After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Competition Begin! The Five Judges!

Translator: Gongsengseng
Editor: Izuno, Nas Versix
Proofreader: Mxhe

[Gabriel Continent] Year 3097, May 18th.

20 past midday.

The [Magical Girl Tournament] had officially begun.

In the center of the Dukedom was an enormous stadium, spanning 3 kilometers in diameter, surrounded by a magic barrier. Even if a magician were to accidentally fire a spell at the audience in the stadium, it would still be blocked and nullified. It could even withstand a blow made from a [Heavenly Child] ‘s entire Qi.

Up in the sky, tens of thousands of large and small screens made of stone floated, which purpose was to let spectators at the edge, who couldn’t see the stage, see the match.  After all, the amount of people currently gathered in the center of the Duchy were way too many. Excluding those living in rural areas such as farmers and servants, the Duchy with a population of more than a billion already had 300 million in its center, said to be the most popular Duchy in the Empire

“To those spectating from the Hillier Kingdom’s channel, audience and friends, good afternoon to all. Currently the background you see behind is an ocean of people. Reporters are at the very edge of the stadium, about 10 kilometers from the Magical Girl Tournament stage. Does everyone know what this means? The 10 kilometers radius from the stage is completely packed with people. I believe that you, the intelligent spectators, should understand how big this event is. According to our survey, this time, the number of people who came to the Duchy has peaked at a total of 436 million, while those participating in the Magical Girl Tournament number around 100 thousand. Imagine this, 1 out of every 100 magicians, especially girl magicians, is a girl prodigy who has not reached 18 years old and there are a 100 thousand or more! Can you feel how mystical and exciting this is?! Then, up next is the start of the competition. Let us hold our breaths and enjoy this spectacular view, the atmosphere and the intensity.”

“That doesn’t sound bad at all”, Lunaria commented while watching the stone screen. The speech from the host could easily get people excited, even Lunaria wanted to watch it, even though she was the one being watched.

She  and Claude were currently in a void space.  Only those who comprehended the true meaning  of space could execute such a space spell.  According to Claude, this was a spell that his grandfather’s sister, which was Nicole, created. This was also where 200 thousand other people were in right now, although in separate spaces.

“Young Master Claude, who among your grand aunt, Miss Nicole, Lightning Emperor and my teacher Sir Lao Jerry is the strongest?”

“Of course that would be Sir Lao Jerry. He is a super being who has lived for over a thousand years. His legacy started even before the Duchy.”

“You, what did you say?! Then…….Then if that’s the case, isn’t Master Lao Jerry a god?”

“This is uncertain. My guess is that he is a demi-god. He also the blood of a god but doesn’t have the godfire that demi-gods normally have. After all, having god blood can explain Sir Lao Jerry’s longevity. However, if he has a bit of godfire, then he’d escape death’s grasp, gaining eternal life. The god’s world can therefore personally send an angel to act on his behalf. But each demi-god has the right to refuse and the god’s world cannot force them.

These words shocked Luna for a while, thinking that Master Lao Jerry who had been teaching her carefully was a similar being to elder Ka Ming, that kind of important being. She once again learnt new knowledge about the Duchy.

Still, such a strong person like Master Lao Jerry doesn’t even carry the title of [Guardian]

Then the [Guardian] that was never mentioned certainly had unfathomable power.

Right at the moment Luna was doing nothing, Tyre and Elaina who were in another void space had been silent. After all, everything that should be instructed had been done. Another reminder would make them too nervous.

Outside the void space, the host and hostess who wore formal clothing came out from the inner section of the stage and those who were familiar with them were excitedly cheering at that moment. After all, the Duchy was a part of the Empire and the invited hosts, who were famous throughout the entire Empire, were the very best. Their fans were more numerous than the stars.

“To our friends in the stadium.”

“To those watching the live telecast.”

“Good Afternoon to all!”

At this very moment, the entire stadium erupted in a deafening applause.

“Hey, I say younger sis West,  everyone is already here, where are our important  angels?”

“You are really rushing things. This is not because of an empty turnout. As per requested, we have invited the [Phoenix] Nicole to use the unique space magical arts as a holding site for two hundred thousand magicians and martial practitioners, all split into various nothingness of space, waiting for the competition to begin before coming on stage.”

“Then I can relax. Next up, let us heartily welcome our Judges!!”

“The first person is the Sacred Magician from the Cremona Kingdom, Sir Xi Mi La!”

Those who knew this person were immediately surprised, followed by a thunderous applause. After all, although Sir Xi Mi La was only a hundred and thirty years old, he had created numerous magical spells and text. The operating system of the magic image stone and magic sound stone that a lot of people don’t know how they worked were created by him. The previous magic sound stone was only able to broadcast current and live events. However, after we had the frequency system, two people only needed to record the sound and from far away the sound could be played anytime. This kind of contribution was a tribute. The Duchy’s ability to invite the rest of the Empire was all because of Sir Lao Jerry.

“Secondly, we have the organiser of the Magician Girl Tournament, [Lightning Emperor] Sir Huang Ling!”

Woo! Many people gasped when they realised  that he was actually the famous [Lolicon Emperor].

Huang Ling Dao Er’s beard was dull. His messy hair was as if he did not sleep, wearing a pair of sandals and simply sat in the Viewing Gallery, not caring about the glares of other people and their impression, like sitting comfortably in his own home.

“Thirdly, we have the aforementioned Mistress, [Phoenix] Miss Nicola!”

A roaring applause erupted, mostly from guys. After all, Miss Nicola’s figure was very beautiful and pure, such beauty would naturally transform into a unique charm, causing the privates of all the males to cry out all sorts of mourning sounds.

“Fourthly, we have our Xavier’s neighbour, Miliac Kingdom’s Sanctuary Magician, Rafi Nasi G.Randolph!”

Once again the applause came. The name Rafi Nasi had long ago spread across the Empire. The youngest Magician, the youngest Sacred Magician, having her own specialised theory, genius magician. Moreover, in [Avalon] Academy, she was the Year 2 Director, and was recognised by the Principal! Furthermore, her beauty was greatly admired by all. In addition, she had the Royal Miliac blood, so she had a noble aura and she herself stated that it was not her “Empress” character that’s difficult to change, it was her habits. Of course, because of this, many people were deeply fascinated with her.

“Alright, we have arrived at our last VIP!” The female host and male host excitedly exchanged glances, and said in unison,

“That is the current prestigious [Avalon Academy] Student Chairman ! Zamia. Sith. Clive. Jeremiah. Lux. Andy Michael!”


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