After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 74

Chapter 74 OMG I Love You!
Translated by : Naervon

Having witnessed Elena’s series of actions, most people stood there with their jaws hanging to the floor, especially the other 9 girls who were also racking their brains for a solution just a moment ago. Because they stood so close to her, the speed that Elena solved the problem was almost like a slap to the face.

“Simplifying the problem…right.” Simon slowly recovered from his own shocked state and slowly chewed over the words that Elena said earlier. Simon had walked this path before, but his wasn’t so smooth. Also, not everything can be simplified, but because of the way that the challenge was set up, the simplest way was the best way. While it is true that a hard earned victory is usually the most cherished memory and achievement, but who would walk a path riddled with obstacles when there is a clear path straight to the goal?

“Not bad, Elena, you did very well.”
A smile rose on Simon’s face, only this time, it came from within his heart. Elena’s small face blanched a bit, and she hurried to look down and avoid Simon’s gaze, because at this moment, Simon’s eyes were so clear that she could see her own reflection.
“This round….You passed. You may leave the stage now.”

The other judges glanced briefly at Simon, but didn’t challenge Simon’s decision. Afterall, if Simon didn’t feel like he lost face to the elf, then why should they?
Under the stage.

“Elena, nicely done.” Tyre let a small smile surface on his face as he welcomed the wind elf, but just as quickly his smile was replaced by a glare as he looked back at Simon.
“That old bastard is obviously making things difficult for you.”
“But I must thank you Tyre Sire!” ignoring Tyre’s words, Elena grabbed Tyre’s hands with her small white hands, and let out a brilliant smile while looking into his eyes with her own. Tyre’s mind blanked out for a moment. Elena continued

“If it wasn’t for Sire’s prediction, and telling me the important parts of the challenge to me beforehand, I might have failed already!”

“Most…..most important part? ….. *Cough Cough* *Clears throat* Yes, after all, you just arrived here, and I can’t let you go on stage unprepared after all. But, your comprehensive abilities still need improvement…..Let’s not talk about this right now, come, tell me what you’ve learned from this round.”

“Simplify the hard, as long as you understand the start and the goal, then you only have to find a way to shorten that distance to achieve the best solution! You are simply too smart Sire.”
“Yes…….yes, right. *Cough Cough Cough*, MmHmm~ Not bad, even though your comprehension still needs work, your summary is not half bad, but now you understand why I am trying so hard right?”

“Mmmm, if you give me that unwilling face next time, I will stop teaching you.”

“I, I swear under the name of the Elven Deity, I will never treat Tyre Sire’s words as garbage! I will accept your teachings with all my heart and carefully treasure the meaning of each word.”
“No no no no no, you don’t need to be that serious, you’ll make me embarrassed. Okay, let’s go back. From the looks of this, they won’t be going through the rest of the contestants any time soon. We’ll have plenty of rest before you are up again for the next round.”

“Miss Lunaria, I think that it is best that you go take a bath.” Claude piped up his opinion while following behind Lunaria. He stared at the disgusting saliva desecrating Lunaria’s pristine white arms and couldn’t help but frown, as if the very existence of that sticky saliva was a smear on his soul.
“But it doesn’t seem that there is any place to wash this off in the room.” Lunaria said as she looked around her for a place to wash.

Claude thought deeply for a brief moment then said
“I remember that there is a girls only bathhouse underground here, and I just saw several girl contestants head down there, I think that Miss Lunaria should go and take a look.”
Just as he finished his words, Lunaria stopped dead in her tracks.

She slowly turned her head with a stiff motion, and stared at Claude with both eyes bloodshot
“What, What did you just say?!!”
“Uhhh, ” Claude was frozen in place by the massive pressure coming off of Lunaria at this moment, and said timidly
“I said if I remembered correctly, there is a bathhouse under us….”

“The next sentence!” Lunaria said while radiating an imposing manner through her shining eyes.
“Umm, I think I said I saw a bunch of girl contestants head down there…” Claude answered obediently, only, right after he repeated that, Lunaria’s face suddenly softened and she drifted to his side and patted his shoulders.

“Omg, I’ll love you to death! Thanks for telling me that.”

As soon as Claude heard her words, he looked like he was shell shocked, with “I’ll love you to death” bouncing around his brain and blotting out everything else. Lunaria loves me? To death? What does she mean? What is love to death? Is it some sort of a greeting between friends?
As for Lunaria, she ditched the petrified Claude in a cloud of dust as she rushed towards the underground bathhouse, completely forgetting about Claude and what she just said.

Inside, she reasoned, since my body is already like this, and since I can’t do anything about it, why not go with the flow and enjoy the benefits. Yes! Benefits… Because if not then who’s going to pay for my mental trauma?! Yes, this is to cure my mental trauma, and definitely not peeping!


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