After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 First Round Results

The calm Nicholas easily delivered the thousand exams into their dimensions. The exams glowed in light as if it was searching for its masters.

Lunaria watched a sheet marked with near perfect score flew in. She was of joy knowing she had passed this round and keep smiling while looking at Claude. Naturally, Claude was happy to see Lunaria’s happiness and knows his hard work was not wasted.

At this time, the host happily announced

“Alright, the first round has concluded. Let us look at the ranking of our little angel!”

Shua! A dense cluster with thousands of names along with their scores appeared on the giant image stone.

Elena came in first.

And tied for first place was a girl, Snow Lily.

Following behind with one point difference are Lunaria, Jin Lisi and four others. Follow was a few more, this was a very difficult exam. Those how came in top thousand must have studied a lot of history and magic.

LongTu was secretly happy as she watched, not knowing Tyre’s help and instead thought that little elf Elena was really smart.

Buzz Buzz. The sound stone vibrated in Tyre’s pocket. Trye took it out and answered without looking.

“Hey, Who is it?”

“Hello, It’s Jack. Mr Tyre, you are too incredible. You actually beat those genius girls and came in first. I really admire you. Please let me serve you in the future.”

“Ah, let’s talk about that another time. Is there anything else?”

“Nothing at the moment, but your surprised performance already had the broadcast pinning you as the dark horse. All kind of private info is being shown, including your partner’s three sizes.”

“It’s alright. The media wouldn’t find much even if they search. It doesn’t matter.” Tyre does have much of a history. It’s useless even if the media had omniscient ability.

Tyre hung up and suddenly felt a twitch. He took a glance at Elena then turned on the image stone and turned to empire channel nine. They had shown Elena, Snow Lily, Lunaria, and rest of the top ten magician girl’s three sizes. How did they find out? Even Tyre didn’t know Lunaria’s sizes! But that Elena had been hiding her big chest. That’s worth checking …

Buzz Buzz …

Once again the sound stone vibrated

“Hey? Who is it?”

“Sir Tyre, This is Cili.”

“Oh, it’s Roselle Butterfly. What’s up?”

“Sir Tyre, is that first place Sire and Little Elena?”

“It is.”

“That’s amazing! While I don’t mean to underestimate little Elena, but this must be because the knowledgeable Sir Tyre’s guidance which leads to this result right?”

“Ah~Yeah, That’s right.” This guilty replied caused Roselle Butterfly to be extremely excited.

“Heavens, you, Sire is like that of a God! The Empire’s broadcast had mentioned this exam combines history, magic, advanced combination problems. To be able to Achieve one hundred points is considered knowledgeable. One hundred fifty points are considered a perfect student. Over hundred eighty points are the genius of genius.”

While Roselle Butterfly spoke, Tyre could hear Wind Slashing Ghost’s excited cheers in the background. Wind Slashing Ghost was obviously more excited than Roselle Butterfly. Sand Sword was well experienced and didn’t go wild like the others. Tyre could imagine Sword Sword’s indifferent look.

This guilty man let out a laugh and finished the call with Roselle Butterfly. The next moment came the voice from the host.

“Alright, it is time for a break. Taking on the challenge for ninety mines must have been tiring for our magician girls. Of course, we will not let our audience get bored.” The hostess glanced at the other host then continue.

“Travelled from thousands of miles from the capital. Let us welcome [Heavenly Heart Singer] KaiLin!!”


The audience cheered in unison. This same moment, mature women dressed in white step on to the stage, and the music started!

During this time, Nicolas had sent Lunaria and the others to a building prepared for them. The building had over ten thousand rooms for the magicians and her knight for resting. There was also a dining hall with a restaurant road. Library and other facilities were also well prepared.

The rest of the hundred thousand magicians can only take their knight and family then leave. Some of them could be stronger but too bad they had failed the written exam. Who knows what could happen if they found out  [Thunder Empire] Ray Lindauer had come up with the idea of the written exam.

There was an incident during this break. Someone had spotted Tyre had used his sound stone during the exam and had reported the incident. However, he found out the magician was an unmatched beauty. He just laughed and retracted his report as a joke. After all, beauty is justice and the warrior probably just receive the call by mistake. Even if he were cheating, the truth would eventually reveal. This was only the first match, and there was no point if they didn’t have real skills


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