After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 72

Chapter 72 The Elder Sister of the Duke

Translated by : Naervon

Soon, the stage hands recovered from their shock and reacted to capture the big dog and take it off the stage. As for our Lunaria, she is now all by herself in the center of the stage with almost all the eyes on her, the gazes on her felt like unavoidable pin pricks.

“Not good~” Nicola silently said to herself, realizing the situation that Lunaria is in. The scene is very clear to her, obviously, Lunaria had used the wrong Healing Art! Lao Jerry had just held a secret meeting with them so they know in advance just how shockingly high Lunaria’s Holy affinity is, and as Nicola always regarded Lunaria as a smart girl, so she never expected her to make such a critical mistake.

When Zamia and the other judges recovered their wits, they all showed a grave face. All of them guessed why a low level Healing spell can cause effects similar to the Holy Healing Spell, because the gap between the spell effects are so vast that even someone as erudite as Zamia could not figure out the answer.

“Umm, did I pass?” Lunaria asked in a very weak voice

“Yes, but only if you can answer me as to how you did this with a low level healing spell.” Zamia asked out the question that almost everyone was wondering.
Hearing this, Lunaria’s throat clenched up and she opened her mouth but no sound came out, but at this tense moment, Nicole spoke up and said

“I actually did not want to publicize this, but since Lunaria this careless child already made the mistake, I guess there is no harm in telling. The truth is that Lunaria awoke her Unique magic when she was just a stage 1 magician’s apprentice.”

“Unique magic?” Simon creased his brows into a ‘V’ but didn’t continue his questions, only Zamia piped up at this time with that smirk on his face asking
“Oho? I am now very interested in this Unique magic of Miss Lunaria’s, can you tell me what it is?”

“Lunaria’s Unique magic is called【 Healing Boost】, and its effects are very simple, it can power and enhance all the healing spells that she cast and the amount that it is enhanced increased without limit based on her magic stage and how much she wishes in her heart to truly heal.”
Through Nicole’s explanation, all those who understood the implications let out gasps, and even the lackadaisical Zamia showed a hint of seriousness on his face. Zamia processed this in his head rapidly and said

“So that means, if Miss Lunaria’s Magic Stage reaches a certain height and wished with all her heart to heal someone, then it is possible to even achieve the miracle of reviving the dead?”

Zamia hit the nail on its head with that! Asking the question that all those who understood the implications wanted to ask.
At this moment, Nicole’s heart was in a mess, because she’s making all this up as she goes! But this is not the place nor time to tell the truth, so she could only go on with the charade. Presenting a face full of unyielding pride, Nicole said

“In theory, that is a possibility, but because Lunaria is much too young, her magic power and stage has only reached that of stage 2 magician apprentice. That healing spell just then had effects close to that of a 7 to 8 leveled Holy Healing spell, so I think that it was purely her kindness that allowed her to pull it off. After all, Lunaria loves playing with the dogs in the mansion normally, and it could be that she couldn’t bear the thought of one dying in front of her, so that must have strengthened her spell beyond the norm.”

“Hmm……” Zamia nodded his head, and even the other judges like Simon and Rafi all considered the facts then looked at Lunaria once more. Shaking their heads inside, thinking that despite the potential of this Unique magic, it is much too unstable. If Lunaria was unhappy or did not want to heal someone then that Unique magic would have no effect, so its not worth their time or effort to try and snatch Lunaria away from Xavier that old coot.

And so with just a few hasty lies, Nicole was able to dispel the frightful pressure on stage exuded by the covetous judges, and even Lunaria the perpetrator was confused to the point where she could only blink her eyes at the situation.
Lunaria thought to herself on hearing Nicole’s story, *What’s she talking about?! What【Healing Boost】?! This level of bullshitting without breaking a sweat can only be pulled off by someone worthy of the title of being the elder sister of the duke herself! The way she said it made it seem so real that even I was fooled and doubted for a moment there.*

Now that things had a valid explanation, the judges had no reason to keep grilling Lunaria for answers. Of course, the crowd was a completely different story after hearing the explanations. Lunaria could hear a smattering of different voices, and some of the loudest caught her ear
‘She is so worthy of being called a Goddess!’
‘I so want to be healed by her!’
‘I want to feel the healing after being whipped by the Goddess!’
‘. . . . . . .’

Ignoring these strange yells in the crowd, Lunaria walked off of the stage as she had already passed this stage of the contest, so even if she returned to the resting area there would be no issues. After all, there was a Claude staring at her with concern below the stage

“Are you alright?! Did that dog bite you?!”
“Oh, you mean this?” Lunaria flung the few strands of saliva off her arm and shrugged
“It’s not a big deal, nothing a shower can’t wash off.”

“Phew….I’m so relieved to hear that, but if you feel something off, please come and tell me immediately!”

“Mm, okay, thank you for asking young master Claude……” Lunaria suddenly paused
Claude immediately perceived that and asked instantly

“What’s wrong?”
“No, it’s nothing, but it’s such good timing.”
“What? What timing?”

“It’s nothing, let’s return.” Lunaria waved her hand and looked back at the wind elf Elena walking on to the stage, and quietly wished
“I hope you can pass.”

“Then you ten, start.” The one speaking was the revered Sacred Magician Simon. He pointed his gnarled finger at the 10 in front of him and then pointed at Elena and said

“Then let’s start with you.”
“Y y yess!” The panicked Elena let out a weak response, but what caught the judges eyes was her identity

“Elven……” Zamia quirked the corner of his mouth up is a mysterious smile and muttered. The other judges also recognized the real identity of this girl in front of them, even though she’s wearing a hat that blocked out her elven ears, but this could not hide that obvious elven trait from the powerful perception of the judges. But since the main organizers Nicole and Ray didn’t speak up, the other judges also kept their silence. After all, the elven isn’t at war with the humans, so there was no harm in just letting it slide.


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