After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 7

Magician and Martial Artist

“……….” Tyre was silent.

“……….” KaMing was also silent.

“That’s right, Sir KaMing, what was the magic you spoke of just now? Is it a type of mysterious energy?” The extreme speed of topic changing left KaMing stupefied for a moment before he replied with a cough.

“That’s right, since you have amnesia, the common knowledge for this continent must have also disappeared with your memories. Though, not losing language and cognition is a fortunate thing.” KaMing ignored Tyre’s reactions, and started circling Tyre.

“Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, these are the five low level attribute elements, and Light, Dark, Space, these are the three high level attribute elements. Just as I said before, as long as one’s compatibility reaches above 10% with a certain element, the one can learn magic from that attribute.”

“Magic, just as it’s name indicates, uses the law of magic, and there are 17 stages of magic laws.” Stopping there, KaMing raised his left pincer, and suddenly a big scorching fireball appeared above his left pincer, as if a smaller version of the sun, the terrifying temperature caused Tyre to unconsciously take a step back.

[Jerry: Imagine a crab with it’s pincers up holding a fireball.]

“This is first stage magic, fireball. From here on up, first stage and second stage magicians are Magician Apprentice, the third stage is Magician, fourth to ninth stage are Grand Magician, ten to thirteenth stage are Magic instructors, as for 14 to 16 stages, these are the limits that mortals can reach, Sacred Magicians, and from stage 17 and up, the magic supersedes the boundaries and are called “Non-magic” only deities and other races can interact at this level. Have you understood what I have said so far?”

“Yes KaMing Sir, I feel that Magic is very good, can you teach me this, I believe that with this I can safely leave this forest.”

Tyre’s eyes shone with light, and his impression of the big crab increased by the second, the very poisonous looking green shell now looked somewhat profound.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I entered the realm of the deities through the path of Martial Arts after all, the magic part is something that I learned out of boredom after becoming a deity, I, myself is still half-baked in it, how can I teach you.” KaMing said with extreme honesty, and KaMing was someone who said what was in their mind, without the slightest cover up, giving Tyre a better impression of the crab, also, the crab almost seemed like a real deity, or in other words, to be able to talk to a mortal with such equality, can be said to be very approachable, very honest and modest.

“Then your meaning is…….”

Tyre said half a sentence, how could KaMing not understand what Tyre was thinking inside, so he waved his pincer in a nonchalant way and said

“Since you helped me escape that patch of mud, as a deity I will make it worth your while, even though I still have a mountain of things to take care of, I can still teach you a few moves.”

“Really?! Then let’s start now!” Tyre said with extreme excitement, when he thought of the moment before when the blond bastard scared himself with just a glare from the eyes, he suddenly became angry. Although Tyre doesn’t like to provoke others, but if it’s that guy, if he doesn’t return the favor, he can’t live down this matter.

“I already planned to teach you a few moves, and then I have to go take care of my business, of course you can be assured, even if the lowest deity teaches you, you will have some accomplishments, not even mentioning a veteran deity such as myself.”

“En En” Tyre nodded his head, so obedient that KaMing suspected that the rude youth that so easily dismissed himself earlier was an illusion.

After recovering his wits, KaMing coughed once, just like a teacher, still circlingTyre.

“Martial artists are one in ten people, compared to magicians, they can be said to have reached an overflow state, because of this, martial arts are more strict on the rankings, and the professions are even more diverse, knights are one, assassins are one, and swordmasters are one, just as a side note, magicians also have seal masters, elementalists, and seers.

“Just as magicians need the elemental magic around them to cast magic, martial artists also need DouQi to use martial techniques.

[Qi Harmony] is the first stage, where the body becomes many times stronger than that of a normal person, comparable to that of a wild beast.

[Army Breaker], the number of people who can reach this stage is just like the top level of a pagoda, much smaller than the masses of [Qi Harmony], this stage can be said to be the main pillars of a nation, some small nations will even grant pieces of land to entice them.

[Heavenly Son] and even higher the [Phoenix] stage I think will be useless to you even if I did explain them, when you reach a certain stage, you will naturally know.”

As if considering Tyre’s amnesia, KaMing told him some very basic knowledge in detail, Tyre sat and listened to this as if a very obedient student, taking in all that the big crab was saying.

“En, a basic martial artist must possess DouQi, Martial Technique, and various weaponry. DouQi cultivation method I can teach you, Body technique and Martial Technique I can also pass along to you, as for weaponry, I think this tree branch will suffice.”

“As a deity, KaMing sir don’t you have any belongings?”

“Shutup! All things can be used, as long as you are clear in the martial moves, even a small tree branch can defeat someone far stronger than you.” KaMing said with a grand and aloof attitude, but in Tyre’s eyes, the crab seemed to be lacking in confidence.

“Cough Cough, really is a naive brat, okay, enough useless talk, let us start with body method.”

“………” Tyre’s brows furrowed, he became solemn without saying a word.

“Is something the matter?”

“No, nothing, please continue teaching me.” Tyre suddenly became silent because his other self, woke up.


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