . She found the clothes that Snow had strewn all over the place and put them back on. Yes, she managed to do it all by herself. Ever since that … ‘incident’, Lunaria only allows her wardrobe to be filled with clothes that are easy to remove and put on, the kind that allows her to use the restroom in less two or three quick motions.

“Now that I think of it, who was the genius that designed this bathhouse? Even though I’m thankful for his brilliant design, but I also half died from losing too much blood.” Lunaria muttered under her breath. Having a feast with her eyes is great, but not so much when she can’t touch or have her way. The more she looks the bigger the urge, and there is nothing worse than something that you want but can’t have taunting you.

Stop stop stop, If I keep thinking this, then I might only use my body for the purpose of peeking, then will I be any different from a complete pervert?!

Lunaria knew where she stood with herself, she knew that she was a little perverted, but she was definitely not a complete pervert.
Obviously, Lunaria didn’t consider that she wasn’t too far away from what she considered a full pervert just from the fact that she admitted to being a pervert in the first place.

*Clink* suddenly, a sound of something metallic hitting the tiles rang out. Lunaria looked towards the sound and saw a small yet dainty bracelet rolling her way.

“This is…….” Lunaria bent down and picked up the bracelet in her hands, a fragment of a foreign memory flashed through her mind and disappeared. Lunaria gave a small shiver, but just as she was trying to recall that piece of memory, a voice interrupted her thoughts. A girl with wavy green hair stood in front of her and asked

“Sorry, Miss, this is my bracelet, may I have it back?”
“. . . . . of course.” Lunaria said somewhat absent-mindedly as she handed over the bracelet, trying to recall that piece of memory, that foreign yet familiar memory.

“Thank you.” The green haired girl slightly picked up the corners of her long dress and gave a proper lady’s bow. Lunaria gave one in return and asked
“What is this bracelet?”

“Remembrance.” The girl gave another slight smile as she slowly put on the bracelet.
“Remembrance……” Lunaria frowned heavily, for this was another foreign sounding yet familiar name.
“Can you tell me your name?”

“Mine name?”
“I am called Largess. T . Sharlea.”
“Largess. . . .”
“May I take my leave now?”

“Ah, sorry for bothering you, please, feel free.”
“No matter, there will come a time when I will bother you too.” Largess gave yet another slight smile and another well mannered bow before slowly walking out of the changing room.

“Largess . . . . ” Repeating the name in her mouth, Lunaria still could not recall who that person was try as she might. Anyways, that name was very familiar to her, could it be a name she’s heard of recently somewhere? Sadly, Lunaria didn’t pay too much attention to the things happening around her, so stranger’s names would usually wash over her mind and she would forget them in a few seconds.

*Bwang Bwang Bwang~*

A clear sound came from all the sound stones along the hallway, sounding the end of the break. All the people who passed the second round slowly walked out of the resting building. The original two thousand has now been reduced down to only two hundred. Despite the still heavy atmosphere, contestants made no commotion as they headed towards the stage.

As for on the stage, Lao Jerry just finished his story of the Great Uprising, and left amidst the roaring applause of the crowd.
With Lao Jerry’s exit, the two hosts took up the stage once more. The male host said first
“What an amazing story from Lao Jerry Sire, I felt as if I was there in person and experiencing everything first handed. Oh how I wish I was born a few hundred years earlier to personally experience that legendary period, and to personally witness the feats of those great heros. Lamentably sad… lamentably sad”

“Xiaer, what are you going on about now? Is your brain okay?” the female host Xiwa roasted him from the other side and even took a few steps away to emphasize her point.

Xiaer gave an embarrassed cough, gave Xiwa a glare and said

“Don’t you know that four words make a poem? I’m trying to teach you how to beautify your literacy level by using remarkable words!”

“Oh ho? Then…. Xia Wa Dumb Dumb is also a poem right?”

Hahahahaha, the crowd burst into uproarious laughter, as they all tried to compose four worded insults targeting Xiaer, making Xiaer even more embarrassed. He gave a heavy cough, and said with a serious face

“Okay, now that Lao Jerry Sire has graced us with his presence, then coming up, we have the third round of the competition, and our contestants need to hear our support for them! C’mon show me where the applause are!”

*Applauding sounds*

Slowly, the crowd parted to let 100 pairs of contestants through to the stage. 100 beautiful magician girls and 100 martial artist partners walked out together in pairs.
Seeing this, Xiaer shouted into the amplifying magic stone

“Then, I shall explain the rules for the third round of the competition!”


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