After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 75

Chapter 75 The Great Campaign for the Great Forest of Funerals

Translated by: Naervon

“S s Sire, Tyre Sire, although I am also very happy about passing the second round . . . . . .” Elena said very timidly to Tyre, who was pacing back and forth and had a set of bloodshot eyes and overly excited expression on his face.
“But, Sire, this is the Duke’s house after all, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to pace back and forth on the bed…..”
“Arrrghh! Is now the time to worry about that?!” Tyre stared at Elena with both eyes bloodshot and said with his nostrils flared and breathing like a laboring ox, causing waves of cold sweat to run down Elena’s back.

But recalling her oath just not long ago, Elena immediately focused. Right, Tyre Sire must have some important lesson hidden in his words, I must observe Tyre Sire’s actions and carefully memorize this!
And so, inside a remote and closed off room, a guy breathing like an ox and a girl focusing intently on the guy…… this scene is too beautiful, I can’t bear to continue.

“Okay, and that ends the second round of the competition. Only 100 lovely angels managed to say with us!” The male host Xiaer flourished his hands, and the entire crowd burst in cheers, because it is the resting period again, and with it, the special performance! With the【Heavenly Heart Singer】performing for the first rest segment, what will come for this one? The crowd waited with anticipation.

“In order to face the upcoming third round of the competition with high spirits, we will allow the lovely little angels to rest for one hour. And in the meantime, we will invite Lao Jerry Sire to come and tell us what happened in the 100 year campaign for the Great Forest of Funerals, and describe all the brave heroes and their deeds!

With this, the crowd erupted in cheers again, and even with some screaming at the top of their lungs.
Lao Jerry. Hope God, the living history of the Xavier Duchy, someone who witnessed countless generations of people go by and despite living apart from the people, he is still loved by all who live in the Duchy!

Not long after, a white haired old man, with his body straight as a sword, walked out onto the stage to the thunderous applause from the crowd. Different from the star singer, this old man had the crowd’s highest respect, so much that even the five judges all got up and deeply bowed.

Even Simon fell short in front of Lao Jerry, just like a baby rabbit facing an aged lion. With Simon like so, the other judges can’t even start to compare.
Lao Jerry let out a warm and grandfatherly smile before sitting on a specially prepared jade chair. He raised his hand and the crowd immediately quieted down, this gesture was very effective, because this old man’s authority came from his countless years being respected in people’s hearts.

“All of you sit down too.” Lao Jerry looked at the five judges and nodded his head with a smile, then said to the audience
“As there isn’t too much time, I will skip the formalities. Let’s begin from five hundred and thirty four years ago, back then, the Great Forest of Funerals had about forty seven great demonic deities who lead countless demon lords and magic creatures on an attack targeting the northern area of our empire.

Lunaria walked with heavy steps towards the underground bathhouse, and as she walked, she could smell the faint scent of fragrance and faint feeling of warm moisture in the air.
Yep, no doubt about it, this is the place.
What to do what do to…

All her original hot headedness had faded at this point, and Lunaria started to become uneasy, after all this is a crime, and as someone with as good a moral as Lunaria, she couldn’t make herself to cross that line, but her inner soul is burning with the desire to burst open that door and go in.

Yes, a small dilemma in her head is making the most famous Goddess in the empire hesitate to the point of a breakdown.
To enter or to not enter, for that is the question…..

The devil is goading her to go in, while the angel is persuading her to turn around and walk away, Lunaria fell into a inner war!
“Oh look, who do we have here? Isn’t this the famous Miss Lunaria?” A clear ringing sound came from behind Lunaria and she turned towards the speaker, only too see the passive aggressive princess Snow Lily.

“Snow, I mean Miss Snow Lily, greetings.” Lunaria had an uneasy feeling, and didn’t dare face the other’s eyes directly, and said with some fidgeting
“Why, what a coincidence. Miss Snow Lily, did you come here to …..”

Snow Lily blinked her eyes blankly, although it is hard to tell from the veil covering her face, but she must be very cute. Snow Lily answered with some hesitation
“Of course it is to come and experience the bathhouse of the lowly peasants”

Low, lowly peasants. . . . . the corners of Lunaria’s mouth twitched a bit, but because of the scary person following behind Snow Lily, Lunaria decide it was a good idea to not complain about the choice of words.

“Why are you still standing here Miss Lunaria, let’s go in already.” Snow Lily ended their conversation, and grabbed Lunaria’s hand, dragging her into the bathhouse.
“Wait, WAIIIIT, I still haven’t prepared mentally!” Lunaria wanted to pull her hand out, but didn’t expect that Snow Lily had the strength of a sacred dragon in her little hands, so poor Lunaria was dragged off stumbling into the doors.

As for the scary man Wolfus, he was ordered to stay and guard outside the door, and so there appeared one more wooden post outside the door for people to point and talk about.


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