After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Sorry

Translated By: Naervon
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“Who? Missus is one of the current 13 Princesses of the Empire, Princess Snow Lily-Kear Jantis, one of the most talented in the entire empire.” Lunaria tried to answer in as a flattering tone as possible, but Snow Lily wasn’t buying it. Snow pressed Lunaria
“Then do you know why a Princess like me would travel to such a desolate little country?”
“?” Lunaria blinked her eyes, and answered probingly

“Is it not for the birthday feast of the Xavier Duke Sire?”
“Falysess? You think he’s worth my time?” Snow Lily rolled her eyes and said with some disdain. Despite looking cute while doing it, but the anyone could tell that she was looking down on the entire Duchy.

Wow, what a princess. Lunaria couldn’t help but give Snow a secret thumbs up. Lunaria still remembered the scare that the Duke gave her, and Snow Lily seemed not to give him one shred of respect, as expected of the princess. But, compared to just a few moments ago, Snow Lily’s attitude completely reversed.

“Oi, Miss Lunaria.” Snow Lily snapped Lunaria out of her thinking, and said once more
“Do you not know that big brother Claude is my fiance?”

“Claude. . . oh, I think I’ve heard about this.” Lunaria rubbed her chin, looking nonchalante about the information that she heard from servants gossiping, not really giving a reaction.
Seeing Lunaria’s uncaring face, Snow Lily’s face sank, and she continued with a hint of accusation

“Then why are you still together with big brother Claude?! Even when you know that he is my Fiance!”
“Eh? Why not?”
“YOU YOU YOU!” Snow Lily’s face sank even further, because she felt insulted by Lunaria. Who was she? The Princess! And this nobody dares to come between her fiance and her?! Just thinking about Claude being seduced away by this kind of woman. . . she couldn’t bear the thought of it, just the thought gives her anger, anger that she needs to vent!

“You Stinking WHORE!!!”
Snow Lily screamed so loud, that almost everyone heard her anger. Almost everyone in the bathhouse rushed to see what the commotion was, after all, who doesn’t love more gossip material?

“S stinking whore??” Lunaria backed up in the water, completely shocked by Snow Lily’s outburst and emanating aura. She finally understood the feeling of Tiska when LongTu called her names. The shock was so great, she took a complete three seconds to understand what just happened.

Snow Lily didn’t stop and walked in front of Lunaria, stopping only after both their chests were squished together and their faces were only 1 inch apart, so close that they could feel each other’s breath.
“SHUT UP!” Snow Lily’s face was still ridden with anger, and continued saying

“Why do you think I came to this stupid contest for? If it I wasn’t here check to see if big brother Claude was being seduced by a prostitute like you I wouldn’t come to these slums at all!”
“P prostitute. . . . . .?!”

“Shut up!” Shouting once more, Snow Lily’s little mouth continued spewing out dirty words
“I didn’t think that in the two years that I wasn’t around big brother Claude, some nobody would take this chance to take him away from me. Who do you think you are?! Do you think just because you have a pretty face that you can climb your way up just by sleeping with big brother Claude a few times?!”
“Nobody .. .. .. .. sleeping?”

“Shut up! Let me tell you, big brother Claude is mine, and always will be mine! I won’t let anyone take his heart away from me, don’t think I won’t touch you just because you are the disciple of Grandpa Lao Jerry. As long as anyone gets in between big brother Claude and I, not even a deity will be forgiven!”

” . . . . . . .”
“Do you think I don’t know who you are? A pretentious plotting harlot who pretended to be robbed by a pervert just so you can get close to kind hearted big brother Claude! Then using your meager talents and playing pitiful to worm your way into Grandpa Lao Jerry’s heart and become his disciple. Now that you feel like you can take it a step further by inviting my kind hearted big brother Claude to join you as a companion in this competition! If I was in big brother Claude’s shoes, I’d beat you half dead then leave you in the dungeon to rot!”

“Umm, Miss Snow Lily.” Lunaria covered her nose, let out an apologetic expression and said

Spurt! Bright red blood covered Snow Lily’s entire face. Lunaria wiped off the blood still dripping down her small nose, and peeked at Snow Lily’s face

“I couldn’t stand to be in hot water ever since I was a child. If I stay too long, my nose will bleed.”
“. . . . . . .” Snow Lily was speechless. She turned around with her face still dark and left, her menacing aura dissipating as if it never existed.
Watching her leave, Lunaria patted her heart with some relief. That moment when Snow Lily pressed up to her, her thoughts took a vacation, and all her blood rushed up with an unsuppressed excitement, and she couldn’t hold them back anymore.
“Now that I think of it, Snow Lily’s skin really is soft, but what did she just say just then?…”

“【Indigo Jewelry Hall】, I’m sure that all of you are aware of this name. Their first appearance can be traced back to a very long time ago, but in this revolt, over 10 Sect Masters and over hundreds of members appeared. Inside their organization, there are three ranks, Sect Master, Member, and Outer Members. The Great Revolt happened not too long ago, in fact, I am sure that some older generation amongst you still remember hearing stories about it. Both the assault of the【G】and the rise up of the【Devils Nest】acted like the fire that lighted the flames of the Great Unrest (tl: was revolt, fixed).” Lao Jerry said calmly, but what he didn’t say was that this wasn’t the true history, after all, he didn’t want to make people think less of the empire if they knew that at the time, only two Sect Master and a few Members managed to cause so much grief in the empire, that wasn’t the result that Lao Jerry wanted.


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