After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Turning Hostile
Translated by : Naervon ~*High Energy Ahead!*
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If one was to ask Lunaria for a description of heaven, she would probably be answerless due to memory loss. But, from the moment that she opened her eyes, she can now proudly say that
Heaven is this place, the scene before her, the changing room!
The view can be said to have surpassed all that is wonderful and good, beautiful figures standing there one after the other, displaying perfection in all its glory. With so many different choices to look at, Lunaria was slightly overwhelmed. What? You say those angelic beauties are staring back at her with eyes even more bloodshot? Just ignore it, all will be better.

More importantly, she finally took that step towards becoming a peeping tom who doesn’t need to hide! Ah, just how many times did she want to do this, to use the advantages of a body like this and commit shameless acts devoid of all morals. But due to the strict environment of the Duke’s mansion and the needs to keep up her appearance in front of others, she had no chance to even try, especially since Leah wouldn’t even let her have time to herself! But now, all is different, now, she can commit these acts shamelessly in public!

Sweeping her eyes over each shamelessly displayed bodies in front of her, each with its own merits, so big as melons and others small and just right, Lunaria’s face gradually turned a deep red.
Oh no…
What will I be seen as if I nosebleed here?! Won’t I be labeled as a pervert and kicked out?!
She hurriedly covered her nose and mouth with her hands, but just as she did that, Snow Lily turned around and walked in front of Lunaria, saying with a smile
“Why Miss Lunaria, what’s the matter?”

“!!!!!” Is there anything more exciting than a forbidden act?! Seeing the Princess’s fully unclothed body in full display not a hands length away from her eyes, Lunaria’s eyes turned even more bloodshot as she forced her head to look away, but Snow Lily wouldn’t have any of that and turn Lunaria’s face right back to facing her
“Miss Lunaria, do you not understand that turning your face when talking with someone is a very rude thing to do?”
I know! Lunaria screamed inside, but don’t you know that swinging two fluffy white bunnies my face is also a very rude thing?! Swing and bouncing… and swinging…..

“Miss… Miss Snow Lily, you must understand my difficulties, for I grew up taking baths all alone, and being put in an environment with so many people at once is very embarrassing for me.” Risking the danger of spouting out red liquid at any moment, Lunaria pieced together an excuse…. However, pity be had, Snow Lily completely walked over her excuse

“Why must I understand you Miss Lunaria.”
“Uhhh……..” such solid reasoning…. Lunaria hesitated as she remembered who was standing in front of her, but just as she paused, Snow Lily grabbed her yet again and dragged her towards the big pool of steaming water at breakneck speeds. If Lunaria didn’t practice any body techniques, just this dragging would have injured her.

“At the royal palace, we have a rule for all girls to take baths together, even though the pool here is 100x smaller, but the shape is still the same, so Miss Lunaria, you must learn to face your fears and open your heart, and let others see your full and magnificent pair in all their glory.”
Full and magnificent pair? Does the royal palace have rules to judge each other based on size in the bath?
And with that train of thought, more blood rushed upwards, making her face even redder. Although, in the eyes of others, the red face make her even more cute.

As for Tyre, due to passing out from too much blood loss, he can still feel his body from Lunaria’s link, but its so weak that it can break any moment, just like when Lunaria passed out before. Even more infuriating was that little wind elf Elena! Why is she just watching me die! And those eyes, is she looking for an opportunity to eat me?!

“No, I…. I must keep my calm. Lunaria, you can do this, this isn’t a hard thing.” Lunaria clenched her little fist and muttered, but Snow Lily wouldn’t have any of that, and threw Lunaria into the pool chest first without any warning.

Splash! Water flew everywhere, but not a single person minded, or should I say they were all entranced. One beauty is very alluring, but add two together running at full speed, that bounce has already surpassed the limits of physics, and all who watched became slaves to that majestic view!

“Wait wait! Don’t you think you are being a little too passionate? Miss Snow Lily?”
Feeling some unease, Lunaria finally voiced her question out loud. The royal princess of the empire, why would she target me? I’m just a nobody who has a pretty face and a good body, what does she want from me? Out of everyone here, why me specifically? Also, Snow is being way too passionate. Despite saying that she is here visiting under incognito and wanting to understand how peasants lived, there is no need to specifically experience it with me!

And most importantly, if Princess Snow Lily keeps this up, Lunaria’s self-restraint might not be able to hold up!
Snow Lily surfaced her head out of the water and stared at Lunaria with a slight smile, but after Lunaria asked that question, the atmosphere became cold, despite being in a warm pool

Lunaria sensitively felt traces of cold killing intent coming off of Snow Lily. This immediately alerted Lunaria and all her hotblooded thoughts all died down. Plus, both of their bodies were fully submerged in the misty pool, so the stimulation wasn’t fueling the fire anymore.

“Miss Lunaria, why do you ask?”
“I only have this feeling, because after all, I’m just a small nobody, even though my appearance may be better than average, but I’m sure that this is nothing in the eyes of your royal majesty.”

“So is this how it’s going to be? Do you know why I traveled all this way from the Capital of the empire on that jolting and uncomfortable magic train?” Snow Lily gradually let her fake smile fade, causing Lunaria to have shivers down her spine.
The current princess has the power to make her day very bad, even though Lunaria has enough preparations that she can protect her own life, but that will ruin all her plans.
“I don’t know.”
“Oh ho, then let me rephrase it for you, do you know who I am and why I came?”



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