After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Putting the Six Arts to Use!

~Ik it’s short but enjoy!
Translated by : Naervon

“Since we are agreed on the rules, then let start. I will be the first to select.” The person speaking was the General Secretary of the Avalon School Student Council Zamia. He waved his arm indicating 10 of the contestants to step forward.

“Alright, you ten are up first, at the same time, perform the Crystalline Arts for me.”
Although the ten magicians are well known in their hometown for their talents, they are still very nervous in front of a world renown person like Zamia, after all, who wouldn’t be nervous when facing a person who you normally only see in textbooks or the specter stone【Originally Magical Tv/Movie Stone】. Facing the panel of world-famous judges, almost all of the young girls feel anxiety and nervousness.

As each one of the girls performed her Crystalline Art, differences begin to show, some were very solid and crystalline, and some were very rough and crude. Zamia pointed at three of the girls and said
“You three can stay, the rest are out.”
“Hurray!” the three who were picked cheered as the rest walked off the stage with a face drained of blood. The competition holds a great place in their minds, as it can very well determine their future, and this failure will leave a long lasting sting in their memory.

Seeing this, the male host standing below the stage said
“The Crystalline Art might be something unfamiliar to you martial artists, but most magicians should have heard of its name and know what its uses are. Compared to Qi armor, the Crystalline Art require much more understanding of its magic structure, and because of that, the more you understand it, the more solid and perfect the crystal is. Since it is fueled by magic, the more magic power you use the stronger the crystal gets. The Crystalline Art is much faster than the Sacred 12 Lunar shield magic, the Qi armor and the majority of other incantation shield spells. Because of its speed, the Crystalline Art is undoubtedly the best choice in combat. Of course, if you want to turn the battle in your favor, I still recommend using high level spells.”

With the host explaining the essentials of the Crystalline Art, the crowd erupted in a rucks of reactions, some in sudden understanding, and some in haughty despise at the ignorant people next to them. The next judge was Nicola, she picked ten girls out and told them to perform the Healing Art. Even though 【Cage Emperor】Nicole is a martial artist, she still knows much more about magic than these inexperienced little girls, after all, Nicole has fought and killed many fully fledged powerful magicians in her past, and has seen her fair share of powerful spells.

Just like that, group after group of girls went through the judges, and very quickly, the vast majority of the 1000 original girls have been weeded out. Of course, it goes without saying that Lunaria passed with ease. Even Elena, because she studied in her elven homeland for many years before getting captured, passed the first segment without too many difficulties.

“And so, we shall continue with the Second Segment of the Second Round, the practical applications of the Six Arts.” Nicola continued to read off of her slightly embarrassing piece of paper scrawled with notes.

“As I am sure everyone knows by now, the Six Arts are an integral part of magic. So much so, that many medium to high level magic spells rely on a solid understanding of the Six Arts to cast. Such an important part of magic must be fully tested, and so we will do just that in this second segment. Each of the 400 contestant that is left will face real problems set by the judges and will use spells to solve it.”
“This segment will be performed in 1 to 1 fashion, with all five judges giving out problems and judging their assigned contestant continuously until only 100 are left to advance.”

At this moment, all 400 of the girls tensed up and concentrated all their focus, because this is a very critical portion of the contest, the final stages!
Pointing at ten random girls, Zamia said “Lets begin with you ten.”
Lunaria looked at the finger pointed towards her own face and twitched her eyebrows unconsciously, thinking to herself might as well get it over with, saves the trouble of waiting.

Zamia sweeped his eyes over the ten he just pointed at, and noticeably lingered on Lunaria when she stood out with the others. This guy is simply the example of leisureness, looking like he’s just here for vacation instead of being a respectable judge, the laziness oozing out of his posture and eyes gave it away plain as day. But as soon as Lunaria stepped out that went away, and as if to approve of his choice the crowd roared in excitement and most of the male crowd audience plus a few judges started to secrete hormone enmasse.

“A crowd of wretched males…” Rafi-Nasi, Avalon Class rep, uttered in a soft and disgusted tone as she watched this from her judge’s seat. Unfortunately, no one heard her as wave after wave of cheering blocked any chance of her soft voice from being heard by anyone not close to her. Nicola saw Rafi-Nasi’s reaction and started panicking a bit, because there is a dark past to this Class rep that is both pitiful and scary. Back when Rafi was in a position of power, she almost lost her body and purity to the unspoken rules set by those in power at the time. Even though this wasn’t known by many people, but because of this smear in her soul and memory, Rafi always found pleasure in tormenting the males in Avalon and rumors have it that she massacred over hundreds of males that were taking part in the unspoken rules in a single night. Rafi-Nasi’s power is no joke, and adding that to her current state, Nicole could only do her best and try to make jokes to calm Rafi-Nasi down before another massacre happens!

“Let’s start with you.” Zamia pointed at Lunaria and said with a smirk on his face
“Cure this dog in front of you, remember, you only have one chance.”
“I understand.” Lunaria slightly nodded her head and then walked in front of the big dirt colored dog and squatted down to examine it. The dog has its tongue out and both eyes are showing whites, its breathing erratic and laboured, with an obvious cut on its front paw.

But all this is not the important part, Lunaria focused on the deeper instructions contained in Zamia’s words. He had said ‘Cure’ and not ‘Heal’ the dog, so the surface wounds must be a hoax and the real question is inside the body.


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