After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Sage King of Holy Cleansing and Goddess of the Clear Rains

Translated by : Naervon

“Wait up! Miss Snow Lily, I… I’ll open my eyes, but you can’t run… please.” Lunaria grudgingly submitted and shouted out, are you joking? Staying here all naked and wait for others to laugh at her? When the third round is about to start does she go out on stage in her birthday suit or hide in the bathhouse all by herself? If someone let out the news saying ‘Lunaria lost her clothing and is staying inside the girls bathhouse’…. Lunaria could see the news title coming out, replacing the top headlines【Magic Girl Competition: A certain girl is forced to leave the stage because of misplaced clothing】. *Shiver* Just thinking about that ending gave her the goosebumps. ‘Well, since there is nothing but bad options left, I might as well take the lesser of the two evils’ Lunaria thought in her heart, throwing caution to the winds.

Princess Snow Lily, I didn’t choose to do this of my own volition…. You’re forcing me to do this! This is all your responsibility!!
You make me do this!!
And so, Lunaria finally opened her eyes. tl~【( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)】

“That year, despite the fact that Darven came into power and led the fight against the deities, the ranks of demonic deities did not weaken. Or should I say, as the land claimed by the demonic deities grew, more and more new deities were attracted to joined the invasion.” Lao Jerry took the cup of coffee offered to him by a respectful maid, stopped talking and nodded his appreciation to the girl

The young girl didn’t know how to respond to the praise, so she rushed a bow and scurried off the stage with her face bright red. But this was ignored by the crowd as they all waited for Lao Jerry to continue. Lao Jerry took a sip of coffee and continued

“From what I know, the most critical turning battle, the battle of Laviaer, counted the bloodiest battle ever known. In that battle alone, deities fell in the hundreds, and the big rebellious factions,【G】and【Blue Jewel Hall】, of the empire also rose up and caused unbalance from within the empire. Because of all this, the central power was scattered and could not spare any strength, and so, they stood out. The powerful 【Sage King of Holy Cleansing】and the Goddess of Clear Rains both stood out. Risking their own territories, they forced back the hundreds of demonic deities into the Great Forest of Funerals and made them sign a thousand year pact to not invade again.”

Sage King of Holy Cleansing! Goddess of Clear Rains! Two very well known deities. Basically all of humanity know of the two names from the moment they could understand language. Who was the Sage King of Holy Cleansing?! If someone asked that question, they would probably face a mugging or be thrown into a dimensional rift into another world. Are you kidding, the head of the Nine Heavenly Sage Kings, possessing 90% Holy Affinity from childhood, guarding and walking the honor and chivalry that all knights aspire to follow, creating the number one sword technique【Flashing Sword Technique】, basically the model of perfection. Due to his many achievements and merits, the Emperor personally bestowed many titles and honors on to him, and even the angels from God’s realm came down to offer him a place in the God’s realm before he even reached the level of deity, and what’s even more shocking is that he rejected their offer and opted to stay and guard the empire, becoming the famed【Guardian】of the entire empire.

As for the Goddess of Clear Rains, if anyone dared to ask who that was, then sorry, you are looking at the same treatment. Be prepared to be dragged into a dark alley by burly guys and then have a wonderful time there. The Goddess is the one that men dream of when they imagine perfection, and women think of her when they need a model of admiration. Ranked 3rd for the most well known deity across the realms, and 2nd for the most beautiful female in the empire. Combining her boundless power and beauty, no amount of praises can be too much. Although there are only three out of nine Heavenly Sage Kings in the entire empire, she is the only female in the Ten Earthly Sage Kings. As for the other locations of the Earthly Sage Kings, there are two in Vermilion Empire, two in the Elven Empire, and a shocking 5 in the Holy Dragon ruled Heavenly Empire from beyond the seas, as for Paragon Holy Kingdom… sorry, 0. So to call her the Goddess of the Empire suits her perfectly, as a matter of fact, the Goddess even has 7 deities under her as her believers, her prestige clear for all to see.

Lao Jerry sighed and put down the coffee in his hand, saying
“After that, things fell into order gradually, and the entire northern region of the empire was slowly reclaimed. The hundred years war finally ended. But, opposite to the peace from the deities, the great uprising started to consume the empire not long after. . . . Oh, would you look at the time, we still have 20 minutes left. Since I finished the story of the Great Forest of Funerals Invasion, and if no one objects, I can tell the story of the Great Revolt.”

“Does everyone want to hear?” The male host Xiaer asked an irresistible question, and with Lao Jerry speaking, no one was going to say no, no matter if it is because of the peer pressure or because of homage to Lao Jerry, or because of plain curiosity, but the end result was

“YES!!!!!” a terrifying wave of cries washed over the stage, blowing past Lao Jerry like a gentle spring breeze, his coffee holding hand steady as ever.

“Alright.” Lao Jerry gave a slight smile and took another sip of coffee, continuing
“Then let’s start from the first day of the revolt.”

“Wow wow wow, ummm Tyre Sire, you okay? You seemed to have lost a lot of blood from your nose!” the wind elf jumped up and asked in panic when she saw Tyre’s nose suddenly burst out a gout of bright red blood, looking left and right and rapidly located a napkin to stem the nosebleed.

But just as Elena picked up the napkin in her hands, she suddenly stop her steps.
“Wait, every move the Tyre Sire makes have a deep meaning behind is, so even if his eyes are showing whites and his nose bleeding like a faucet, he must be wanting me to comprehend something deep behind it! Yes, it must be so. Phew, I’m glad I caught myself in time. How foolish of me to think that the great Sire would just have a simple ordinary nosebleed. I must use my utmost concentration and try to comprehend as so to not let Sire’s efforts go to waste!”

And so, Elena ignored Tyre, who passed out from excessive blood loss, and sat back in her chair and resumed her important task of staring at Tyre.


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