After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 63

Chapter 63 The First Round Begins!

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Nas Versix

“Avalon Student Council!”

“My Heavens, that’s an existence above the rest and second only to one. Even the royal family are only equal to them.”

“Didn’t expect President Zamia to come to Xavier Duchy. It’s really hard to believe.”


The audience was instantly aroused and many discussions started. After all, the Avalon student council could influence the direction of the Empire as well as the Vermilion Empire. Many regulations were single-handedly implemented and removed by them. The power of the Avalon student council was not only because they were elites, but also because they had the backing of the two leaders as well a firm support from one of the nine heavenly saint kings, the Avalon Dean [Killing Saint King].

The student council is [Avalon] academy’s king. It is also the king of the two empires!

“Alright everyone, quiet down. The tournament will now begin. First, let us invite our five judges to give us a welcoming word.”

The audience suddenly quiets down with the display of authority. An average person would be easily swayed with emotion so they would get excited if asked, they would become sad if told and to be silent when demanded! This is the skill of the kingdom’s renowned speaker!

“Let’s begin with our Sacred Magician, Master Simon.”

While Simon was old and a bit hunchbacked, his looks was filled with energy seemingly as if he wanted to know everything. He looked at the crowd and said

“By invitation from the Duke house, I hope to see some interesting participants during this tournament.”

“Alright, then next we have [Thunder Empire] master Ray Lindauer.”

Ray Lindauer held his head up with his arms looking sleepy, waved his hand and said.

“Just wake me up when a fourteen-year-old girl shows up.”

The audience let out various comments. There was ‘Lolicon syndrome’ and ‘leader, we are with you’-like comments. It was lucky Lunaria was not present or else who knew what would happen.

Next, the people gave their attention to [Phoenix] rank, Nicola. It was an enormous pressure to be under the view of hundred millions of people, but this poses no problem for Phoenix ranks. With a laugh, she said,

“I hope this will be a successful tournament.”

Although Nicola was usually casual, she will maintain an image of a perfect girl in a formal event. Her hand gestures naturally charmed and fascinated those watching.

Followed by Lafinas. She came up smiling and bluntly said,

“Those who are placed within the top three will be considered as Avalon students. Therefore, this could be regarded as an entrance exam, and I will be strict.”

“Of course, I also have the same view as Director Lafinas. ” The one who spoke after Lafinas was Zamiya, a man who matched the beauty of graceful women. He waved his flawless white hands and spoke with a gentle voice like a spring breeze.

“After all, Xavier is my hometown. The students from here must not bring shame to our Xavier. Therefore I came.”

“Then let the Magician Girl Tournament begin. The first round is … the written test!”


The audience was dumbfounded. And even more so for those magician girls and their knights watching from magic image stones.

“This will eliminate those not within the top thousand places. Those that tied for the thousandth place will also advance.”

Another word, the thousand first place as well as the ones with similar score as the thousandth place would also advance.

“Master Nicola, we leave you with these, the test sheets and recording stones.”

“Leave it to me!” Nicola looked at the mountain of test sheets and the large pile of recording stones. She lightly waved, then all the items disappeared and appeared in all of the dimensions.”

“Alright, I think the little angels in each dimension are able to see my speech.” The Host smiled and pointed at the camera then said.

“Please install the recording stone on top of your area. We will let the audience be the examiner, in case hidden amongst our little angels are naughty little devils, who will use magic sound stones or other cheating props.”

It was a reasonable arrangement, so there were no objections. One after another, the recording stones were installed. The sky was filled with over ten thousand displays broadcasting different people.

“Ok, The first challenge begins. There is a total of an hour and a half to complete the challenge. The fighter can help out from the side, but the exam must be filled out by the magician.”

Pa! A giant hourglass had fallen from the sky while the Host and Hostess stood close to the fallen spot. They smiled slightly without any trace of panic and spoke,

“The countdown has begun!”


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