After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Chelsea’s grudging thoughts

Translated by : Naervon

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Chelsea, one of the most talented magicians from the Miliac Kingdom. Being 17 and in the best time to develop magic, Chelsea has already reached stage 3 and is a full magician, which, when compared to normal people, makes her stand out all the more. As a full magician, Chelsea can even go toe to toe with【Army Break】ranked martial artists without losing ground.

But even so, a super talented girl like her was trampled underfoot in this competition again and again. Take the first round for example, Chelsea had thought that she was going to be taking first place without a sweat, but at then end, she found herself in second place, with three others tied for first! Snow Lily and Elena she can say that they were better than her, but why does there have to be a nobody from the arch-enemy duchy as well, Lunaria or something like that, said to be the number 1 beauty in the entire empire. Laughable, if she really was that pretty, Chelsea swears that she’ll eat her own bra!

The second round turned out to be even more infuriating than the first, she had thought that Elena would be disqualified but ended up winning the admiration of the venerable Simon himself!

Arghh, what a mess!
Chelsea’s two female companions saw her moody face, and tried to calm her
“Don’t focus on these small details, look, didn’t we also pass to the next round? We know this only happened because Chelsea you didn’t get the chance to shine yet and the other three just got lucky.”

“Yeah, or else it’ll be Chelsea you taking the spotlight for sure.”
The flattering praises raised Chelsea’s spirits and cheered her up, making her feeling better inside.
“Mm, thanks, let’s go take a bath and go relax, after all, those challenges made us all dirty.”

“I agree, I really don’t know how those judges can come up with so many different challenges, and with each so difficult to figure out too.”
“Don’t you think that it’s only natural that they can? Because they’ve all experienced so much more than us, so I think it’s only natural that they can come up with so many.”

“Enough enough, these things aren’t for us to worry about.” Chelsea shook her head, not caring whether or not if things were planned in advance by the judges or just made on the spot from experience, what’s that got to do with them. Also, Chelsea didn’t feel happy that the topic wasn’t about her again. Being the best of the 10000 magic girls in the competition, why aren’t these two being eager to flatter her and praise her? Why are they talking about the judges instead? Laughable.

Only she did not realize or knew but ignored the fact that the two other girls who accompanied her were also one in hundred geniuses themselves. Would any talented young person be willing to bow down their head to another person of the same age? Only, the power gap between Chelsea and them was too big to ignore, and because of this, the other two put a little effort towards flattering Chelsea.

As Chelsea and co entered the bathhouse and walked into the changing room, a pair of figures attracted their eyes.
No, not only them three, even the girls who were in the room from the start had a face of bewilderment at those two figures.

One was a girl with extremely refined facial features, and can be even be compared to a work of art. This girl was currently roughly tearing the clothes off of the other figure, who can only be described as an indescribable beauty. Even though this rough and unmannered action of tearing clothes seemed rude and even unlady like, but the beauty underneath trumped everything else. All 30 or so girls in the room all seemed to have forgotten what they were doing, seemingly absorbed in watching the show in front of them. They all were thinking, what if they could be half as beautiful and perfect, and from this train of thought came traces of jealousy. But, when the beauty has reached a realm of its own giving others no hope of even reaching it, then jealousy loses all meaning, and all that is left is to admire from afar.

Even Chelsea, who stood amongst the girls, did not have her full wits about her as she watched, muttering from instinct
“Lunaria, Snow Lily!”
“Lunaria!!!!” Chelsea suddenly recalled who she was and what she was doing. Even though the two in front of her were beauties of another level, and she did not recognize either person. Not to mention that she only know their scores and backgrounds but never even seen their faces before. But, now that Chelsea saw them in person, a ridiculous thought came popping into her head, would she actually have to eat her bra?…..

On the other side, Tyre is already covered in sweat, and Elena who was watching him this entire time with all her attention couldn’t resist but let out an word of admiration. Tyre is definitely worthy to be her Sire, after all, who else can match Tyre Sire in keeping such an extreme expression for this long! But what Elena did know was, all the while expressions that Tyre was making at this moment was just venting out all Lunaria’s inner thoughts and turmoil!

Miss Snow Lily, let’s talk about this, could… could you please return my clothes first?!”
“Oh ho? Miss Lunaria, you are such a naughty girl, hiding such volume under there!”
“Wait, WAIT!!!! Miss Snow Lily, where are you touching?!”
“Ha, Haha. Oh Miss Lunaria, there are over 20 other girls watching us, if you keep your eyes closed I will take all your clothes and run away~” Snow Lily said as she clutched all of Lunaria’s tattered clothes and made a motion to run.


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