After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 Cheating on Both Sides

“Hahaha. Our connections are really impressive!” Lunaria thought while pretending to be in deep thought. Since two months ago, she had already memorized the answers to the questions and was so familiar with them that it was like she had them written on the back of her hand.

Claude still felt a bit guilty about this, but what’s done was done, so there was no regret! His eyes were firmly fixed on the pen, but he couldn’t resist shifting his focus upward following the arm, then shoulder, and finally on Lunaria’s face, she’s such a beautiful girl.

“Hmm?” Lunaria brushed her hair back behind her ear and felt a pair of eyes focusing on her. She stopped writing and turned to look.

“What’s the matter, Young Master Claude?”

“Ah, no, nothing, Just thinking about the upcoming rounds.”

“We can talk about it later. While I really want that [Avalon] recommendation letter, it is best not to rush and maintain a balance. Perhaps we will unknowingly obtain our wish.

“Haste makes waste … “

“Yes. Haste makes waste.”

“Oh, about [Avalon], coincidentally I will also be entering this year.” Claude casually spoke out words that almost caused Lunaria to rip the exam paper. She turned around with an envious look and said.

“I am working to death here, while you are rambling about entering the school! That really pisses others off!”

“No, That’s not it.” Claude thought Lunaria was a bit angry, so he quickly explained.

“Grandfather is well acquainted with the university’s first-year director. During the last visit, they spoke of my talent and intelligence. So they gave me admission after using some connections with the authorities.”

“It would have been better if you haven’t said that, now it just stinks with a dependence on connections.” Lunaria wasn’t brave enough to say it out. She took a moment to complain within her heart, then she said suddenly,

“Ah right, Young Master Claude is only nineteen years old.”

“Yes, why?”

“Yeah, to almost reach [Heavenly Child] rank in skills and Dou Qi, young master really lives up to the title of the best of the younger generation. Such a talent, it really is enough to get direct admission into Avalon directly.”

Hearing such praise, Claude smiled while saying the praise was overly done. But with Lunaria’s praise, Claude couldn’t help but feel his heart race and was instantly elated!

“Haha, I am really not that great.” Claude gave a silly laugh. Lunaria pouted her lips and shrugged. She had only practiced martial arts for a month, so she doesn’t understand what it meant to be talented. She wouldn’t bother with a compliment if Claude didn’t steal the answers for the exam.

“Still.” The rejoicing Claude suddenly felt confused and asked

“Isn’t Miss Lunaria studying under Grandpa Lao Jerry, why do you suddenly want to go to [Avalon] Academy?”

“Locking in yourself to study is not always the best, a magician is a broad career. Studying under a single person couldn’t possibly match studying with tens or hundreds of people. Master Lao Jerry also agreed with me going to Avalon so it is not a big deal. Besides, young master Claude would be there as well, if something dangerous were to happen, you would come to my aid right?

“Of course” Claude puffed up his chest, looking full of confident.

The truth of this matter was that when Lunaria brought up this idea, Lao Jerry was in favor of the notion, but Duke Falysess wasn’t. For a whole afternoon, Lunaria stood outside the room and waited for their debate to end. Finally it ended with Lao Jerry’s victory.

Lunaria could feel that Lao Jerry actually cared for her.

“Alright, done!” Lunaria put down the pen in satisfaction and let out a deep sigh of relief. Then she shifted her focus toward Tyre’s side.

“This here is April 6th, 1789, this one is [Cleansing Light Saint King], this invention is a train, that is … ” Tyre kept blabbing out the answers without pause while pointing at the different problems as if everything was known to him. The wind Elf Elena was impressed at how this human knew even things that happened within the Elf Kingdom. She thought he really had a broad knowledge and it is no wonder Cili JieJie idolizes him. She had heard that he was a sword master and each sword strike could be considered an art, it was of infinite usefulness for an average person! The wind elf had her doubts before but was now in shock.

“What is it?” Tyre asked after seeing that Elena had stopped writing. Elena snapped back and answered in panic

“Ah, s…sorry, I accidentally dozed off.”

“Ah, it’s alright, if you’re tired then take a break first, there is still a lot of time left.”

“No, please continue.”


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